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201 The effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancy: Phase two.Place, Janet Chandler; Specht, Jean MarieThis study sought to identify the effects of an individual prescription for protein and kilocalorie requirement during pregnancy on subsequent maternal and infant outcomes using an experimental control group with 29 subjects in phase one and 18 subjects in phase two. The method of Nutrition;al coun...Nursing
202 The Relationship between self-actualization and consistency of oral contraceptive use.Ezrati, Janet Mae Bostrom.The relationship between degree of self-actualization and consistency of use of oral contraceptives was investigated. Self-actualization was defined as the highest level of need attainment in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Consistency of usage referenced to the regularity with which oral contracepti...Nursing
203 Technology and contemporary art center in San Francisco, CaliforniaLee, Ji HyungIn contemporary society, media and technology are omnipresent; technological developments are influencing communication, production, trade, urban culture and arts. Digital media are now used widely in the domain of art. As a result, contemporary art reflects upon the characteristics of multimedia, w...Architecture & Planning (College of)
204 Programming of immune responsiveness by end-organ metabolism of glucocorticoids.Zhang, Tian Yi.11beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 (11betaHSD1) catalyzes the conversion of C11-keto-glucocorticoids (GCs) to bioactive C11-hydroxy-GCs, thereby generating activating ligands for the glucocorticoid receptor. We demonstrate that immune cells of both lymphoid (immature thymocytes, CD4+/CD8+ T...Pathology
205 Advanced imaging tools for quantifying cardiac microstructureWelsh, Christopher LeeDiffusion tensor MRI (DT-MRI or DTI) has been proven useful for characterizing biological tissue microstructure, with the majority of DTI studies having been performed previously in the brain. Other studies have shown that changes in DTI parameters are detectable in the presence of cardiac pathology...Bioengineering
206 Intervention exercise program to change decisional balance, decrease temptation not to exercise, and increase self-efficacy: for mothers of young childrenBradley, Tammy BoydThis study aimed to further the understanding of physical activity participation for mothers of young children by exploring their decisional balance toward exercise, decreasing their temptation not to exercise, increasing their self-efficacy towards exercise, and increasing their intention to exerci...Exercise & Sport Science
207 Simulation of a cold-air pool in Utah's Salt Lake ValleyFoster, Christopher StephenThe Persistent Cold-Air Pool Study (PCAPS), which took place in Utah's Salt Lake Valley during winter 2010-2011, provides a rich dataset of targeted observations at scales appropriate for better understanding the dynamical evolution of persistent cold-air pools. We examine the influence of the land ...Atmospheric Sciences
208 Developing and applying a surface integrity framework to metal cutting on 2024-t351 aluminum with wiper cutting toolsShoemaker, Trevor KealohaManufacture of a component typically involves a long sequence of manufacturing processes. At the end of that sequence is the finishing process, which defines the surface state of a component. It is well known that the surface of a manufactured component has an effect on its structural integrity, hen...Mechanical Engineering
209 f-block chemistry: a study of sm+ and th+ reactions with small molecules in the gas phaseCox, Richard MThe study of the reactions of Sm+ and Th+ with several small molecules using guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometry is presented. The kinetic energy dependent reaction cross sections of these reactions are modelled using a modified line-of-centers model, and thermochemical values, including bond d...Chemistry
210 Paleoecology of Upper Cambrian carbonate units, house range and South Lakeside Mountains, UtahGarcia, Patricia K.Upper Cambrian strata in the Great Basin of western Utah are dominated by marine carbonate facies. The Hellnmaria Member of the Notch Peak Formation in the southern House Range and the Upper Carbonate Member of the St. Charles Formation in the northern South Lakeside Mountains are correlative Upper ...Geology & Geophysics
211 Isolation and characterization of lost copper and molybdenum particles in the flotation tailings of kennecott copper porphyry oresTserendavga, Tsend-ayushThe importance of flotation separation has long been, and continues to be, an important technology for the mining industry, especially to metallurgical engineers. However, the flotation process is quite complex and expensive, in addition to being influenced by many variables. Understanding the varia...Metallurgical Engineering
212 Understanding of the tricarboxylic acid cycle metabolon as an efficient biocatalystWu, FeiIn mitochondria, the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle integrates oxidation pathways of all major carbon sources by eight enzymes that are associated into a supramolecular complex called the metabolon. In metabolons, substrate channeling is the most remarkable feature, which is the directed or facilita...Chemistry
