GCIP water and energy budget synthesis (WEBS)

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Publication Type Journal Article
School or College College of Mines & Earth Sciences
Department Meteorology
Creator Reichler, Thomas J.
Other Author Roads, J.; Lawford, R.; Bainto, E.; Berbery, E.; Chen, S.; Fekete, B.; Gallo, K.; Grundstein, A.; Higgins, W.; Kanamitsu, M.; Krajewski, W.; Lakshmi, V.; Leathers, D.; Lettenmaier, D.; Luo, L.; Maurer, E.; Meyer, T.; Miller, D.; Mitchell, K.; Mote, T.; Pinker, R.; Robinson, D.; Robock, A.; Smith, J.; Srinivasan, G.; Verdin, K.; Vinnikov, K.; Vonder Harr, T.; Vörösmarty, C.; Williams, S.; Yarosh, E.
Title GCIP water and energy budget synthesis (WEBS)
Date 2002
Description As part of the World Climate Research Program's (WCRPs) Global Energy and Water-Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Continental-scale International Project (GCIP), a preliminary water and energy budget synthesis (WEBS) was developed for the period 1996-1999 from the "best available" observations and models.
Type Text
Publisher American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Volume 108
First Page 4
Last Page 1
DOI 10.1029/2002JD002583;http://dx.doi.org
Subject Hydrologic cycle; Water cycle; Water and energy budgets; Regional models; Land surface models
Language eng
Bibliographic Citation Roads, J., Lawford, R., Bainto, E., Berbery, E., Chen, S., Fekete, B., Gallo, K., Grundstein, A., Higgins, W., Kanamitsu, M., Krajewski, W., Lakshmi, V., Leathers, D., Lettenmaier, D., Luo, L., Maurer, E., Meyers, T., Miller, D., Mitchell, K., Mote, T., Pinker, R., Reichler, T., Robinson, D., Robock, A., Smith, J., Srinivasan, G., Verdin, K., Vinnikov, K., Vonder Haar, T., Vörösmarty, C., Williams, S., & Yarosh, E. (2002). GCIP water and energy budget synthesis (WEBS). Journal of Geophysical Research, 108, D16,8609, 4-1:4-39.
Rights Management (c)American Geophysical Union (AGU) doi: 10.1029/2002JD002583;http://dx.doi.org
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