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201 Jameson, Kenneth P.Determinants of Latin American exchange rate regimesThe experience of the last thirty years suggests that a wide range of factors affects policymakers' choice of exchange rate regime. The initial explanation was that changes in the international sphere dominated domestic policies and strongly influenced how governments decided among the trade-offs. M...Monetary policy; Exchange rate regimes2005
202 Myers, Chris J.Learning genetic regulatory network connectivity from time series dataAbstract. Recent experimental advances facilitate the collection of time series data that indicate which genes in a cell are expressed. This paper proposes an efficient method to generate the genetic regulatory network inferred from time series data. Our method fi_x000C_rst encodes the data into le...2006
203 Myers, Chris J.Effcient verification of hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuitsThis paper presents an efficient method for verifying hazard freedom in timed asynchronous circuits. Timed circuits are a class of asynchronous circuits that utilize explicit timing information fur optimization throughout the entire design process. In asynchronous circuits, correct operation require...2003
204 Davidson, Diane W.Herbivory on planted dipterocarp seedlings in secondary logged forests and primary forests of Sabah, MalaysiaLeaf defences, leaf nutritional quality and leaf expansion rates may vary with resource availabilities to plants. Such variation could affect rates of leaf loss to herbivores, particularly along the steep resource gradients in disturbed forests. Intraspecific and interspecific variation in leaf dama...Danum Valley; Dipterocarp; Dryobalanops lanceolata; Herbivory rates; Leaf damage; Leaf expansion rates; Logged tropical forests; Secondary forests; Shorea leprosula2001-03
205 Brown, Francis HaroldThe lower Omo basinThe boundaries of the Lower Omo Basin have been mapped by Fuchs (1939) and by Butzer (1970, 1971) in a general way. The structural features and physiography of the eastern and central part of the Lower Omo Basin are best expressed on the maps of Davidson et al. (1973). Walsh and Dodson (1969) have m...1983
206 Golden, Kenneth M.Classical transport in quasiperiodic mediaAbstract. Classical transport coefficients such as the effective conductivity or diffusivity of a quasiperiodic medium were observed [1] to depend discontinuously on the frequencies of the quasiperiodicity. For example, for a one-dimensional medium with a potential V(x) = cosx + coskx , the effecti...Transport; Diffusion; Random1991
207 Rogers, Alan R.Doubts about isonymyThe method of isonymy, developed by Crow and Mange for estimating inbreeding from surname frequencies, requires an assumption that has not been appreciated: It is necessary to assume that all males in some ancestral generation, the founding stock, had unique surnames. Because this assumption is sel...1991
208 Ogburn, Joyce L.Exploring the contributions of the academic library to student learningMost recently, as part of our multiyear Value of Academic Libraries Initiative, ACRL joined with three partners ? the Association for Institutional Research, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, and the Council of Independent Colleges ? to convene two national summits in late 2011. The...2011
209 Fowles, RichardDeterminants of motor vehicle fatalities using classical specification testing and Bayesian sensitivity methodsThis paper uses classical regression methods along with Bayesian Extreme Bounds Analysis (EBA) to addresses the effect of cell phones on motor vehicle fatality rates so as to examine the potential of net life-taking and life-saving effects. The models adjust for a time trend (YEAR), the maximum b...Motor vehicle fatalities; Motor vehicle statistical studies; Cell phones2008-01-09
210 Henderson, Thomas C.The importance of unknows in Epidemiologic studies1. Epidemiologic study data often include omitted/unobtainable responses (unknowns). In most cases, unknowns are eliminated during data-reduction to facilitate analysis. We examined the effect that elimination of unknowns would have on mortality calculations using data on newborns admitted to a newb...Unknowns; Mortality calculations1985
211 Cloud, Joann L.; Meyer, Jay J.; Pounder, June I.; Woods, Gail L.Mycobacterium arupense sp. nov., a novel moderately growing nonchromogenic bacterium isolated from clinical specimensThis author manuscript discusses how several isolates of Mycobacterium species related to the M. terrae complex have been isolated from clinical samples. In the clinical microbiology laboratory, partial 16S rRNA gene sequencing (approximate first 500 base pairs) is often used to identify Mycobacteri...Mycobacterium arupense; Mycobacterium nonchromogenicum; Mycobacterium terrae; Mycobacterium triviale; MCRO 62005-11-22
212 Davidson, Diane W.Experimental studies of species-specificity in cecropia-ant relationshipsStrict coevolution requires that interactions among organisms be speciesspecific. We assessed the relative roles of host- and habitat-specificity in determining the match between a genus of myrmecophytic trees and a guild of obligate plant-ants in the moist tropical forests of Madre de Dios, Peru. F...Ant-plant; Ants; Cecropia; Coevolution; Colonization; Coordinated dispersal; Ecological fitting; Habitat-specificity; Host-specificity; Mutualism; Parasitoid wasps; Preadaptation1997