213 The impact of oxidative stress on oxygen transport and utilization in health and diseaseRossman, Matthew JThe overall objective of this dissertation was to examine the impact of oxidative stress on oxygen transport and utilization, and ultimately physiological function, in older individuals and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The goal of the first study was to better understa...Exercise & Sport Science
214 Ash deposition and ash aerosol formation mechanisms during oxy-coal combustionZhan, ZhonghuaOxy-coal combustion has been considered a promising technology for CO2 capture for existing coal-fired power plants. This work is concerned with the effects of retrofit on both the fly ash and the deposits. The research targets include: 1) To find out the difference between ash aerosol and ash depos...Chemical Engineering
215 Climate change, asymmetric costs, and the challenge to the capitalist system of production: a macroeconomic perspectiveWhittle, Jason MatthewThis dissertation consists of three papers, each of which addresses what I believe are important gaps in the literature. The first is the impact regional asymmetric costs can have on mitigation and adaptation decisions. Regional cost asymmetries are not unknown in the extant literature, but their im...Economics
216 An exploratory study of chinese college students' autonomy development and parental influenceTian, TianAutonomy is a basic psychological need for human beings and is closely related to people's well-being and optimal functioning according to self-determination theory (SDT). In China, which is in transition from a traditional collectivist society to a more competitive and individualistic society, coll...Social Work
217 Icelandic quirky agreement restrictions: evidence for phi-defective t in quirky subject constructionsZupon, Andrew LeeThis thesis proposes a novel defective T analysis for explaining two facts about Icelandic quirky subject sentences. First, in Icelandic quirky subject sentences, the verb agrees with the nominative object rather than with the subject (1). Second, 1st and 2nd person nominative objects are blocked co...Linguistics
218 Particulate formation from pulverized coal under oxy-fuel combustion conditionsJia, YunluAerosol particulates are one of a variety of products generated by coal combustion. The objectives of this study were to elucidate ash particulate formation during oxy-fuel pulverized coal combustion compared to O2/N2 combustion. Oxy-fuel coal combustion conditions provide exhaust gas with a high co...Chemical Engineering
219 Liquid metal-based terahertz metamaterialsWang, JinqiMetamaterials have gained significant attention over the last decade because they can exhibit electromagnetic properties that are not readily available in naturally occurring materials. This dissertation describes our work on design, fabrication and characterization of liquid metal-based metamateria...Electrical & Computer Engineering
220 Outpatient community clinic patients' perceptions regarding nurse practitioner services.Hunter, Troy Darren.Perceptions and comfort levels toward nurse practitioner services were measured by questionnaire responses to patients of community clinics in the University of Utah Health Science Center system. This research was organized in a pre-experimental design and used purposive sampling techniques to acqu...Nursing
221 Drug compliance among adult hypertensive patients.Haak, Sandra Watt,The general problem considered in the study was drug compliance or adherence to a therapeutic regimen among adult hypertensive patients and the purpose of the study was to identify factors significantly associated with compliance behavior. A specific Health Belief Model was used in establishing the...Nursing
222 An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.Beatty, Shelley Melinda Smith.The ability of computers to accumulate and evaluate information and to make it rapidly available on demand is aiding physicians. Computers are especially valuable in helping to make accurate diagnoses quickly. Results of radiologic examinations, including those using ultrasound, computed tomograph...Biomedical Informatics
223 Identification of alcohol problems among health maintenance organization patients, using the MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale.Frances, Mary BrownExploratory research was conducted with 178 men and 321 women (aged 18-69), patients of FHP Utah, to test the relationship between alcoholism as measured by the MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale (MAC) and various life-problems. Problem areas included physical, emotional, job/legal/economic, and family/soci...Psychology
224 Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Drosophila: characterization of punt and a screen for transcriptionally regulated targets.Simin, Karl Joseph.Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (TGF-Beta) signaling mediates a wide variety of biological activities including, growth and repair processes, tissue specification, modulation of endocrine activities, and apoptosis. TGF-Beta signaling components are highly conserved evolutionarily; thus our characte...Human Genetics
225 T-box transcription factor interactions in the zebrafish mesoderm: regulation of gene expression and cell fate.Goering, Lisa M.T-box genes encode related transcription factors that regulate tissue specification and morphogenesis in vertebrates. Whereas individual T-box genes are commonly expressed across broad domains of precursor cells, phenotypic analyses of mutant embryos indicate that T-box genes often have regionally p...Human Genetics
201 - 225 of 5,874