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201 Victorine, PaigeExamining the DBT ways of coping checklist and therapist expectancies as predictors of success in DBT gift group participantsResearchers have long focused on which variables play a role in managing the stress-illness relationship, and more specifically, emotion dysregulation (Linehan, 1993; McCrae, 1984). The current study examined psychologically dysregulated individuals (n=22), who had been recommended by their primary...Dialectical behavior therapy2016-04
202 Flach, BrianExamining the effects of whisker trimming on mouse brain cell growthHoxb8 microglia are a particular breed of scavenger cells in the brain which have been related to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)-like behavior among other behavioral disorders. These cells have been found to reach full maturity during a period of neurological development known as the critical ...Obsessive-compulsive disorder - Research; Microglia - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Whiskers; Scavenger cells; Hoxb8 microglia2016-04
203 Fine, KeliExecutive functioning and grade point average in college studentsResearch has demonstrated a positive correlation between Executive Functioning (EF) and Grade Point Average (GPA; Duckworth, Tsukayama, & May, 2010; Latzman, Elkovitch, Young, & Clark, 2010; Knouse, Feldman, & Blevins, 2014). However, previous studies have failed to give a comprehensive view of all ...Executive functions (Neuropsychology); Academic achievement2014-12
204 Waller, Rosalie G.Exome sequence comparison of seventy-seven multiple myeloma cases identifies potential risk allelesMultiple Myeloma (MM) is a heritable cancer of plasma cells with poor prognosis. Although a few genomic risk-loci have been identified for MM, no risk variants have been published that explain MM heritability. We hypothesize MM heritability is due to rare germ-line variants that can be discovered th...Multiple myeloma -- Genetic aspects; Exomes; Exome sequence; Risk alleles2015-05
205 Miller, CurtisExplaining Utah's gender gap in wagesWomen earn less than men, and the disparity between men's and women's wages in Utah is larger than the same disparity at the national or regional levels. Little is known as to why Utah has a larger wage gap than the nation or its neighbors. In this paper, we use Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition to decom...Women -- Employment -- Utah; Wage differentials -- Utah; Gender gap2015-08
206 Cox, MitchellExploring exercise adherence: the impact of exercise intensity and variability on affect during exercisePhysical exercise increases affect, and increased affect is associated with greater adherence to exercise. Group exercise is a popular form of exercise, yet little is known regarding the impact of exercise intensity and variability on during-exercise affect. Furthermore, little is known regarding th...Psychology2014-04
207 Garcia, Anthony D.Exploring galactic chemical abundance of phosphorus in the ultra-violet with HSTUltra violet observed spectral data taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) are made available to the public. These data sets have been extracted into one-dimensional and flux-calibrated spectral data, and are ready for analysis. We have normalized the extracted spectra with a Planck black body cu...Milky Way - Phosphorus content2014-05
208 Hansen, Luke FreedomExploring the Effects of Virtual Reality on Empathy and Charitable FundraisingThe focus of this Honors thesis is to explore the effects of Virtual Reality ("VR") on empathy. More specifically, the purpose is to compare and contrast the ability of VR to evoke empathy against that of traditional two-dimensional media ("2D"). To accomplish this I (alongside a group of my peers) ...2018
209 Davis, Kacey A.Expression and Purification of Augertoxins: Searching for Novel Protein Folds in Venomous Marine SnailsThis study describes a method for bacterial expression and purification of previously uncharacterized proteins. The proteins chosen for this study come from auger snail toxins, which have evolved to help the snail hunt and kill their prey. Evolutionary pressure between predator and prey selects for ...2018
210 Howard, ConnorFASB proposed revenue recognition and the impact upon United States corporate financial statementsThe objective of this paper is to better understand how proposed revenue recognition principles by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) will impact financial reporting in the United States. This thesis focuses on current revenue reco...Financial Accounting Standards Board Financial statements -- United States Corporations -- United States Corporations -- Finance2015-05
211 Chure, Griffin DanielFLHE influences cellular morphology through control of flagellar assembly in escherichia coliThe bacterial flagellar motor is a complex nanomachine composed of thousands of individual protein subunits. One of these proteins, FlhE, has not been studied in depth and its function is not completely understood. The flhE gene is cotranscribed with flhB and flhA in the flhBAE flagellar operon. In ...Escherichia coli; Flagella (Microbiology)2013-05
212 Coplan, Caitlin DeniseFabrication and Application of Aluminum NanostructuresPlasmonics, the phenomenon resulting from light interactions with nanoscale structures, is an active field for nanoscale manipulation of light. By varying the metal, size, and shape, plasmonic nanostructures can be tuned to interact with a broad spectral range of light. Commonly used plasmonic mater...2019
