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1 Abduzens_Paralyse.jpgAbduzens paralysis (Abduzens Paralyse)Abduzens paralysis; Abduzens Paralyse
2 Akkomm_Schielen.jpgAkkomm SchielenAkkomm Schielen
3 Amaurose_beidseits.jpgAmaurose beidseitsAmaurose beidseits
4 Amaurot_Pupillenstarre.jpgAmaurot PupillenstarreAmaurot Pupillenstarre; Afferent Pupillary Defect
5 BRNystagmus.jpgBR NystagmusBR Nystagmus
6 Bilat_INO.jpgBilateral INOBilateral INO
7 BrunsNystagmus.jpgBrun's NystagmusBrun's Nystagmus
8 Dors_Mittelhirnsyndrom.jpgDors MittelhirnsyndromDors Mittelhirnsyndrom
9 Einseit_vert_Nystagm.jpgEinseit vert NystagmEinseit vert Nystagm
10 Erw_Fixationspendel_Ny.jpgErw Fixationspendel NyErw Fixationspendel Ny
11 Horner_Syndrom.jpgHorner Syndrome (Horner Syndrom)Horner Syndrome; Horner Syndrom; Cervical Artery Dissection; Horner's Syndrome
12 Komplette_Ophthalmoplegie.jpgKomplette OphthalmoplegieKomplette Ophthalmoplegie
13 Kongenitaler_Nystagmus.jpgKongenitaler NystagmusKongenitaler Nystagmus
14 Leichte_Abduzensparese.jpgLeichte AbduzenspareseLeichte Abduzensparese
15 Lid_Fehlreg.jpgLid FehlregLid Fehlreg
16 Mittelhirnsyndrom_Pupille.jpgMittelhirnsyndrom PupilleMittelhirnsyndrom Pupille
17 Myasthenie_Bel_Test.jpgMyasthenie Bel TestMyasthenie Bel Test
18 Myasthenie_Ptosis.jpgMyasthenie PtosisMyasthenie Ptosis; Ptosis - Myasthenic
19 Normale_Pupille.jpgNormal Pupil (Normale Pupille)This clip shows a demonstration of the normal pupil responding to a swinging flashlight test.Normal Pupil; Normale Pupille; Examination, Pupillary; Swinging flashlight test; Normal Pupillary Responses; Parasympathetic Pupil
20 Nystagmus_latens.jpgNystagmus latensNystagmus latens
21 Okulomotoriusparese.jpgOkulomotoriuspareseOkulomotoriusparese
22 Anderthalb_Syndrom.jpgOne and a Half Syndrome (Anderthalb Syndrom)One and a Half Syndrome; Anderthalb Syndrom
23 Phys_AnisokoriePhysiologic AnisocoriaPhys Anisokorie; Anisocoria; Physiologic Anisocoria
24 Pupilgame.pptPupil Game (PowerPoint)Disorders of the afferent and efferent (parasympathetic) pupillary pathways will follow. Please determine, if there is a afferent or efferent defect or both. If possible, make a diagnosis. Speculate about aetiology and suggest further tests. Move back and forth in the presentation. If a pupil does ...afferent and efferent (parasympathetic) pupillary pathways; Pupillary changes
25 RAPD_IRRAPD Infrared CameraDemonstration of checking the RAPD using infrared camera.RAPD IR; RAPD
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