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201 Noise-power studies of the nearly commensurate quasi-one-dimensional conductor (N-methylphenazinium)x(phenazine)1-x(7,7,8,8-tetracyano-p-quinodimethane) [(NMP)x(Phen)1-x(TCNQ)We report the noise power of (NMP)x(Phen)1-x(TCNQ) as a function of temperature (100 <_ T <_ 300 K), frequency (1<_f<_10(4) Hz), electric field (0 <_E<_300 V/cm), and conduction-electron density (0.49<_x<_0.59). The results for the commensurate, doped commensurate, and incommensurate regimes are sim...Fluctuations; Solitons1985
202 Capillary network model for filter cake based on pore structure analysisDewatering of fine coal by continuous filtration involves filter cake formation and removal of surface moisture by drawing air through the capillaries of the cake. In order to gain a better (understanding of the complex transport phenomena that occur in the filter cake, analysis of the effect of t...Pore geometry; Transport properties; Microtomography1996
203 Detection of soliton shape modes in polyacetyleneWe observed soliton shape modes by photoinduced absorption in partially isomerized (CH)x and (CD)x, coexisting with the soliton translational modes. The shape modes' ir activity, their dependence on the degree of isomerization, and the photoinduced spectra are explained in detail by a symmetry-break...Soliton shape modes; Polyacetylene; Photoinduced absorption1986-12
204 Stored state asynchronous sequential circuitsA method is described for realizing asynchronous sequential circuits in a manner analogous to the stored state method for synchronous sequential circuits. the method simplifies the process of constructing asynchronous sequential circuits, allows utilization of existing MSI parts, and avoids the nece...1980
205 Fast numerical modeling of multitransmitter electromagnetic data using multigrid quasi-linear approximationMultitransmitter electromagnetic (EM) surveys are widely used in remote-sensing and geophysical exploration. The interpretation of the multitransmitter geophysical data requires numerous three-dimensional (3-D) modelings of the responses of the receivers for different geoelectrical models of comple...Multitransmitter electromagnetic data; Numerical modeling; Multigrid quasi-linear approximation; Quasilinear approximation; geophysical exploration; 3-D modeling2006-06
206 Purification and characterization of mouse hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase.Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPR transferase) (EC has been purified approximately 4500-fold to apparent homogeneity from mouse liver. The procedure involves the use of affinity chromatography and was designed to be readily adaptable to small scale isolations. The enzyme ...Buffers; Centrifugation, Density Gradient; Chromatography, Affinity; Chromatography, Gel; Chromatography, Ion Exchange; Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel1975-01-31
207 Static and dynamic structure in design patternsDesign patterns are a valuable mechanism for emphasizing structure, capturing design expertise, and facilitating restructuring of software systems. Patterns are typically applied in the context of an object-oriented language and are implemented so that the pattern participants correspond to obje...Design patterns; Static structure; Dynamic structure2001-11-01
208 MotA protein of E. coli is a proton-conducting component of the flagellar motorA number of mutants of motA, a gene necessary for flagellar rotation in E. coli, were isolated and characterized. Many mutations were dominant, owing to competition between functional and nonfunctional MotA for a limited number of sites on the flagellar motor. A new class of mutant was discovered...MotA protein; MotA gene; Flagellar motor; Proton-conducting1990
209 Explanation in classical population geneticsThe recent literature in Philosophy; of biology has drawn attention to the different sorts of explanations proffered in the biological sciences--we have molecular, biomedical, and evolutionary explanations. Do these explanations all have a common structure or relation that they seek to capture? This...Biology, Philosophy;; Explanation; Genetics; Life sciences; Population genetics; Science2005-12
210 Adaptive filters requiring zero multiplicationsThis paper introduces an adaptive filter structure that requires zero multiplications for its implementations. The primary input signals are quantized using DPCM and the DPCM outputs are processed by the adaptive filter. The sign algorithm. We show that if the parameters are chosen properly, hardwar...1987
211 Philosophical genesis of ideal typesThe conception of ideal types as a method of the synthesis of sociohistorical phenomena was introduced by the German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey (1883-1911). However, this fact has been largely ignored in the literature. That he was the originator of this notion is, I suppose, of only historical in...Philosophy;; Social Sciences1980
212 Picosecond photomodulation study of nanocrystalline hydrogenated siliconWe have extended our photomodulation studies of nc-Si:H to the picosecond time domain. We measured the decays of photoinduced reflectivity with lOOfs temporal resolution as a function of. light intensity. Comparison with the data obtained on a-Si:H and c-Si indicates that ultrafast trapping and reco...Picosecond photomodulation; Nanocrystalline silicon1990
