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201 Confidentiality and the lawyer-client relationshipThe Model Rules of Professional Conduct proposed by the American Bar Association differ from the presently enforced Code of Professional Responsibility in a number of ways. This essay focuses on the differences with regard to the scope and limits of confidentiality in the lawyer-client relationship.Professional Conduct; Confidentiality; Professional Responsibility2006-06-16
202 Eminent domain compensation in the Western states: a critique of the fair market value modelBoth the United States Constitution and the constitutions of the states of the intermountain west and the Pacific Coast prohibit the state from taking property without paying just compensation. Thus, there are two basic issues in any eminent domain case. First, has governmental interference with pro...Eminent domain; Compensation; Governmental interference; Fair Market Value2006-06-16
203 Penn Central Transportation Company v. New York City: easy taking-clause cases make uncertain Law.In Penn Central Transportation Company v. New York City, the Supreme Court held that New York City's Landmarks Preservation Law as applied to Grand Central Terminal was not a "taking" of property for which compensation is constitutionally required. The decision has been hailed as a major victory for...Law; Compensation; Property Rights; Landmarks Preservation Law; Supreme Court Rulings2006-06-16
204 La generación X en España: "Historias del Kronen" y "Noches de San JuanEl filósofo de la posmodernidad Gianni Vattimo propone que en la sociedad de los medios de comunicación se abre camino un ideal de emancipación que tiene en su base la pluralidad y la erosión del antiguo "principio de la realidad". Desaparecida la idea de una racionalidad central de la historia,...Young adults, Spain; Generation X, Spain; Culture, Spain; Literature, Spain; Postmodernity2006-07-19
205 La "otredad" en el cine español contempóraneo: "Hable con ella y Flores de otro mundoEn 1990 el filósofo de la posmodernidad Gianni Vattimo propone que en la sociedad de los medios de comunicación se abre camino un ideal de emancipación que tiene en su base la pluralidad y la erosión del antiguo "principio de la realidad" (15). Desaparecida la idea de una racionalidad central de...Films, Spain; Postmodernity, Spain; Cinema, Spain2006-07-19
206 Lenguaje y Cultura de la Generación X en España: Historias del Kronen de Jose Angel ManasSka-P, una banda madrileña, ofrece una perspectiva típica sobre las realidades sociales actuales en España en uno de sus versos: "vigilan desde arriba este sistema delincuente". Señala el desencanto ante los escándalos de corrupción y otras lacras sociales que agobian al país al evaporarse el...Young adults, Spain; Generation X, Spain; Culture, Spain; Literature, Spain2006-07-19
207 Jonathan Lear, Love and it's place in nature and Open minded: working out the logic of the soulIt's not hard to imagine why Love and Its Place in Nature (now in a second edition, with a new preface by the author) has, in the decade or so it has been in print, received less attention from the philosophical community than it deserves. Its subtitle announces it as a "A Philosophical Interpretati...Philosophy; Book Review2006-09-19
208 Do children think of the self as the soul?Bering's work provides new insight into the child's concept of the self. For his results indicate that children don't regard bodily identity as required for identity of self across time. Bering's methodology for investigating afterlife beliefs might also be exploited to explore the extent to which c...2006-10
209 The politics of cultural programming in public spacesIn our digital media saturated lives, where we spend increasing amounts of time in "virtual worlds" such as Second Life or online on blogs and video sites, it can be easy to forget about public spaces. Unlike much content in virtual worlds, cultural programs in public spaces are events that are live...2007
210 On the track of the fugitive Gods: Heidegger, Luther, HolderlinAt each of the decisive turning points in his philosophical career, Heidegger found inspiration in Holderlin. More recently, commentators have raised questions about the role that his reading of Holderlin played in Heidegger's political actions of the 1930s. It has been suggested that Heidegger's...Philosophy;; Theology; Religion; Nationalism2007
211 Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of electronic health recordsIn 2004, President Bush announced his plan to ensure that most Americans would have electronic health records within ten years. Although substantial progress has been made toward achieving that goal, this progress has primarily reflected institutional interests and priorities by focusing on system ...2007
212 Who was Nietzsche's genealogist?Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals is deservedly part of the ethical canon, but it is also enormously and insistently absent-minded. I'm going to first present, as a textual puzzle, a handful of forgetful moments in the first two essays of the Genealogy. To address the puzzle, I will take up a familiar...2007-07
