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176 The Innervation of the Nictating Membrane in the Cat by Rosenblueth & Bard -- Illustrations and AnnotationsIn this study the nictitating membrane used as an indicator of adrenin, sympathin, and liver secretion resulting from sympathetic stimulation. Some preparations were unstable and presented spontaneous movements of the nictitating membrane, different from the frequent slight rhythmical contractions w...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
177 The Luminous Efficiency of Rays Entering the Eye Pupil at Different Points by Stiles & Crawford -- Illustrations and AnnotationsThe assumption that the apparent brightness of an object is proportional to the pupil area is shown to be invalid, and measurements are described which give the relative luminous efficiencies of rays entering the pupil at different points. From these data the total efficiencies of eye pupils at diff...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
178 The Paratrigeminal Syndrome of Raeder. Regeneration of the Third Nerve. Subdural Hematoma by Walsh -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome, regeneration of the third nerve, subdural hematoma.Card Catalog Index Cards
179 The Relations of Pupil Size to Accommodation and Convergence by Fry -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy demonstrates pupil never contracts to accommodation without convergence.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
180 The Role of the Sphenopalatine (or Meckel's) Ganglion in Nasal Headaches by Sluder -- AnnotationsStudy of the role of the sphenopalatine ganglion in nasal headaches, included in table but removed from published index.Card Catalog Index Cards
181 The Structural Changes in Miosis and Mydriasis of the Monkey Eye by Van Alphen -- AnnotationsStudy of the structural changes in miosis and mydriasis of the monkey eye.Card Catalog Index Cards
182 The Syndromes of the Third Neurone of the Cervical Sympathetic System by Shafar -- AnnotationsStudy of misdirection dyskinesia and related mechanisms, with oculo-sympathetic disorders.Card Catalog Index Cards
183 The Tissue Spaces in the Human Iris and their Communications with the Anterior Chamber by way of the Iridic Crypts by Gregersen -- AnnotationsStudy of the tissue spaces in the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
184 The Tubular Tissue Spaces Surrounding the Endothelial Channels of the Human Iridic Vessels by Gregersen -- AnnotationsStudy of the tubular tissue spaces surrounding the endothelial channels of the iridic vessels.Card Catalog Index Cards
185 The Use of Histamine in the Treatment of Specific Types of Headache by Horton -- AnnotationsStudy of histamine as headache treatment.Card Catalog Index Cards
186 The Vascular System of the Albino Rat Iris, and its Suitability for Vital Microscopy and Experimental Studies on Microcirculation by Castenholz -- AnnotationsIn vital microscopy of the iris, 2 methods are available, quartz rod trans-illumination and illumination using the principle of the ophthalmoscope, making possible visualization of vascular and other structures even at high levels of optical magnification; studies reveal a characteristic angio-archi...Card Catalog Index Cards
187 The effects of stereotaxic subthalamotomy on sympathetic tonus by Kim and Umbach -- AnnotationsPost-operative Miosis, Ptosis, Hypohidrosis; Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
188 The innervation of the pupil by Parsons -- AnnotationsPupillary dilation upon cortical stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
189 Total Vasomotoric Sympathicoschisis by Jacobsen -- AnnotationsStudy of vasodilator-type vascular headache with signs of sympathicoschisis.Card Catalog Index Cards
190 Uber drei Falle von geschlitzter Pupille by Goto & Sibata -- Illustrations and AnnotationsCase studies of pupillary reaction, Wassermann test performed.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
191 Ueber Augenbewegungen auf Sehsparenreizung by Obregia -- AnnotationsUnspecified cortical stimulation; pupil dilation from some areas on the convex brain surface (diagram).Card Catalog Index Cards
192 Ueber Pupillenverengernde und Accommodationscentra der Gehirnrinde by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsEye movements upon stimulation of cortical areas (pupils up or down).Card Catalog Index Cards
193 Ueber Verschiedene Arten von Iriskrypyten und ihr Verhaltnis zum 'Physiologischen Oedem' des Irisstromas. Ein Beitrag zur Morphologie der Irisstrukturen by Purtscher -- AnnotationsStudy of iris structure.Card Catalog Index Cards
194 Ueber das Verhalten der Pupillen nach Entfernung der Grosshirnhemisphaeren, des Kleinhirns, bei der Reizung der lateralen Partien der Medulla oblongata und des Trigeminus auf Grund experimenteller Untersuchungen bei der Katze und dem Kaninchen by Bach and Meyer -- AnnotationsLoss of reflex dilation after acute bilateral hemispherectomy.Card Catalog Index Cards
195 Ueber das verhalten der pupille nach resection des halssympathicus, resp. entfernung seines obersten ganglions by Levinsohn -- AnnotationsCortical stimulation generalized with strong and localized with weak stimuli (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
196 Ueber den Alterswandel der Menschlichen Iris by Rother -- AnnotationsStudy of the change over time of the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
197 Ueber den Oberen Kern des N. Oculomotorius by Darkschewitsch -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of upper core of the oculomotor nerve.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
198 Ueber den Ursprung der Accommodationsnerven:nebst Bemerkungen ueber die Funktion der Wurzeln des nervus oculomotorius by Hensen and Voelckers -- AnnotationsOcular effects of stimulation from knee of fornix to midbrain tegmentum.Card Catalog Index Cards
199 Ueber den einfluss des halssympathicus auf das auge by Levinsohn -- AnnotationsCortical stimulation generalized with strong and localized with weak stimuli (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
200 Ueber die Chronaxie des Lichtreflexes der Pupille by Zeldenrust -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the chronaxie of the light reflection of the pupil.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
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