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201 Automated screening of metabolic disorders using pattern recognition of GC-MS full scan spectra from urine organic acids2002-08Textir_etd
202 Automated Transformation of Probabilistic Knowledge for a Medical Diagnostic System1994Textir_uspace
203 Automated Transformation of Probablistic Knowledge for a Medical Diagnostic System1994Textir_uspace
204 Automatic data acquistion from blood gas analyzers1991-12Textir_etd
205 Automatic Domain Adaptation of Word Sense Disambigation Based on Sublanguage Semantic Schemata Applied to Clinical Narrative2012-05Textir_etd
206 Automation of performance measures2003-05Textir_etd
207 Automation of urinalysis.1970-06Textir_etd
208 Automatisierung der Herzkathetertechnik1970Textir_uspace
209 Autoregulation of phage P22 scaffolding protein synthesis1984-12Textir_etd
210 Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia with retinal degeneration: clinical, neuropathologic, and genetic analysis of a large kindred.1994-08Textir_uspace
211 Autosomal dominant cone dystrophy caused by a novel mutation in the GCAP1 gene (GUCA1A)2005Textir_uspace
212 Aversion and Reward: Two Opposing Drives Mediating Alcohol-Seeking Behavior2015-08Textir_etd
213 Axon Degeneration in C. Elegans2014-08Textir_etd
214 Axon Guidance and Sorting in the Zebrafish Retinotectal System2010-08Textir_etd
215 The axon guidance molecule netrin is required in the quidance of dendrites and vascular endothelial gells.2007-08Textir_etd
216 Background and bleaching adaptation in luminosity type horizontal cells in the isolated turtle retina1990Textir_uspace
217 Bacteriologic aspects of chronic pulmonary emphysema1962-08Textir_etd
218 BALB C Mice: A Novel Model for Borrelia Burgdorferi-Induced Lyme Arthritis2017-08Textir_etd
219 Basic studies on a new sugar-tolerant yeast.1965-06Textir_etd
220 Benefits and Barriers of Interprofessional Education Beyond the Classroom2020Textir_uspace
221 Benzoporphyrin derivative and light-emitting diode for use in photodynamic therapy: applications of space light-emitting diode technology1998Textir_uspace
222 Bereavement stress and coping among older adults: expectations versus the actual experience1992Textir_uspace
223 Beyond relevance--characteristics of key papers for clinicians: an exploratory study in an academic setting1996-01-01Textir_uspace
224 Bilateral retinal and brain tumors in transgenic mice expressing simian virus 40 large T antigen under control of the human interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein promoter1992Textir_uspace
225 Binding, uptake, and release of L-glutamate and related compounds in the brain : comparisons between DBA and C57 mice.1997-12Textir_etd
201 - 225 of 2,424