213 Welsh, Timothy BrittonFamily curds and ways: Divergent representations of U.S. families through cheese makingIn this essay, I examine how contemporary cultural politics around family and gender are reflected in representations of food, specifically in two different styles of cheese: industrially produced and handcrafted, artisanal cheeses. The growing rift between handcrafted, artisan cheese and industrial...Cheesemaking - Social aspects2015-04
214 Jensen, MeganFaustus, Marlowe, and Bosch: Intersections of medieval fantasy imageryThis thesis is a theoretical costume design project for Christopher Marlowe's play The Tragical History o f the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus that uses The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych painting famous for its outlandish imagery by the Dutch Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, as its s...Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593. Doctor Faustus; Bosch, Hieronymus, -1516. Garden of delights; Costume design2015-04
215 Kelly, DianaFederal Education Reform and Music Education: a Review of the Literature and Implications for the FutureThe purpose of the literature review is to examine the relationship between federal education reform and the subsequent response from music educators in order to prepare for future reform. For studies to be included in this paper, they had to be directly related to the topic, peer reviewed, publishe...2018
216 Blanton, NatalieFemale inmate sexual health literacy and disparities in the Salt Lake County jailThe rates of women interacting with the criminal justice system are increasing steadily­ yet little is known about the experiences of these women within the system as well as the latent effects that follow them throughout their lives. With a sociological perspective, one comes to understand the imm...Incarcerated women; Sexual health; Reproductive health; Contraception; Women's experiences; Health literacy2014-05
217 Kim, JeanFemale labor participation in South Korea: implications of policy and cultureSouth Korea, although being a highly developed nation, surprisingly exhibits a lower female labor participation rate when compared to other countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), such as the United States. The percent of Korean women in the workfor...Policy - South Korea; Culture - South Korea; Female labor - South Korea2015-04
218 Neff, DylanFetal Programming of the Infant Sympathetic Nervous SystemMaternal mood during the prenatal period may affect a broad range of infant outcomes. This study examined the impact of mothers' trait anxiety and emotion dysregulation on their 7-month old infants' sympathetic nervous system as measured by electrodermal activity (EDA) during the still-face paradigm...2020
219 Cook, ElizabethFidelity to the sheltered instruction observation protocol (SIOP): Is it possible?There are many English Language Learners (ELLs) present in today's school system. Many of them are actually native U. S. Citizens. However there is a large gap between the learning of ELLs and their native English speaking peers. There are many programs the at have been suggested and used to make th...Observation (Educational method); Teachers - Training of; English language - Study and teaching - Foreign speakers2016-04
220 Longino, ErikaField guide for the inquisitive urban ecologistThis thesis consists of an independent mixed-media publication, or zine, which explores five specific case studies that demonstrate urban ecology. These projects exemplify urban ecological thinking and can be used as a field guide to understanding the urban landscape in Salt Lake City, Utah. These ...Urban ecology (Sociology); City planning - Environmental aspects2014-12
221 Ranzenberger, Elise KittermanFiguratively foreignGermany is a country with profound historical significance and a unique fusion and coexistence of international cultures. There are infinitely diverse perspectives and 5 experiences to be found from the people who live there, each with their own story and significance, composing modern German identi...Art, German - 21st century2013-07
222 Kirby, KaltinFinding a characterMy thesis revolves around the idea of creating a character. There have been countless theatre practitioners and theorists Stanislvasky to Meisner who have tried to develop the "best way" to create a character. This project centers around my personal process to create a character based on my traini...Acting2014-05
223 Parnell, Alycia M.Finding home: discovering place in a changing worldIn spring of 2010, I took a class called Global Environmental Issues from a professor in the biology department named Fred Montague, who had achieved a somewhat legendary status as a lecturer. He taught us science, the grim outlook of the environment, and the convoluted policies working against chan...2012-08
224 Barnes, RachelFirst ladies: It's not about aptitude; it's the way you're viewedWhile Presidential popularity is frequently researched and discussed, the same attention has not been paid to the study of the First Ladies and their popularity. With the constantly changing role of femininity in American society, the First Lady has become an increasingly important and visible figur...Presidents' spouses - United States - Public opinion; Public opinion - United States - History2013-05
225 Carrasco, AmandaFirst- Generation Students in College: a Critical Discourse Analysis on the University of Utah's Trio Program Using the Community Cultural Wealth ModelThis research was completed to examine the discourse of success and retention in two TRIO programs at the University of Utah. The purpose of this study concentrated on how Student Support Services (SSS) and Upward Bound support their first- generation students through the rhetoric in their outreach ...2020
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