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201 Gold powder and gunpowder: the appropriation of western firearms into japan through high cultureBaldridge, Seth RobertWhen an object is introduced to a new culture for the first time, how does it transition from the status of a foreign import to a fully integrated object of that culture? Does it ever truly reach this status, or are its foreign origins a part of its identity that are impossible to overlook? What rol...Art & Art History
202 Compiler optimizations and autotuning for stencils and geometric multigridBasu, ProtonuStencil computations are operations on structured grids. They are frequently found in partial differential equation solvers, making their performance critical to a range of scientific applications. On modern architectures where data movement costs dominate computation, optimizing stencil computation...School of Computing
203 AphasiaBarusch, Amanda SmithAphasia is a failure of language. It's an incredibly variable condition, associated with organic brain disorders and trauma, with manifestations that reveal much about language and what it means to be human. Inspired in part by my father's experience of Aphasia, this collection explores the possibil...English
204 Cell Cycle, Fate, Stem Cells, and the Planarian Schmidtea MediterraneaKang, HaraThe replacement of differentiated cells is a major challenge for all multicellular organisms throughout their life spans. Humans, for example, must replace an estimated 10 billion cells every day, while some animals replace body parts as a result of continuous tissue homeostasis. Such turnover an...Neurobiology & Anatomy
205 Diethyl ether exposure of EEG technicians using collodian.Lockman, Jeri L.The purpose of this study was to determine if EEG technicians using collodian are exposed to diethyl ether and to determine if there was an accumulation of ether in the body after repeated exposures. Breathing zone air and expired-air samples were collected on four EEG technicians for five consecut...Nursing
206 Methods of neonatal endotracheal suctioning.Opp, Diane MichelleThe purpose of this study was to describe how neonatal endotracheal suctioning (ETS) is performed in two local Level III neonatal intensive care units. The following suctioning components were examined: (a) numbers of catheter insertions, (b) head rotation, (c) depth of catheter insertion, (d) irr...Nursing
207 A Study in nursing morale.Hanks, Lincoln Marlow.The onward march of medical science, as it charts a better way of life for mankind, would be seriously impeded without the service of the registered nurse. In the modern hospital, the nurse fills an indispensable role. Her skill in giving nursing care strengthens the arm of the physician; her trad...Nursing
208 Insulin diffusion through polymer membranes: a self-regulating isulin delivery system.Sato, Shuji.Prevention of insulin self-association and surface adsorption onto various polymeric surfaces was investigated. It was found that the addition of a certain concentration range of urea (1-3 mg/ml) to insulin solutions greatly reduces insulin self-association. The aggregation phenomena of the synthes...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
209 Geochemical study of the origin of debris bands at Storglaciaren, SwedenUno, Kevin ToshioGeochemical data from glacial ice and meltwater at Storglaciaren, Sweden were used to evaluate the origin and age of a debris band located near the terminus of the glacier. Three ice facies identified and evaluated in this study were debris-rich ice, clear ice, and bubble ice. Stable hydrogen (6 H) ...Geology & Geophysics
210 Follow-up study of the umbilical cord as affected by two methods of rinsing the newborn.Horak, Ann Marie.The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a difference in the incidence of coagulase-positive Staphylococcus aureaus disease of the umbilicus in infants being sponge-rinsed and tub-rinsed according to the basic tools of the Robinson study of 1969. It was hypothesized that there would ...Nursing
211 Advanced methods for detection of adverse drug events in clinical notes.Phansalkar, Shobha.Manual chart review is used as the gold standard in many adverse drug event (ADE) detection studies. Owing to large resource utilization and expense this method is generally reserved for research studies. Building an expert system capable of mimicking the human expert's decision pathway would increa...Biomedical Informatics
212 Aspects of the relationship between irradiation injury and mammalian host defenses.Donaldson, David Miller1. Whole body x-irradiation of rabbits with doses of 650 r more results in a depression or loss of serum bactericidal action. 2. Total body irradiation of rats (600 r) and guinea pigs (350 r) results is in suppressed serum bactericidal action. This post irradiation depression in serum bactericida...Pathology
213 Health and developmental status of infants at birth and at four months as a function of maternal health index scores.Erdahl, Jane HerreIn the present study 28 children were evaluated at the neonatal period and at four months to determine if development could be predicted prenatally by the use of the Maternal Health Index. Fifteen of the 28 infants had abnormalities at the neonatal examination and five had remaining abnormalities a...Nursing
