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176 Valleys, estuaries, and lagoons: paleoenvironments and regressive-transgressive architecture of the upper cretaceous straight cliffs formationChentnik, Brenton MichaelFacies and stratigraphic analysis of the John Henry Member of the Upper Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation, exposed in the northern Kaiparowits Plateau of southern Utah, reveals deposition of four regressive-transgressive (R-T) cycles. Each of the four R-T cycles is discussed in detail, with empha...Geology & Geophysics
177 Influence of hospital bed height on kinematic parameters associated with patient falls during egressChristman, MarissaUnderstanding the quantitative aspects of kinematic and temporal parameters in fall-prone populations in natural environments is important, particularly in settings replicating hospital environments where patients are often impaired and less familiarized with the layout. Studies indicate fall rates ...Mechanical Engineering
178 The role of mixed dominance in bilingual assessmentCarrizo, Jessica M.The Bilingual English Spanish Assessment (BESA) is a new standardized test normed on young bilingual children who speak Spanish and English. This bilingual standardized measure is unique because it considers the possibility that children might have differential semantic and grammatical abilities acr...Communication Sciences & Disorders
179 Porosity and moisture effects on dynamic strength of two sandstones from utahChangani, HosseinThe dynamic strength properties of rock have a critical application in blasting, fragmentation, designing underground structures, and perforating oil and gas wells. This research focused on two types of sandstone from Utah with two different ranges of porosity and the effect of porosity and water co...Mining Engineering
180 Tree transpiration from two forests in the Wasatch mountains, UtahChan, Allison Mew-lingIn many seasonally snow-covered forests, productivity is highest in the spring period when air temperature is warm enough for photosynthesis to occur and soil moisture is not limiting. Due to the relative importance of this period, even small changes in the onset date of tree activity can have larg...Biology
181 Application of subspace methods to detect and characterize coal mine related seismicity in the western united statesChambers, Derrick James AllenAn approach for subspace detection and magnitude estimation of small seismic events is proposed. The process is used to identify mining related seismicity from a surface coal mine and an underground coal mining district, both located in the Western U.S. Using a blasting log and a locally derived se...Mining Engineering
182 The Role of the traditional birth attendant during the childbearing process of rural Iranian women.Schott, Alexandra Pratt.Field research was conducted in Hashtgard, Iran, from September 17, 1977, to December 24, 1977, with the purpose of identifying the childbearing practices of rural Iranian women, experiencing modern health care practices. Extensive ethnographic data was collected and provides a cultural frame of re...Nursing
183 Developmental phases of the short-interaction, short-term nurse-patient relationship.Robinson, Michaelle AnnThe increasing interest in the concept and practices of short-term and the rapid development of short-term psychiatric services in community general hospitals have resulted in a decrease in length of hospital stay for psychiatric patients. This would seem to create a dilemma for those psychiatric n...Nursing
184 The Response of comatose children to parental speech as measured by changes in intracranial pressure.Roberts, Christine Ann Peterson.Comatose children were studied to determine whether they responded to the voice of their parents. The response was measured as changes in the intracranial pressure which was being monitored by a subarachnoid bolt. Of all the children who met the sample criteria at Primary Children's Medical Center...Nursing
185 Serotonergic-dopaminergic interactions in the rat basal ganglia.Liston, Dane RussellThe site of decarboxylation of L-DOPA to dopamine (DA) in patients with Parkinson's disease is unknown. Projections from the raphe nucleus containing 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) may contribute to the production of DA from L-DOPA since these cells are known to contain L-aromatic amino acid decarboxyla...Pharmacology & Toxicology
186 Incidence of streptococcal infections as a function of grade, race, sex, and socioeconomic level.Leitch, Cynthia JoAnn.The purpose of the present study was to determine the incidence of a group A beta hemolytic streptococci (AHS) in the throats of sample population of children from 3 elementary schools. Relationships between AHS and race, sex and socio-economic level were ascertained. This study was also undertake...Nursing
187 Nurses' awareness of legal implications in their clinical practice.Wirth, Debra RaeNurses’ awareness of legal issues was assessed in this study. The dependant variable, legal knowledge was represented by malpractice, standard of care, liability, negligence, suit-prone situations, and res ipsa loquitur doctrine. The independent variables were a) sex, b) age, c) education,...Nursing
