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1 2021A Protein that Blocks Virus BuddingSundquist, W.I.; Elde, N.Fundamental Biology
2 2021A Cellular Structure that Protects Against Amino Acid StressHughes, A.; Shaw, J.Fundamental Biology
3 2020Reconstituting HIV Replication in a Test TubeSundquist, W.I.; Johnson, J.; Ganser-Pornillos, B.; Pornillos, O.Fundamental Biology
4 2019HIV Drug DevelopmentSundquist, W.I.; Kay, M.S., Hill, C.P.Drug Discovery
5 2019Structures and Mechanisms of Protein Remodeling MachinesHill, C.P.; Shen, P.; Sundquist, W.IFundamental Biology
6 2019How Cells Choose To Create EnergyRutter, J.Diabetes and Metabolism
7 2018Identifying RNAs from Invading VirusesBass, B.L.; Shen, P.; Iwasa, J.Fundamental Biology
8 2018Animation of the HIV Life CycleIwasa, J.Fundamental Biology
9 2018Mechanisms of Epigenetic InheritanceCairns, B.R.Fundamental Biology
10 2017Viral RNA Modulation of Host Gene ExpressionCazalla, D.Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease
11 2015Cellular Membrane RemodelingSundquist, W.I.; Frost, A.Fundamental Biology
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