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1 Reducing Self-Stigma in Mental Health Workers in an Inpatient Psychiatric SettingRiley, Colin; Bailey, ElLois; Gee, Perry2021POSTER
2 Effectiveness of an Education Intervention to Improve Depression Screening Rates in the Emergency DepartmentPatterson, Emmy Lou2021POSTER
3 Communication Toolkit Development to Mitigate Effects of COVID-19 Isolation on Residents of Long-Term Care FacilitiesSublett, Taylor2021POSTER
4 Improving Electroconvulsive Therapy Pre-Procedure Processes In The Inpatient SettingMarden, Courtney; Morgan, Deborah2021POSTER
5 Physician Provision of Mindfulness-Based Coping Skills to their Pediatric Patient's Parents and CaregiversRainey, Tara; Webb, Sara2021POSTER
6 Reducing Stigma Against Buprenorphine in Those Who Treat Substance Use DisordersPeterson, Erica; Bailey, ElLois; Schaat, Timothy2021POSTER
7 Incorporating the WILD 5 Wellness Program at the Utah Pride CenterJennings, Deven R.; Webb, Sara; Jain, Saundra2021POSTER
8 Suicide Prevention in Utah SchoolsBischof, Shyler; Bailey. Lois; Lundell, Danny2021POSTER
9 Reducing Burnout Among Psychiatric Registered Nurses and TechniciansAh You, Michael; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Schlaich, Ashley; Hicks, Ryan2021POSTER
10 Implementation of a Pediatric Trauma ScreenerAbbott, Kimberly A.; Morgan, Deborah E.2021POSTER
11 Reducing Burnout and Improving Mental Health Among Educators in an Elementary SchoolParry, Amy2021POSTER
12 Using a Depression Toolkit to Increase Faculty Engagement on the Frontlines of Students Mental HealthCurtis, Brady; Litchman, Michelle; Parson, Chris2021POSTER
13 Trauma-Informed Care Education ToolkitManwaring, Tanner; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Earnshaw, Dallas2021POSTER
14 Implementation and Evaluation of Ketamine Protocol in Psychiatric ClinicKleinhenz, Hayden; Bullock, Randy2021POSTER
15 Increasing Mental Wellness Through a 30-Day Lifestyle InterventionMorrison, Sarah2021POSTER
16 Quality Improvement Project: Improving Pediatric Vitamin D Screening and Treatment in a Mental Health ClinicWilcox, Emily2020Background Adequate levels of vitamin D have shown to play a significant role in the overall physical and emotional well-being of both adults and children. However, vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent throughout the pediatric population, with nearly 60 percent having suboptimal vitamin D levels...
17 Mindfulness-Based Training in Childbirth Education Classes to Reduce Stress in Pregnant WomenJarrett, Marissa2020Background:Stress during pregnancy activates the maternal stress response, which can lead to various negative outcomes for the mother and infant. Currently, there is a gap in the education of pregnant women regarding how to manage stress during pregnancy. Although childbirth education classes are a ...
18 A Quality Improvement Intervention to Reduce the Use of PRN Psychotropic Medications Among Older Adults in the Long-Term Care SettingKwong, Kimmy2020Problem: Even with our increasing knowledge about the limited effectiveness and severe side effects of PRN psychotropic medications, the frequency of their use in the geriatric population remains high. Higher drug intake and potentially inappropriate PRN psychotropic medication administration contri...
19 A Quality Improvement Initiative: Reducing the Number of Frequent Revisits in the Emergency DepartmentAlm, Melissa; Morgan, Deborah; Hopkins, Christy2020Background:Inappropriate use of the emergency department (ED) is a persistent and costly problem in the United States (US) healthcare system. More than 136 million ED visits were recorded in the US in 2014 and studies show 50-65% of this patient population have mental health problems. The introducti...
20 Improving Psychiatric Assessments for Veterans in An Urban Outpatient Mental Health ClinicZaryoun, Shannon2020BackgroundThe U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has created multiple programs to help veterans with mental health problems including, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, and suicide. Over 1.8 million veterans received specialized mental health services in 2015. Depending on...
21 Transgender Preventive Health Awareness in a Therapy SettingNibley, Mariana E.2020Background:Transgender individuals experience an increase in health-related problems, including suicide rates up to 40%, a four-fold risk of contracting HIV, increased rates of substance use reported between 25-33%, and unsupervised hormone use reported between 29-63%. While the health-related probl...
22 Suicide Prevention & Clinical ImplicationsSimmons, Siqin2020
23 Assessment of and Intervention for Compassion Fatigue in PsychotherapistsTucker, Karl; Phares, Pamela2020POSTER
24 Mindfulness-Based Training in Childbirth Education Classes to Reduce Stress in Pregnant WomenJarrett, Marissa; Yale, Jocelyn2020POSTER
25 Improving Psychiatric Assessments for Veterans in An Urban Outpatient Mental Health ClinicZaryoun, Shannon2020POSTER
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