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1 Estimating building CO2 emissions reductions with EnergyPlusir_uspaceText; Image
2 Rethinking Mobile Delivery: Using Quick Response Codes to Access Information at Point of Needir_uspaceText; Image
3 Gender differences in adults with ADHD, pretreatment and following treatment with atomoxetine under double-blind conditionsir_uspaceText; Image
4 Preventing falls in the elderlyir_uspaceText; Image
5 Neuropsychological functioning and OROSĀ® methylphenidate in an Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) populationir_uspaceText; Image
6 Cinematic display for telematic performancesir_uspaceText; Image
7 Grandparents and their grandchildren with autism spectrum disorder: building bridges through technologyir_uspaceText; Image
8 Comparing program logics for reasoning about safety propertiesir_uspaceText; Image
9 Gamma-ray emission by the BL Lac Markarian 501ir_uspaceText; Image
10 Optimizing Inverse Electrocardiographic Problem: Hybrid and High-Order Finite Element Methodir_uspaceText; Image
11 Induced pressure promotes extrusion and transient polyp formation in MDCK monolayers to maintain homeostasisir_uspaceText; Image
12 A directional occlusion shading model for interactive direct volume renderingir_uspaceText; Image
13 Spatial determinants of urban growth in Chinese Cities: a case study of dongguanir_uspaceText; Image
14 Subject-specific computational modeling of normal and dysplastic hipsir_uspaceText; Image
15 Brain imaging studies: high throughput by automatic processing pipelineir_uspaceText; Image
16 FEBio: finite elements for biomechanicsir_uspaceText; Image
17 Epilepsy investigated non-invasively using Elecroencephalography (EEG) and Magnetoencephalography (MEG)ir_uspaceText; Image
18 Down syndrome: Bridging Genes, Brain and Cognitionir_uspaceText; Image
19 Neuro imaging research labir_uspaceText; Image
20 Continuous Trajectories from Discrete Anatomical Shapesir_uspaceText; Image
21 Kirby research groupir_uspaceText; Image
22 Long range digital neural circuit reconstructionir_uspaceText; Image
23 Filtering for Visualizationir_uspaceText; Image
24 Brain Changes in Traumatic Brain Injuryir_uspaceText; Image
25 Long range axon tracing with NeuroTrackerir_uspaceText; Image
1 - 25 of 2,254