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1 Beardha_wehgnImage
2 Life in the West- Unidentified couple in Canyondha_wehgnImage
3 Life in the West- Unidentified Mendha_wehgnImage
4 Life in the West-Men and Boy on Donkeydha_wehgnImage
5 Life in the West-Man on a Beddha_wehgnImage
6 Life in the West-Man on beddha_wehgnImage
7 Cigar Store (Woman at Counter)dha_wehgnImage
8 Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Stationdha_wehgnImage
9 Woman Standing if Front of Home (Unidentified Residence)dha_wehgnImage
10 Hotel-Resort Bath Housedha_wehgnImage
11 Lavetta Hoteldha_wehgnImage
12 Life in the West- Unidentified Coupledha_wehgnImage
13 Life in the West-Unidentified coupledha_wehgnImage
14 Life in the West-Woman washing Clothesdha_wehgnImage
15 Life in the West-Woman on River Bankdha_wehgnImage
16 Life in the West-Provocative Woman on Beddha_wehgnImage
17 Life in the West-Home Interior, Two womendha_wehgnImage
18 Life in the West- Three Women on Stepsdha_wehgnImage
19 Life in the West-Two Woman at Windowdha_wehgnImage
20 Life in the West- Woman in chairdha_wehgnImage
21 Life in the West-Womandha_wehgnImage
22 Life in the West-Two Womandha_wehgnImage
23 Life in the West-Two Women on Rocksdha_wehgnImage
24 Life in the West-Womandha_wehgnImage
25 Life in the West-Girl on Stepsdha_wehgnImage
1 - 25 of 84