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1 2021Focused Ultrasound as a Non-invasive Treatment for Breast CancerPayne, A.; Parker, D.L.; Hadley, J.R.; Odéen, H.Cancer; Non-Invasive Therapies
2 2021A Cellular Structure that Protects Against Amino Acid StressHughes, A.; Shaw, J.Fundamental Biology
3 2019Drug-Free Macromolecular TherapeuticsKopeček, J.Drug Discovery
4 2019Gene Expression and Health RisksGregg, C.Genomics
5 2019Combination Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Pancreatic CancerMcMahon, M.; Kinsey, C.; Shea, J.; Yap, J.; Gilcrease III, G. W.; Affolter, K.; Welm, A.; Welm, B.; Scaife, C.; Snyder, E.Cancer; Chemotherapy
6 2019Improving Tobacco Cessation Program UtilizationWetter, D.W.Population Health
7 2019Ovarian Cancer Subtyping to Understand Risk, Treatment, Survival, and Racial/Ethnic DisparitiesDoherty, J.A.Cancer
8 2019Improved Prognostic Testing for Patients with Triple Negative Breast CancerVarley, K.E.Cancer
9 2019The Role of Cholesterol in Activating a Key Cellular Signaling PathwayMyers, B.R.Cancer
10 2019How Cells Choose To Create EnergyRutter, J.Diabetes and Metabolism
11 2019MicroRNA Regulation of Inflammation and ImmunityO'Connell, R.M.Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease
12 2019Cellular Origins of Pancreatic CancerMurtaugh, L.C.Cancer
13 2018Improved Genetic Models for Non-Small-Cell Lung CancerOliver, T.G.Cancer; Genetic Modeling
14 2017Cancer Symptom Care at HomeMooney, K.; Beck, S.L.Cancer
15 2017Maintaining Epithelial BarriersRosenblatt, J.Cancer
16 2017ARF6 Plays Key Role in Diabetes-Induced BlindnessZhu, W.; Odelberg, S.J; Hartnett, M.E.; Ward, D.M.; Lesniewski, L..A.Health and Disease
17 2017Defining Pathways for Formation and Suppression of Highly Metastatic Lung TumorsOliver, T.G.Cancer
18 2017Defining Pathways for Bone Destruction and Preservation in CancerWelm, A.L.Cancer
19 2015The Role of IDH Mutation in Human Brain TumorsColman, H.; Cohen, A.; Holmen, S.Cancer
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