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1 Bridge ColobomaThe patient is a 35-year-old asymptomatic woman with a bridge coloboma, also known as double optic discBridge Coloboma or Second Disc; Double optic disc
2 Congenitally Tilted Optic DiscColobomas or defects of the optic nerve may exhibit spontaneous pulsations.Coloboma
3 Isolated congenital optic disc anomaliesPatients with midline closure defects may exhibit abnormalities in the optic nerve, choroid, retinal pigment epithelium or retina. Anterior closure defects may result in colobomas of the structures of the anterior segment, such as the iris. These defectsOptic Nerve Coloboma
4 Retinal coloboma underneath a relatively normal optic nerveOptic nerve colobomas appear as enlarged, white optic discs that are deeply excavated, often with some sapring of the superior rim. They result from an abnormal fusion of the proximal embryonic fissure. Optic nerve colobomas occur unilaterally or bilaterally with a similar frequency and can result i...Optic Nerve Coloboma
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