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1 Alternating hypertropias - bilateral 4th nerve palsies and alternating skew deviation2018ehsl_novel_gold
2 Cavernous sinus mass causing right 3rd and 4th nerve palsies2016ehsl_novel_goldImage/MovingImage
3 Central 4th nerve palsy with contralateral Horner's syndrome2016ehsl_novel_goldImage/MovingImage
4 Inferior oblique overaction in a congenital 4th nerve palsy2016ehsl_novel_goldImage/MovingImage
5 Isolated central 4th nerve palsy2018-02ehsl_novel_gold
6 Leukemic leptomeningeal carcinomatosis causing 4th and 6th nerve palsies2017ehsl_novel_goldImage/MovingImage
7 Test your knowledge - Bilateral 4th nerve palsies2018-06ehsl_novel_gold
8 Unilateral 3rd, 4th, and 6th nerve palsies due to cavernous sinus meningioma2017ehsl_novel_goldImage/MovingImage
9 Vertical vergence and fusional amplitude2018-10ehsl_novel_gold
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