I am: the wake of postpostmodernism

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Publication Type thesis
School or College College of Humanities
Department English
Creator Lanier, Deandra
Title I am: the wake of postpostmodernism
Year graduated 2011
Date 2011
Description The goal of this "essay," a compilation of the genres of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism, is to figure out where contemporary fiction is headed and what postmodernism might be leaving in its wake. This essay is an attempt to push critique through the lens of fiction. It seems that the progression and identity of contemporary writing, that is, the product of postmodern tenets and the reactions that result from them, needs to change the way it expresses itself in order to remain a vital discourse. I chose to write this study from the inside out: I am not writing necessarily on the identity of contemporary fiction, I am writing contemporary fiction that questions its own identity. At once this is theory and poetry: my poetics. Jung says there is nothing new; it has all been thought before ... I want every person who reads this to come up with their own conclusion and ask questions. My poetics is an exploration and not a conclusion. Postmodemisrn opens the door to an all new identity crisis and "where we go from hore'' may not be the correct way to look at the situation. Rather, after thinking it through by means ofthis "essay," the concern is about what we have become. We arc both and neither. Weare within and not between anything. Our conceptualization of "self' is very much dependent upon and reflected within our conceptualization of our aesthetic. Further, that which we are producing, our books and our films and our ideas, has reached a radical moment in which it appears impossible to move all. Everything looks like stasis or the day of reckoning or nothing at all. '111is poetics will question postmodernism while celebrating it and suggest that something new and different does lie on the other side of this instant in our American post postindustrial post postmodern culture.
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