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1 Library publishing services: strategies for successir_uspaceText
2 Library publishing services: strategies for successir_uspaceText
3 Managing your research datair_etdText
4 Preserving, promoting and presenting research posters: USpace’s new poster archiving serviceir_uspaceText
5 UHID ILLiad conference binderir_uspaceText
6 Utah Health Info Direct (UHID) pilot project: customizing ILLiad to meet the needs of specialized clienteleir_uspaceText
7 Authors and zealots: transforming scholarly communicationir_uspaceText
8 Collaboration and partnerships: opportunities aboundir_uspaceInteractiveResource
9 Mountain West Digital Libraryir_uspaceText
10 Transforming data into knowledge for decision making: putting MS access and excel to work for youir_uspaceText
11 Tapping Utah’s scholarly worksir_uspaceText
12 Publishing the Results of Clinical Research: The Current State and the Impact on Your Research Articleir_uspaceText
13 Getting all your newspaper data into CONTENTdm - the new flex loaderir_uspaceText
14 University Scholarly Knowledge Inventory System (U-SKIS)ir_uspaceText
15 Open, Sesame! Accessing the treasures of a communityir_uspaceText
16 IR workflow software: extending the power of CONTENTdm for Institutional Repositoriesir_uspaceText
17 Institutional Repository: the bridge that connectsir_uspaceText
18 Pilot on the fringe: flickr as a tool to promote digital collectionsir_uspaceText
19 Scholarly research process: from idea to institutional repository.ir_uspaceText
20 Changing reference collection - from a collection development point of viewir_uspaceText
21 SO3 formation during oxy-coal combustion - Presentationir_eua
22 Effects of oxygen concentration and coal composition on aerosol chemistry in oxy firingir_eua
23 Evaluating opportunities for reducing life-cycle, well-to pump GHG emissions from conventional and unconventional fuelsir_eua
24 A new look for CONENTdm: a user-centered approachir_uspaceText
25 Adding finding aids with CONTENTdm 5's built-in supportir_uspace
1 - 25 of 44