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201 Meadows, NatalieCommunication is key: A critical analysis of Spanish language policies and ideologies in healthcare settings in the United StatesEffective communication is a vital component in providing quality healthcare. Communication between patients and their healthcare providers has been shown to have substantial effects on health outcomes. According to the 2012 U.S Census 5% of the U.S population who identifies as Hispanic or Latino re...Language policy - United States; Hispanic Americans - Medical care2014-08
202 Edson, ShaunaWriting center programming inside outWriting Center programs serving refugee, sexual minority and other underserved populations are expanding but there is little evidence to support their effectiveness. The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of writing center programs and determine the populations utilizing writin...Writing centers - United States - Research - Methodology2014-08
203 Saperstein, ElizabethPunctuated equilibrium and the Patriot Act 2001An all-encompassing theory to describe the policy-making process in modern political systems has yet to be determined. Therefore, no theory currently exists that uncontestably predicts future policy outcomes. In an attempt to describe the policy process and account for the process as one that fluctu...Patriot Act (U.S.); Punctuated equilibrium (Evolution)2014-08
204 Reiser, AlexanderProviding healthcare for the uninsured: How the media frames conflicting ideologies in achieving the same goalCurrent coverage of the Affordable Care Act (AC A) is just one opportunity to analyze the use of media in framing health care policy. An examination of the history of media and their influence surrounding the implementation of the AC A in 2013 and a veto for additional funding of the State Children'...Medical policy - United States; Medically uninsured persons - United States; Healthcare in mass media2014-08
205 Yoo, ChaekyungPurification and physical characterization of intrinsically disordered lea protein from arabidopsis thalianaFor many decades, it was assumed that protein function was dependent on the ability of polypeptides to fold into stable three-dimensional structures specified by their amino acid sequences. But since about 2000, it has become apparent that there are functional proteins, or portions of proteins, that...Intrinsically disordered proteins2014-08
206 Schmid, CheyenneJoint position sense in knee osteoarthritic patientsOsteoarthritis (OA) is a slow progressing degenerative joint disease affecting approximately 10% of the United States population. The incidence of OA increases with age due to the continual loading of the knee joint throughout life and is one of the main causes of chronic pain and disability in the ...Knee -- Diseases -- Exercise therapy; Osteoarthritis; Joint position sense2014-08
207 Parkinson, Angela LeiProving woman: From Heloise to Heloisian an examination of the authenticity debate surrounding the letters of Heloise of the ParacleteThis thesis examines and resists the tendency for a total subsumption of the identity of Heloise of the Paraclete, the 12th century abbess perhaps best known today for her tempestuous affair with Peter Abelard, within and under his identity. The authenticity debate surrounding the three letters addr...Héloïse, approximately 1095-1163 or 1164 -- Criticism and interpretation2014-11
208 Taggart, Maxwell M.A novel MRI-based screening method for assessing atrio-esophageal fistula risk following cardia ablationAtrio-esophageal fistulas affect 1 in 2000 patients who undergo cardiac ablation procedures with a mortality rate of 93%. Methods for detecting atrio-esophageal fistula formation that are objective and non-invasive could reduce the mortality associated with this disease. This study was performed ret...Magnetic resonance imaging; Cardia ablation; Trio-esophageal fistual2014-12
209 Wang, WenyiImaging in a homogeneous aluminum plate by using ultrasonic wavesThis project is about detecting and imaging damage (such as cracks) in a plate by using ultrasonic waves. The waves are generated by a source (an ultrasonic transducer) that is part of a robot that can move on the plate. The waves traveling in the plate are recorded at a receiver (another ultrasonic...Ultrasonic transducer - Mathematics; Kirchoff migration - Research2014-12
210 Balagopal, NamishaConsumer purchasing & behavior: A consideration of the combined influence of culture & conformity on consumer decisionsFormerly, management has been able to understand their consumers simply through the experience of selling and purchasing. However, current growth trends of various industries, firms, and world markets have removed decisions makers from having direct contact with consumers. Firms now highly depend on...Consumer behavior2014-12
211 Moore, KurtDisproportionate associations between the financial crisis and firm valuationIn this thesis I assess the role of stock market valuation of publicly listed US firms through the financial and economic crisis of 2007-2011. To do so, for each firm in a large sample I apply the Rhodes-Kropf, Robinson, and Viswanathan(2005) approach to decompose the ratio of the market value of th...Corporations -- United States -- Valuation; Global Financial Crisis, 2008-20092014-12
212 Tang, NicolasEl Argenchino: A personal memoirThis personal memoir follows the life of Nicolas Tang, a 25 year old student at the University of Utah. Though still very young, Nicolas has already traveled much of the world and speaks fluently in three languages. He was born in Argentina, raised in Bolivia, and is of Chinese heritage. Recently, h...Tang, Nicolas Immigrants -- United States -- Biography Chinese Americans -- Biography South Americans -- United States2014-12
213 Endow, Danielle MiyakoModern representation of female protagonists in media: An exploration of identityComing from the perspective of a woman living in Utah, I have explored what it means to be an ambitious, yet lost individual in today's media. Over the course of one year I wrote a full-length screenplay that follows the journey of a woman who loses her sense of self and must find her way back by te...Screenplay writing2014-12
