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1 Evaluation of annual net infiltration to bedrock for waste rock piles near Questa, New Mexico and the development of a method for examining tritium in clay mineralsir_etdText
2 ROCR is an oscillating climbing robot: dynamically climbing sheer walls with a pendular two-link mass-shifting robotir_etdText
3 Structure of the HIV-1 capsid.ir_etdText
4 Cell specific expressions of the murine CD21 gene.ir_etdText
5 Thermoregulation of pyelonephritis-associated pili gene expression.ir_etdText
6 Study of modeling materials for physical modeling of Utah coal minesir_etdText
7 A study of nursing personnel perceptions of hostile patient behavior.ir_etdText
8 Turnover among Air Force nurses.ir_etdText
9 Relation between membrane potential and contraction in single crayfish muscle fibers.ir_etdText
10 New lodge for the Kostopulos Dream Foundation: Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utahir_etdText
11 Factors influencing drug and metabolite incorporation into hair.ir_etdText
12 Low-power operation of microprocessor systems in the presence of process variationir_etdText
13 Effects of the reduction of noise stress on heart rate, premature ventricular contractions, respirations, and pulse wave velocity in critical care patients.ir_etdText
14 Health promotion in a department of public safety.ir_etdText
15 Nurses' beliefs regarding primigravidas over 35 years of age.ir_etdText
16 Inhibition of hyaluronidase activity by blood serum as a function of neoplasia.ir_etdText
17 Production and purification of histoplasmin with immunological studies.ir_etdText
18 The effect of age on 25-hydroxycholecalciferol 1[alpha]-hydroxylase activity in the rat kidney.ir_etdText
19 Speech act theory and internet culture: computer-mediated communication in the era of Web 2.0ir_etdText
20 Block programming for computer controlled experimentsir_etdText
21 Study of pharmaceutical distribution into Utahir_etdText
22 Neuropharmacological studies of the sympathetic reflex arcir_etdText
23 Comparison study of two methods of endotracheal tube stabilization in preterm infantsir_etdText
24 Relationship of exercise to fatigue and quality of life in women with breast cancerir_etdText
25 Influence of self-esteem on the subjective well-being of older divorced and widowed adultsir_etdText
1 - 25 of 17,352