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1 Chiasmal SyndromesThis 39-year-old HIV-positive man presented in 1982 with 1 month of bilateral vision loss. His prior evaluation had included 2 CT scans, which suggested a fullness to the chiasm, and a spinal tap that showed 6 monocytes, 14 red cells, a protein of 81 mg/dl, and a glucose of 56 mg/dl, with a negative...Toxoplasmosis
2 Systemic Disorders With Optic Nerve and Retinal FindingsThis 25-year-old man presented to the eye service with a history of 3 days of decreased vision OD. His past medical history was unremarkable. His examination showed acuities of 20/25 OU, with intact color plates, a 0.3 log unit of RAPD OD, and an inferior arcuate scotoma. The photos (Images 95_42, 9...Toxoplasmosis
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