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1 Observed influence of riming, temperature, and turbulence on the fallspeed of solid precipitation2014-01-01Text
2 Finescale orographic precipitation variability and gap-filling radar potential in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah2014-01-01Text
3 Modes of growth in dynamic systems2012-01-01Text
4 Fall speed measurement and high-resolution multi-angle photography of hydrometeors in free fall2012-01-01Text
5 A stratospheric connection to Atlantic climate variability2012-01-01Text
6 Great Salt Lake-effect precipitation: observed frequency, characteristics, and associated environmental factors2012-01-01Text
7 Episodic dust events of Utahs Wasatch Front and adjoining region2012-01-01Text
8 Breaking down the tropospheric circulation response by forcing2012-01-01Text
9 No way out? the double-bind in seeking global prosperity alongside mitigated climate change2012-01-01Text
10 Multidecadal drought cycles in the Great Basin recorded by the Great Salt Lake: modulation from a transition-phase teleconnection2012-01-01Text
11 Use of radio occultation for long-term tropopause studies: uncertainties, biases, and instabilities.2007Text
12 Determining the tropopause height from gridded data2003Text
13 Role of boundary and initial conditions for dynamical seasonal predictability2002Text
14 Are there basic physical constraints on future anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide?2009Text
15 Gains in economic energy efficiency as the impetus for increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide2007-12-17Text
16 GCIP water and energy budget synthesis (WEBS)2002Text
17 Uncertainties in the climate mean state of global observations, reanalyses, and the GFDL climate model2008Text
18 Expansion of the Hadley cell under global warming2007Text
19 Novel basis for interpreting recent acceleration of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions2008Text
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