188 Synthesis and binding properties of hybrid immunoglobulin light chain dimers.Peabody, David ScottBence-Jones proteins are dimers of identical immunoglobulin light chains held together by noncovalent interactions and a single interchain disulfide bond. They are structurally and functionally similar to the antigen-binding regions of antibodies and thus provide a simplified model system for studyi...Biochemistry
189 Localization Controllable Protein Constructs: Application in Chronic Myelogenous LeukemiaKakar, MuditControlling intracellular localization of proteins to alter their function offers great potential for treatment of diseases caused due to mislocalization, as well as regulating cellular functions. Mislocalization of proteins is manifested in diseases ranging from cancer to metabolic disorders. In...Pharmacology & Toxicology
190 Social behavior and life satisfaction among nursing home patients.Hart, Carolyn Kay Paukert.Because of nursing's increased concern for sound knowledge as a basis for providing services to those confined to nursing homes, this study was undertaken as an exploratory investigation of the processes related to life satisfaction in nursing home patients. A subjective measurer of life satisfacti...Nursing
191 Local immunity.Hayes, Sheldon P1. Antibody nitrogen was recovered from tissue homogenate extracts of experimentally immunized mice. Contents of 0.2 and 0.46 mg/ml in skin, 0.42 to 0.95 mg/ml in spleen and 0.91 to 2.52 mg/ml in the liver were obtained. This represents about 80% of the total nitrogen from inguinal lymph nodes hom...Pathology
192 Iterative inversion for topology mapping of branched networks using time domain reflectometrySmith, Steven MichaelBranched wiring networks are interconnections of wires that provide for the connection of dc and RF (Radio Frequency) components in an aircraft or other type of apparatus or structure. If by age or by mechanical means the wiring network develops a wiring fault such as bare wire, it can cause fire...Electrical & Computer Engineering
193 Analytical survey of Utah coalsStanding, Marshall; Zimmerman, EdwinThe University of Utah has conducted considerable research on smokeless fuels and other coal products during the past few years, also in cooperation with the United States Bureau of Mines during 1918-1924. Smokeless fuel, oil and gases have been obtained by the processes developed and a large a...Chemical Engineering
194 A Computerized approach to dietary analysis.Rothert, Stephen William.Adequate nutrition in world health and community medicine has been and will continue to be a subject of great humanitarian concern. Malnutrition has been known to occur in hospitals with complications varying from interference with wound healing to an increased susceptibility to infection. In part...Biomedical Informatics
195 Mechanisms of ligand induced downregulation and intracellular trafficking of the epidermal growth factor receptor.Herbst, John.Occupancy-induced downregulation of cell surface epidermal growth factor receptors (EGF-R) attenuates signal transduction. To define mechanisms through which downregulation of this class of growth factor receptors occurs, I have investigated the relative roles of ligand-induced internalization and r...Pathology
196 Knowledge frame translator.Wang, Wenshao.Building an expert system in certain domain area involves knowledge acquisition, knowledge programming and knowledge refinement --- the tasks of transforming the experts' knowledge into the system. Therefore, appropriate and efficient tools, which may include high-level languages, debugging aids, a...Biomedical Informatics
197 Information theory of the firmAnderson, Andrew GailThe purpose of this thesis is to explain the role of information in the theory of the firm. This provides a new perspective on how information impacts firm expansion and boundary. Information helps a firm become more certain on how to direct the firm. Uncertainty is the opposite; it causes confusion...Economics
198 Can crude oil be used as a fuel towards sustainable development in nigeriaAyoade-alabi, OlamideNigeria is presently the largest economy in Africa. However, the level of development in the country presently is far below potential and gravely inadequate. This paper aims not only to analyze the Nigerian economy since independence and try to resolve why it is still underdeveloped, but also to ens...Economics
199 Analysis of the US automobile industry under the new fuel economy standards: a projectionAvsar, Sule ZenginThe Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 included updated fuel economy standards for light-duty vehicles in order to reduce the dependency on oil and emission of greenhouse gases in the US. The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards not only mandate higher fuel economy standards...Economics
200 Homosocial tension in aaron siskind's bill lipkind 10: an examination of the male form as outlierBallou, Matthew HarrisThe photograph Bill Lipkind 10 (1960), by Aaron Siskind, provides a divergent narrative of the photographer. The photograph, which depicts a nude male, problematizes an artist and artwork traditionally seen as Abstract Expressionist in a culture of homophobic Post-War American art. Consideration of ...Art & Art History
176 - 200 of 5,928