214 Spendlove, NatalieMitochondrial genetic variation among howler monkeysBy studying genetic variation of some of primates, researchers can more closely study the effects of deforestation and fragmentation. For this study, mantled howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata) are the primates of choice. The samples used in this study were collected by researchers doing fieldwork in...Anthropology; Howler monkeys; Genetics2014-12
215 Olschewski, ErinC is for carrots, community gardens, and co-ops: A thematic analysis of the ways in which Sesame Street tackles nutrition, sustainability, and social justiceIn the realm of entertainment education and media studies, there is a sizable amount of research linking children's nutrition and early educational television shows. However, there is a paucity of work that attempts to connect nutrition with sustainability and/or social justice in the context of chi...Children's television programs -- Social aspects; Nutrition in mass media; Sesame Street (Television program); Social justice in mass media; Sustainability in mass media2014-12
216 Vlasic, KajsaStorytelling and the patient experience: Narratives of breast cancer survivorsThrough my young life, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded and supported by a loving and extended family of mothers. Although I will only have one biological mom, I have collected other women as role models and confidantes who have guided and spoken words of encouragement through my most i...Breast cancer patients' writings2014-12
217 Schwendiman, Lindsai GrenSurrogacy and sisterhood: How female alliances challenge patriarchal society in ShakespeareIn Shakespeare's plays, women sometimes form alliances to protect each other from the oppressive patriarchal expectations of their time. These relationships often manifest as surrogate mother-daughter relationships, or a more sisterly connection. In Hamlet, Queen Gertrude adopts Ophelia as a surroga...Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Characters -- Women; Women in literature; Patriarchy in literature2014-12
218 Freckleton, K. BeauSarrus-based passive mechanism for rotorcraft perchings: Structural design and mass optimizationCurrent quad-rotors provide excellent maneuverability and opportunity for data collection in large scale areas such as agriculture, but lack the capability to maintain flight for an extended period of time. This is primarily due to a lack of energy supply, requiring operators to replace the battery ...Drone aircraft; Drone aircraft -- Control systems; Sarrus2014-12
219 Veenema, ArthurThe original: A process of producing a short filmThe thematic goal of my short film The Original was to explore the blurred nature between reality and artificiality that arises from emerging technology. The Original questions an individual's place amongst the simulated realities that have come to compose our world. The concepts behind my script we...Motion pictures -- Production and direction2014-12
220 Streng, Tara KaySexual assault within the American university system: A review of policies, student perspectives, and recommendationsPart I - University Sexual Assault Policy Analysis and Recommendations Objective: Sexual violence within the collegiate environment is a pressing issue within American society. One way to address sexual violence is through the adaptation and implementation of a sexual assault policy by colleges and ...Sex crimes - United States; College students - Crimes against - United States2014-12
221 Markham, AiryanaDressing the part: Early Christian identity North Africa, 100-200 CEThe study of early Christian identity in the second-third centuries is problematic. This is because there is a paucity of material evidence and assigning a religious affiliation to that evidence is highly contested. For this reason, early Christian identity is often viewed by scholars in a distinct,...Clothing and dress -- Religious aspects -- Christianity; Identification (Religion); Christian life -- History -- Early church, ca. 30-600; Church history -- Primitive and early church, ca. 30-6002014-12
222 Gunter, Tobee PaigeComparison of patient and provider assessments of response to therapy for psoriatic arthritisPeople with psoriatic arthritis routinely rate their disease severity less favorably than their providers (Krueger, 2001) (Baughman, 2011). Little is known about how patients and providers perceive response to therapy. Discrepancies in perceptions of therapy response may indicate that providers are ...Psoriatic arthritis; Psoriatic arthritis -- Patients -- Attitudes2014-12
223 Anjewierden, ScottAutomated kinematic analysis of pre-pluse inhibition in larval zebrafishAnimals differentially ignore or attend to sensory information depending on their immediate environment. A significant example of this phenomenon is audiomotorpre-pulse inhibition (PPI), in which the startle response to a loud noise is suppressed by a preceding stimulus of lower intensity. This a...Zebra danio - Development; Kinematics - Research; Kinematic parameters; Swim kinematics; Pre-pulse inhibition2014-12
224 Atalaya, CandelariaTime and light souvenirsI was a young photography student in my home country of Peru when I built my first Pinhole camera as one of the many school assignments, and long before I came to United States. For my very first picture, I placed the Pinhole camera on the school patio the elements of the composition for the project...Photography, Pinhole; Photography, Artistic2014-12
225 Bertelsen, BrandonWord of the wildMany people value and experience what the natural world has to offer and many people do not. The opportunities that exist outdoors include recreation, education, development, and therapy. Everything I do, school, work, volunteer, and play, is to better provide outdoor experiences for people of all...Outdoor life - Psychological aspects2014-12
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