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201 Keller, Robert M.An approach to determinacy proofsIt is known that any parallel program graph composed of continuous operators itself represents a continuous function. In other words, the network is determinate in the sense that for a given input, the output is unique, independent of the timing of the constituent operators. This result is applied t...Parallel program graph; Determinacy proofs1978
202 Henderson, Thomas C.An approach to three-dimensional scene databasesCurrent image database research is concerned for the most part with the encoding and processing of two-dimensional images. However, the most successful approach to computer vision is based on 3-dimensional information, organized as either stacks of 2-D images (e.g., the intrinsic images of Barrow an...Image databases; Three-dimensional; Scene databases1987
203 Keller, Robert M.; Lindstrom, Gary E.An architecture for a loosely-coupled parallel processorAn architecture for a large (e. g. 1000 processor) parallel computer is presented. The processors are loosely-coupled, in the sense that communication among them is fully asynchronous, and each processor is generally not unduly delayed by any immediate need for specific data values. The network supp...Loosely-coupled; Parallel processors1978
204 Myers, Chris J.An asynchronous implementations of the MAXLIST algorithmABSTRACT We present an efficient asynchronous VLSI architecture for calculating running maximum or minimum values over a sliding window. Running maximums or minimums are very useful for many signal and image processing tasks. Our architecture performs the calculation using the MAXLIST algorithm. In...1997
205 Stevens, Kenneth; Myers, Chris J.An asynchronous instruction length decoderThis paper describes an investigation of potential advantages and pitfalls of applying an asynchronous design methodology to an advanced microprocessor architecture. A prototype complex instruction set length decoding and steering unit was implemented using self-timed circuits. [The Revolving Async...2001
206 Myers, Chris J.; Stevens, KennethAn asynchronous instruction length decoderAbstract-This paper describes an investigation of potential advantages and pitfalls of applying an asynchronous design methodology to an advanced microprocessor architecture. A prototype complex instruction set length decoding and steering unit was implemented using self-timed circuits. [The Revolvi...2001
207 Bruderlin, BeatAn axiomatic approach for solving geometric problems symbolicallyThis paper describes a new approach for solving geometric constraint problems and problems in geometry theorem proving. We developed a rewrite-rule mechanism operating on geometric predicates. Termination and completeness of the problem solving algorithm can be obtained through well foundedness and ...Geometric constraint problems; Geometry theorem proving; Knuth-Bendix completion algorithm1990
208 Simpson, Jamesina J.An E-J collocated 3-D FDTD model of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized cold plasmaA new three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) numerical model is proposed herein to simulate electromagnetic wave propagation in an anisotropic magnetized cold plasma medium. Plasma effects contributed by electrons, positive, and negative ions are considered in this model. The current...2010-01-01
209 Mathews, V. JohnAn efficient algorithm for joint estimation of differential time delays and frequency offsetsABSTRACT This paper introduces an efficient algorithm that jointly estimates differential time delays and frequency offsets between two signals. The approach is a two-step procedure. First, the differential frequency offsets are estimated from measurement of the autocorrelation functions of the rec...1992
210 Mathews, V. JohnAn efficient algorithm for lattice filter/predictorABSTRACT An efficient method for updating the lattice filter/predictor coefficients using the sign algorithm is introduced. The pertinent coefficients are updated using only the signs of the estimation errors at each stage. This method requires less number of multiplications than other adaptive la...1985
211 Simpson, Jamesina J.An efficient stochastic approach to uncertainty quantification in 3-D FDTD magnetized cold plasmaAn efficient stochastic finite-difference time-domain (S-FDTD) method is developed to analyze electromagnetic field variability in three dimensional anisotropic magnetized plasma. The new S-FDTD plasma model provides a full understanding of the true physics due to the associated uncertainties and ha...2014-01-01
212 Sutherland, James Clayton; Kerstein, Alan R.; Chen, Jaqueline H.An evaluation of the one-dimensional turbulence model: comparison with direct numerical simulation of CO/H2 jets with extinction and reignitionAbstract A variant of the One-Dimensional Turbulence (ODT) model formulated in an Eulerian reference frame is applied to a planar nonpre mixed turbulent jet flame and results from the model prediction are compared with DNS data. The model employed herein solves the full set of conservation equation...2010
213 Mastrangelo, Carlos H.An exothermal energy release layer for microchip transienceA single layer nanothermite spin coated gel has been utilized as a solid-state exothermic energy release layer for triggered microchip transience. A proportional combination of self-assembled CuO/Al nanothermite and Napalm-B as gelling agent has been used to develop for the first time a spinable nan...2013-01-01