214 Person environment fit and job stress among head nurses in acute care hospitals.Hanson, Patricia AThe purpose of this study was to apply the Person-Environment fit model to the role of the head nurse to: (1) discover if a significant relationship exists between P-E fit and job stress among head nurses on Nursing; units in acute care hospitals; (2) correlate selected objective demographic variab...Nursing
215 An assessment of airborne N-nitrosamine formation in the presence of explosives and diesel powered equipment in an underground mine.Loomis, John WalterThe environment of an underground hard rock copper mine was selected as an experimental location to assess the presence of N-nitrosamine compounds during the shot firing of a specific water-gel explosive and during the operation of diesel powered equipment. Two set of airborne sample representing N...Family & Preventive Medicine
216 Effect of T cell and alloantibody regulatory interactions on the immune responses stimulated by rat major and minor alloantigens.Miller, Carol Louise OlsonSix inbred rat strains were immunized with rat cells differing both by antigens coded at the major (AgB or H-1) locus and by antigens coded at minor loci. Other animals of these six strains were immunized with cells which differed only by minor loci coded antigens. The complement dependent cytotox...Pathology
217 An Exploratory study of computer anxiety in nurses.Beeson, Merry C.This research focused on the interactions of nurses with computer technology and existence of anxiety. The problems investigated were: "Does computer anxiety exit in a selected population of nurses?," "Does exposure to computers reduce computer anxiety?," and "Is there a demographic profile that d...Nursing
218 Investigation of operator inhalation hazards from the aerosol created by neodymium:yttrium aluminum garnet laser surgery.Roth, James Thomas.The Neodymium:Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG) laser is being used by an increasing number of surgeons and physicians throughout the country as a photo-coagulator and as a tool to remove tumors, especially in areas where fiber optics can be utilized, such as in endoscopy and bronchoscopy. Although ...Family & Preventive Medicine
219 Genetic analysis of quantitative traits in the Utah CEPH pedigreesMalhotra, AlkaThe CEPH (Centre d'Etude du Polymorphisme Humain) project began in 1984 as a collaborative effort to map genetic markers using a set of randomly ascertained families. Since 1997, members of the subset of CEPH families that reside in Utah have been measured for a large number of quantitative traits, ...Human Genetics
220 Factors influencing the likelihood of the first pelvic examRobinson, Kristynia M.In this cross-sectional study of 67 college women who had never had pelvic examinations, several factors influencing initial pelvic examination were identified. The majority of the women (75%) perceived their knowledge of the pelvic examination as low. Lack of knowledge about the purpose and the p...Nursing
221 Function of the Wnt3 gene is required for mouse gastrulationHowell, William DwightGastrulation is the complex series of cell movements from which the axes and germ layers of the embryo emerge. Mutations in a number of genes perturb gastrulation with respect to cell movements and gene expression. Which genes are responsible for the initiation of gastrulation has been heretofore un...Human Genetics
222 Neurochemical effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) : role of endogenous dopamine and oxidative damage in the immediate and longterm inactivation of rat central tryptophan hydroxylaseStone, Donna MarieIn the rat, a single systemic injection (10 mg/kg) of the ring-substituted amphetamine analog 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) caused rapid (within 1 h) and prolonged (up to 2 weeks) reductions in the activity of central tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH), the rate-limiting enzyme for serotonin bi...Pharmacology & Toxicology
223 Understanding health behaviors of severely mentally ill adultsRolando, JoAnn M.In 1991, the National Advisory Mental Health Council issued a national research priority to identify the capacities of individuals with severe mental illness to engage in ordinary personal techniques of preventive medicine that would protect and promote their overall well-being. In this study, the m...Nursing
224 The influence of follicle-stimulating hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone + luteinizing hormone on steroidogenic enzymes in the immature mouse ovaryKraiem, Zaki1. Previous studies indicate that FSH alone does not stimulate estrogen biosynthesis - the end-product of steroidogenesis - in the ovary. The general objective of this study was to determine the effects, if any of FSH devoid of measurable LH biological activity, compared with the effects of FSH com...Bioengineering
225 Attitudes and behaviors of husbands making the transition to fatherhood wives' viewsStiles, Bonnie-Dee Van BurenThe purposes of this investigation were to identify attitudes and behaviors perceived by wives as characteristic of fathering within three weeks of antepartum and then, three to five weeks postpartum and, moreover, to explore changes in the wives' perceptions of fathering within that time span. Fif...Nursing
201 - 225 of 5,928