213 Legal physician-assisted dying in Oregon and the Netherlands: evidence concerning the impact on patients in "vulnerable" groupsIf physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and/or voluntary active euthanasia were legalised, would this disproportionately affect people in ‘‘vulnerable'' groups? Although principles of patient autonomy and the right to avoid suffering and pain may offer support for these practices, concerns about the...Vulnerable groups; Oregon; Netherlands2007-10-01
214 Reasons for worship: a response to Bayne and NagasawaWorship is a topic that is rarely considered by philosophers of religion. In a recent paper, Tim Bayne and Yujin Nagasawa challenge this trend by offering an analysis of worship and by considering some difficulties attendant on the claim that worship is obligatory. I argue that their case for there...Tim Bayne; Yujin Nagasawa; Obligatory worship; Divine command2007-12
215 No disability standpoint here!: law school faculties and the invisibility problemEndeavors to increase diversity in higher education invite many questions, including concerns about consistent and categorical application of the motivating values. For example, do law schools, and especially elite law schools, do enough to promote inclusiveness in the legal profession if their eff...Diversity; Higher education; Law school faculties; Invisibility problem2008
216 Terminal sedation: pulling the sheet over our eyesTerminal sedation-also called "palliative sedation," "continuous deep sedation," or "primary deep continuous sedation"-has become a new favorite in end-of-life care, a seeming compromise in the debate over physician-assisted dying. Like all compromises, it offers something to each side of a dispu...Terminal sedation; Palliative sedation2008
217 On planning: toward a natural history of goal attainmentThe goal of the essay is to articulate some beginnings for an empirical approach to the study of agency, in the firm conviction that agency is subject to scientific scrutiny, and is not to be abandoned to high-brow aprioristic Philosophy;. Drawing on insights from decision analysis, game theory, gen...2008
218 Wit of knitting: a philosophical reflection on knitting things arightSeeing a pattern in a medium of yarn emerge on a pair of needles, initially from a single row of loops, and grow to become an article of clothing, is immensely satisfying. Indeed, every moment of knitting provides immediate gratification. This is perhaps why knitting, like many other occupations of ...2008
219 Molecule-for-molecule duplicationIs a molecule-for-molecule duplicate D of some entity always a perfect duplicate of it? And in particular: is D a being with consciousness if its original is? These questions summarize a certain diagnostic tool used by metaphysicians, and prominently used in service of a form of dualism that is supp...Molecule-for-molecule duplication; MFM2008
220 C. G. Prado, choosing to die: elective death and multiculturalismThe central practical issue that this thorough, stimulating, and important book addresses is whether suicide can be rational in the context of terminal illness. Answers to this issue can be readily formulated in the familiar context of western political thought, with its liberal paradigm of autonomy...2008
221 KnittingMy grandmother had long silver hair, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. She wore the silver hair in a bun during the day and in a braid at night. I remember her sitting in the day parlor of my grandparents? southern Illinois bungalow, telling the same stories of their small town, ove...2008
222 Addiction, procrastination, and failure points in decision-making systemsRedish et al. suggest that their failures-in-decision-making framework for understanding addiction can also contribute to improving our understanding of a variety of psychiatric disorders. In the spirit of reflecting on the significance and scope of their research, I briefly develop the idea that t...Addiction; Failure in decision-making systems2008-08
223 Liberty, the higher pleasures, and Mill's missing science of ethnic jokesThe intended contribution to his moral theory of John Stuart Mill's famous distinction between higher and lower pleasures has occasioned long-standing puzzlement on the part of his more alert interpreters. I am going to explain how the distinction was meant, among other things, to allow Mill to demo...Higher pleasures; Lower pleasures; Ethnic jokes2009
224 SystemsDynamical-systems analysis is nowadays ubiquitous. From engineering (its point of origin and natural home) to physiology, and from psychology to ecology, it enjoys surprisingly wide application. Sometimes the analysis rings decisively false-as, for example, when adopted in certain treatments of hist...2009
225 Review of euthanasia and law in EuropeEuthanasia and Law in Europe is an examination of physician-assisted dying or physician performed euthanasia and the laws concerning these practices in European jurisdictions where the issue has been most visible. The Author's focus primarily on the Netherlands, where the practice has been open si...2009
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