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1 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic DisordersA 17-year-old girl had undergone multiple superficial biopsies of the orbit for what was felt to be refractory orbital pseudotumor. Initial evaluation revealed the saddle-nose deformity, which the patient confirmed was acquired. More extensive biopsy was consistent with lymphomatoid granulomatosis. ...Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis; Lymphoma; Saddle-nose; Orbital Pseudotumor, Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis
2 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic DisordersThe same young woman from Case 77 (Image 92_57) presented 8 years after the orbital biopsy with this retinal lesion, presumably from her underlying disorder. The eye has 20/20 vision and no other disturbances. This is a fundus photo.Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis; Lymphoma; Retinal Lesion; Orbital Pseudotumor; Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis
1 - 25 of 2