Effects of 3'-terminal phosphates in RNA produced by ribozyme cleavage

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Publication Type Journal Article
School or College School of Medicine
Department Human Genetics
Program Institute of Human Genetics; Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
Creator Gesteland, Raymond F.; Alam, Steve L.; Nelson, Chad; Felden, Brice; Atkins, John F.
Title Effects of 3'-terminal phosphates in RNA produced by ribozyme cleavage
Date 1998
Description During the course of a structural investigation of a selenocysteine insertion element from rat Type 1 iodothyronine 59-deiodinase (D1 SECIS), we wished to prepare milligram quantities of an RNA that comprised the upper stem/loop of this RNA structure (41 nt; Fig+ 1A)+ This stem/loop is a stimulator required for the insertion of selenocysteins at a specific internal UGA stop codon (Berry et al+, 1991)+ Construction of the upper stem/ loop RNA required that the base of the stem end with four noncanonical base pairs (Walczak et al+, 1996), with no additional base pairing below this terminal quartet, as determined from in vitro assays (Martin et al+, 1998)+ This RNA has been produced synthetically for crystallization trials, so we sought a thorough comparison between this molecule and the RNA produced by run-off transcription+ Because the RNA to be studied begins with an adenosine and ends in a uridine, a ribozyme was used at each end to produce homogeneous RNA+ The system used to accomplish this has been described previously (Ferre-D™Amare & Doudna, 1996) and the resulting T7-produced RNA would differ from the synthetic RNA only by the 39- cyclic phosphate+ In making preliminary imino proton NMR assignments for both of these RNAs, we concluded that the base pairing for both RNAs is nearly identical, as evident from the one-dimensional NMR spectra collected in 90% H2O (Fig+ 2)+ Close inspection shows that there are subtle differences near the RNA helix end
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Subject In vitro runoff transcription; RNA; Trans-acting ribozymes
Subject MESH Ribosomes; RNA; Proteins
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Bibliographic Citation Alam,S.L., Nelson, C.C., Felden, B., Atkins, J.F., and Gesteland, R.F. 1998. Effects of 3'-terminal phosphates in RNA produced by ribozyme cleavage. RNA 4:607-612
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