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201 SaturnianaScore for work for bass trombone and electronics.music, trombone, electronics2009
202 Simulation of a phosphene field based visual prosthesisA visual prosthesis for the blind based upon electrical stimulation of the visual cortex requires the development of an array of electrodes. To establish design specifications for such an electrode array, we have conducted psychophysical experiments with normally sighted subjects wearing a portable...Visual prosthesis; Phosphene simulator1990
203 Knowledge-based out-of-core algorithms for data management in visualizationData management is the very first issue in handling very large datasets. Many existing out-of-core algorithms used in visualization are closely coupled with application-specific logic. This paper presents two knowledgebased out-of-core prefetching algorithms that do not use hard-coded rendering-re...2006
204 Development and validation od 3-D model for fluid structure interactions in blast wave loading2011-05-05
205 Auto-tuning for memory hierarchy optimizations in GPUs2010-02-26
206 Fast shape-based nearest-neighbor search for brain MRIs using hierarchical feature matching2011-09-14
207 Mediastinal pathologies presenting with unilateral vocal cord paralysis: hoarseness and the course of the reurrent laryngeal nerves2010-11-24
208 Creating hydrodynamic lubrication in metal-on-polyethylene hip joints using surface microtexture2013-07-15
209 Validation of real-tim instrumentation system for gait adjustment2011-05-12
210 Image processing, pattern recognition and connectomics2011-10-25
211 Is time spent on deployment a stronger predictor of insomnia than time spent in service?2013-05-01
212 Interactive editing of Massive images2010-02-26
213 TagFS: organizing information using Tags2013
214 Timing of events during deglutition after chemoradiation2013-05-11
215 Dragon versus tiger baby preference: how does chinese zodiac influence fertility?2013-05-01
216 Blood-based colorectal cancer screening: eliciting attitudes and determining predictors of interest in a multiethnic sample2011-04-27
217 Visualizing India2012-05-01
218 Library alchemy: researching contemporary artThis poster was created to present a workshop for researching contemporary art in the Marriott Library. The workshop and poster was created by Luke Leither, the Art and Architecture Library at the University of Utah.Art; Contemporary Art; Research; Fine Arts2013
219 Parallel path consistencyFiltering algorithms are well accepted as a means of speeding up the solution of the consistent labeling problem (CLP). Despite the fact that path consistency does a better job of filtering than arc consistency, AC is still the preferred technique because it has a much lower time complexity. We ar...Filtering algorithms; Parallel paths; Consistency; Consistent labeling problem; CLP1991
220 Targeted mutations in hoxa-9 and hoxb-9 reveal synergistic interactions.Mice were generated with a targeted disruption of the homeobox-containing gene hoxb-9. Mice homozygous for this mutation show defects in the development of the first and second ribs. In most cases the first and second ribs are fused near the point at which the first and second pairs of ribs normally...Embryonic and Fetal Development; In Situ Hybridization; Mice, Knockout1997-01-15
221 Carol Twombly on typeThe appeal of an inviting building begins with its solid architectural space. So too with typography, that all-too-often unnoticed "architecture" implicit in the conveyance of the printed word. Viewed under magnification, bold, vertical stems clearly support cross bars like studs; spherical bowls op...Typography; Type designer; Typeface1994
222 Review of Peter Galison and David Stump, Disunity of scienceMost of the essays in this collection were originally delivered as papers at a conference on the disunity of science held at Stanford University in 1991.Ampere; Scientific work, Science in French society1997
223 Gift from the gods: a Balinese guide to early child rearingThe influence of Western schools and other imports notwithstanding, many child-rearing practices recorded earlier in the century [in Indonesia] are still observable, especially those concerning infants and young children. For the "manual" that follows, I propose as the fictive author a male healer, ...Children; Bali; Infants; Child rearing manuals2000
224 New locus for autosomal dominant stargardt-like disease maps to chromosome 4Stargardt disease (STGD) is the most common hereditary macular dystrophy and is characterized by decreased central vision, atrophy of the macula and underlying retinal-pigment epithelium, and frequent presence of prominent flecks in the posterior pole of the retina. STGD is most commonly inherited a...Haplotypes; Genetic Markers1999
225 John Stuart Mill's Deliberative landscape (Book Review)A review of the book "John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape." by Candace Vogler.John Stuart Mill; Books2002-08
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