214 Willemsen, Peter; Gooch, Amy A.An experimental comparison of perceived egocentric distance in real, image-based, and traditional virtual environment using direct walking tasksIn virtual environments, perceived egocentric distances are often underestimated when compared to the same distance judgments in the real world. The research presented in this paper explores two possible causes for this reduced distance perception in virtual environments: (1) real-time computer g...Egocentric distances; Virtual environments2002-02-12
215 Newman, William M.An experimental display programming language for the PDP-10 computerAn experimental language for display programming, called DIAL, has been developed for the PDP-10 and the UNIVAC 1559 display. It is experimental in the sense that it was originally conceived as a means of testing out some ideas, and the best way to test them seemed to be to produce a language that ...Display programming; DIAL; Display Algol1970
216 Riesenfeld, Richard F.; Smith, Kent F.An experimental system for computer aided geometric designThe main goal of this proposed level-of-effort project is to extend present capabilities in the area of Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) and to develop custom VLSI support for some special geometric functions.Computer aided geometric design; CAGD; VLSI; Very large scale integration1984
217 Khoche, AjayAn extended cell set of self-timed designsThe high level synthesis approach described in [1] uses hopCP[2] language for behavioral descriptions. The behavioral specifications are then translated into Hop Flow Graphs (HFGs). The actions in the graph are then refined such that refined actions can be directly mapped onto asynchronous circuit b...Self-timed designs; hopCP; Hop Flow Graphs; Asynchronous circuit blocks; Action-blocks1993
218 Myers, Chris J.An improvement in partial order reduction using behavioral analysisEfficacy of partial order reduction in reducing state space relies on adequate extraction of the independence relation among possible behaviors. However, traditional approaches by statically analyzing system model structures are often not able to reveal enough independence for reduction. To address ...2012-01-01
219 Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Humphrey, Alan Parker; Derrick, Christopher GladeAn integration of dynamic MPI formal verification within eclipse PTPOur research goals were to verify practical MPI programs for deadlocks, resource leaks, and assertion violations at the push of a button and be able to easily visualize the results. We also sought to integrate these capabilities with the Eclipse IDE via an Eclipse plug-in for the Parallel Tools Plat...Verification; Graphical User Interfaces; Dynamic Interleaving Reduction; Message Passing; MPI; Multi-core; Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-03-15
220 Bruderlin, BeatAn interactive N-Dimensional constraint systemIn this paper, we present a graph-based approach to geometric constraint solving. Geometric primitives (points, lines, circles, planes, etc.) possess intrinsic degrees of freedom in their embedding space. Constraints reduce the degrees of freedom of a set of objects. A constraint graph is created wi...Geometric constraint solving1994
221 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshAn interface aware guided search method for error-trace justification in large protocolsMany complex concurrent protocols that cannot be formally verified due to state explosion can often be formally verified by initially creating a collection of abstractions (overapproximations), and subsequently refining the overapproximated protocol in response to spurious counterexample traces. ...Concurrent protocols; Verification; Error-trace justification2008
222 Sikorski, KrisAn interior ellipsoid algorithm for fixed pointsWe consider the problem of approximating fixed points of non-smooth contractive functions with using of the absolute error criterion. In [12] we proved that the upper bound on the number of function evaluations to compute ?-approximations is 0(n3(In 1/? + In 1/1-q +In n)) in the worst case, where ...Ellipsoid algorithm; Contractive functions; Fixed points1998
223 Davis, AlAn introduction to asynchronous circuit designThe purpose of this monograph is to provide both an introduction to field of asynchronous digital circuit design and an overview of the practical state of the art in 1997. In the early days of digital circuit design, little distinction was made between synchronous and asynchronous circuits. However,...Asynchronous circuit design1997
224 Riloff, Ellen M.An introduction to the Sundance and AutoSlog systemsThis document describes the Sundance natural language processing system that has been developed at the University of Utah, as well as the AutoSlog and AutoSlog-TS extraction pattern learners that have been implemented on top of Sundance. Sundance is a shallow parser that also includes clause hand...Sundance system; AutoSlog system; Extraction pattern learners2004-11-08
225 Regehr, JohnAn isotach implementation for myrinetAn isotach network provides strong guarantees about message delivery order. We show that an isotach network can be implemented efficiently entirely in software, using commercial o-the-shelf hardware. This report describes that effort. Parts of this implementation could be performed much more efficie...1997-01-01
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