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1 ARPANET timeline 1969-1980ir_uspaceImage/MovingImage
2 Carr-Distributed_C++ir_computersaText
3 UNIDEC Assemblerir_computersaText
4 A Java-based active network operating system (JANOS)ir_computersaText
5 Three-Dimensional Input for Computer Graphicsir_computersaText
6 Surface Representation-Symbolic Computationir_computersaText
7 Interactive Spline Modellingir_computersaText
8 GS--Graphics Systemir_computersaText
9 3-D Design of Free-Form B-Spline Surfacesir_computersaText
10 Discrete B-Splines as an Approach to Computer Aided Geometric Designir_computersaText
11 The dynamic expansion of class hierarchyir_computersaText
12 Constraint kernels: constraints and dependencies in a geometric modeling systemir_computersaText
13 ELA: A program to analyze logs of execution eventsir_computersaText
14 FEL + set abstraction = database query languageir_computersaText
15 Parallel solution of Poisson's problems on irregular domain.ir_computersaText
16 Performance Directed Simulationir_computersaText
17 Shape recovery of volume data with deformable B-spline modelsir_computersaText
18 A front end user interface to a geometric modelling systemir_computersaText
19 GCS: A graphical front end to ASSASSINir_computersaText
20 Parallel path consistencyir_computersaText
21 The use of inverse rendering in lighting designir_computersaText
22 A Computer Program to Plot an Isometric Projection of a Solution Space Surfaceir_computersaText
23 A Method for Extending FORTRAN V for the Interactive Graphical Solution of Numerical Problemsir_computersaText
24 An Analytical Approach to Computer Systems Schedulingir_computersaText
25 CAD based biomedical modeling and visualizationir_computersaText
1 - 25 of 720