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1 2021Glucagon Be-Gone: A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?Holland, W.Diabetes and Metabolism
2 2021A Cellular Structure that Protects Against Amino Acid StressHughes, A.; Shaw, J.Fundamental Biology
3 2020How Iron Deficiency Impairs Pancreatic β-Cell FunctionLeibold, E.Diabetes and Metabolism
4 2019Fast-acting Insulins from Cone SnailsSafavi-Hemami, H.; Chou, D.Diabetes and Metabolism
5 2019Biological Consequences of Reduced Energy Flux and Inefficient Energy GenerationFunai K.Diabetes and Metabolism
6 2019Determinants of Fat Tissue ExpansionBoudina, S.Diabetes and Metabolism
7 2019Lipid Metabolism and Cardiometabolic DiseaseSummers, S.A.Diabetes and Metabolism
8 2019How Cells Choose To Create EnergyRutter, J.Diabetes and Metabolism
9 2019Commensal Microbes That Help Prevent Metabolic DiseaseRound, J.L.Diabetes and Metabolism
10 2019Causes of Type 1 DiabetesBettini, M.; Bettini, M.L.; Evavold, B.Diabetes and Metabolism
11 2018Sensing and Regulating Cellular Energy ProductionRutter, J.Diabetes and Metabolism
12 2017Mechanism of Cold-induced ThermogenesisVillanueva C.J.Diabetes and Metabolism
13 2017Neural and Cardiac Responses to HypoglycemiaFisher, S.; Chan, O.; Reno, C.Diabetes and Metabolism
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