213 Gooch, Bruce; Reinhard, Erik; Moulding, Chris; Shirley, Peter S.Artistic composition for image creationAltering the viewing parameters of a 3D object results in computer graphics images of varying quality. One aspect of image quality is the composition of the image. While the esthetic properties of an image are subjective, some heuristics used by artists to create images can be approximated quanti...Image creation; Image quality2000
214 Mattis, Daniel C.Magnetization of Ising model in nonzero magnetic fieldKnowing only the zero-field magnetization (e.g., Yang's result) of the Ising model in any number of dimensions, one can construct a lower bound on m(h), the magnetization in finite field. Knowledge of u, the internal energy per bond, enables a more efficient lower bound to be constructed. Both are ...Magnetization; Griffiths inequality1969
215 Flynn, John J.In memorium: Lionel H. FrankelWe have gathered together to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Lionel Frankel-husband, father, brother, teacher, colleague, and friend. We celebrate his life because he brought us uncommon gifts of decency, sensitivity, humanity, and compassion. We mourn his death because we will miss his pr...Memorial essay; Memorial Service2002
216 DeTar, CarletonLight hadrons with improved staggered quarks: approaching the continuum limitWe have extended our program of QCD simulations with an improved Kogut-Susskind quark action to a smaller lattice spacing, approximately 0.09 fm. Also, the simulations with a ≈ 0:12 fm have been extended to smaller quark masses. In this paper we describe the new simulations and computations of the...Staggered quarks; Hadronic decay2004-11
217 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshSome unusual micropipeline circuitsWe present a few unusual Micropipelines (Sutherland, CACM, September 1989) that employ the Muller C-ELEMENT or an extension of the C-ELEMENT called LOCKC (Liebchen and Gopalakrishnan, ICCD, 1992). We first describe two variations of the two-dimensional Micropipeline structure realized using ordinary...Micropipeline circuits; Micropipelines1993
218 Olivera, Baldomero M.Conus peptides: phylogenetic range of biological activityThe major function of the venoms of the predatory marine snails belonging to the genus Conus is to paralyze prey. Thus, the venom of each Conus species acts on receptors and ion channels of the prey; previous studies suggested much less activity on homologous receptor targets in more distant taxa....Conus peptides; Conopeptides; Conotoxins1992
219 Francis, LesliePoverty, age discrimination, and health careIn Euripides' play Alcestis, Alcestis' middle-aged husband, Admetus, is told by the gods that it is his turn to die next. Admetus bargains a reprieve, promising in exchange to find another soul to take his place. His friends all turn him down. So do his father and mother. Admetus rebukes his father...Alcesti, Section, Objective1985
220 Williams, Clayton C.; Huang, YufengQuantitative two-dimensional dopant profile measurement and inverse modeling by scanning capacitance microscopyQuantitative dopant profile measurements are performed on a nanometer scale by scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM). An atomic force microscope is used to position a nanometer scale tip at a semiconductor surface, and local capacitance change is measured as a function of sample bias. A new feedback...Dopant profile; Capacitance change; Scanning capacitance microscopy; Feedback control1995
221 Battin, Margaret P.Seven (more) caveats concerning the discussion of euthanasia in the NetherlandsDiscussion in the U.S. about euthanasia in the Netherlands is characterized by profound disagreement, both about what the practice actually is and what risks it involves. Some time ago, I put together a little list1 of seven warnings for bioethicists embroiled in this discussion-things one ought to...1993
222 Armentrout, Peter B.Methane activation by nickel cluster cations, Nin+ (n=2-16): reaction mechanisms and thermochemistry of cluster-CHx (x=0-3) complexesThe kinetic energy dependences of the reactions of Nin+ (n=2-16) with CD4 are studied in a guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometer over the energy range of 0-10 eV. The main products are hydride formation NinD1, dehydrogenation to form NinCD2 1 , and double dehydrogenation yielding NinC1.Nickel ions; Metal clusters; Deuterated methane; Collision-induced dissociation; Endothermic reactions; Bond energies; Dehydrogenation2004
223 Miller, Joel Steven; Epstein, Arthur J.Ferromagnetism in molecular materials: decamethylferrocenium tetracyanoethanide [DMeFc][TCNE] (invited)Ferromagnetism has only recently been observed in molecular materials. We present here a summary of the ferromagnetic phenomena observed in the molecular charge transfer salt, decamethylferrocenium tetracyanoethanide (DMeFc) (TCNE), and related compounds. A spontaneous magnetization is observed i...Magnetic; Magnetization1988
224 Gelfand, Donna M.Mother-toddler interaction patterns associated with maternal depression.Interactive coordination was observed in laboratory play interactions of pairs of 29 clinically depressed and 14 nondepressed mothers and their 13-29-month-old children (M = 18.9 months). Nondepressed mothers and their children displayed more interactive coordination than depressed-mother dyads (p <...Depression; Child-rearing; Infants; Motherhood1997-09
225 McDaniel, SusanWhy generation(s) matter(s) to policyGeneration is a packed social concept, with immense explanatory capacity and policy utility, yet it is a concept fraught with misunderstanding in both the social sciences and in popular usage. It is no less fraught in policy. This short overview paper has three objectives: • 1) to explore gener...Social policy; Aging; Generation2007-11-13
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