213 High sensitivity nuclear quadrupole resonance approach for detection of modulation wave motion in incommensurate systemsIn contrast to conventional NMR techniques that use magnetic field gradients (MFCs) to detect the diffusion of moving atoms, we have developed a highly sensitive approach for detecting electric field gradient (EFG) fluctuations seen by stationary atoms. These EFG fluctuations were observed in the ...NMR; MFG; Magnetic field gradients; Diffusion constants; Atoms; Nuclei1995
214 Constraint objects - integrating constraint definition and interactionThis paper describes the implementation of a new constraint-based technique for direct manipulation in interactive CAD, which will simplify the design process, especially in the early stages. We introduce so called Constraint Objects and Parameter Objects which constitute an object-oriented view on ...Constraint objects; Parameter objects1992
215 Mathematical description of causative factors and prevention of elevated intraocular pressure after keratoplastyIn keratoplasty with grafts the same size as the recipient bed, tight sutures and thick recipient corneal periphery distort the angle and may collapse the filtering meshwork. This can cause very high postoperative pressures, which can be avoided by the use of donor grafts larger than the recipient b...Keratoplasty; Trabecular Collapse; Angle Disrottion; Elevated Pressure; Aphakia; Mathematics1977-12
216 Polypetide chain termination. Purification of the release factors, R1 and R2, from Escherichia coli.We have extensively purified the release factors RI and Rz from Escherichia coli. These proteins can each mediate polypeptide chain termination. The physiological substrate for this reaction is a completed polypeptide chain in a peptidyl- transfer RNA-messenger RNA-ribosome complex. The reaction con...Acrylates; Detergents1971-02-25
217 Computing offsets and tool paths with Voronoi diagramsIn this paper we describe the use of Voronoi diagrams to generate offsets for planar regions bounded by circular arcs and line segments, and then use the generated offsets as tool paths for NC machining. Two methods are presented, each producing a different type of offset. One of them generates the ...Voronoi diagrams1989
218 Regeneration and the need for simpler model organismsThe problem of regeneration is fundamentally a problem of tissue homeostasis involving the replacement of cells lost to normal 18 wear and tear 19 (cell turnover), and/or injury. This attribute is of particular significance to organisms possessing relatively long lifespans, as maintenance of all bod...Molecular Pathways2004-05-29
219 Cysteine-rich protein family of highly related LIM domain proteinsHere we describe a family of closely related LIM domain proteins in avian cells. The LIM motif defines a zinc-binding domain that is found in a variety of transcriptional regulators, proto-oncogene products, and proteins associated with sites of cell-substratum contact. One type of LIM-domain protei...LIM domains; Chicken embryo fibroblasts; Quail embryo fibroblasts; Cell growth; Cell development; Cysteine-rich proteins1995
220 Controls of tufa development in Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, UtahProminent tufa localities along the Provo level (∼14,000 14C yr B.P.) shoreline in Pleistocene Lake Bonneville have been characterized in detail. Three types of tufa are recognized: capping tufa, beachrock, and capping tufa over beachrock. Capping tufa and beachrock are end members of a continuum ...Tufa; Pleistocene; Pluvial lakes2006
221 Solanaceae: the potato familyShrubs, herbs, woody vines, occasionally trees, glabrous or pubescent with simple, glandular, branched, or star-shaped hairs, sometimes with prickles. Lvs alternate or paired but not truly opposite, simple or lobed to pinnately compound; stipules absent. Infl composed of variously modified terminal...Browallia; Brugmansia; Brunfelsia; Capsicum; Cestrum; Petunia; Physalis; Solandra; Solanum; Streptosolen2005
222 Church in politics?I BELIEVE that the Church has a right and in fact an obligation to speak out on issues which affect either the spiritual or the moral well-being of our Heavenly Father's children. As a constitutional lawyer, I do not believe that the religion clauses of the First Amendment were intended to elimin...First Amendment1981
223 Spectroscopy and electronic structure of jet-cooled Al?Resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy has been used to study the jet-cooled Al? molecule. The ground state has been conclusively demonstrated to be of 3IIu symmetry, deriving from the ???rr?u electronic configuration. High resolution studies have established the bond length of the X?IIu state ...1990
224 Fast semi-supervised image segmentation by novelty selectionThe goal of semi-supervised image segmentation is to obtain the segmentation from a partially labeled image. By utilizing the image manifold structure in labeled and unlabeled pixels, semi-supervised methods propagate the user labeling to the unlabeled data, thus minimizing the need for user labelin...2010
225 Edge enhanced spatio-temporal constrained reconstruction of undersampled dynamic contrast enhanced radial MRIThere are many applications in MRI where it is desirable to have high spatial and high temporal resolution. This can be achieved by undersampling of k-space and requires special techniques for reconstruction. Even if undersampling artifacts are removed, sharpness of the edges can be a problem. We pr...2010
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