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176 Primbs, JenniferBranches: a collection of fictionShort stories, AmericanEnglish2008-08
177 George, Theresa.There is a time for everything: a study of menopausal/climacteric experiences of Sikh women in Canada.Sikh Women; Vancouver; AnthropologyNursing1985-12
178 Young, Beverly AComparison of middle component potentials of preterm infants with preterm infants who had intraventricular hemorrhage.Hemorhage; AudoitoryNursing1984-03
179 Johnson, Mark Stephen.Studies on NADH(NADPH)-cytochrome c reductase from yeast.Purification; EnzymesBiochemistry1984-03
180 Hougaard, Judy EllenAnalysis of organizational changes contributing to job satisfaction of registered nurses at St. Mark's Hospital: implications for nursing.Nurses; Utah; St. Mark's HospitalNursing1982-06
181 Nash, Teresa BurtFetal heart rate as a predictor of sex.Satistical AnalysisNursing1982-06
182 Derricott, Harold RolandA comparison of job content and job descriptions among Utah laboratorians.Medical Technologists; Job DescriptionsBiomedical Informatics1982-06
183 Han, Hsiao-FenDissecting the Role of ALP-1 and EAT-1 Proteins in Regulation of Muscle Structure and FunctionMuscle Contraction; Muscle Proteins; Caenorhabditis elegansOncological Sciences2010-04-21
184 Place, Janet Chandler; Specht, Jean MarieThe effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancy: Phase two.Prenatal Care; NursingNursing1984-06
185 Ezrati, Janet Mae Bostrom.The Relationship between self-actualization and consistency of oral contraceptive use.Psychology; Self-ActualizationNursing1978-06
186 Lee, Ji HyungTechnology and contemporary art center in San Francisco, CaliforniaArt center; Designs; PlansArchitecture & Planning (College of)2007
187 Zhang, Tian Yi.Programming of immune responsiveness by end-organ metabolism of glucocorticoids.immunity; Metabolism; Immue ResponsePathology2007-08
188 Jia, YunluParticulate formation from pulverized coal under oxy-fuel combustion conditionsCoal; Combustion; Oxy-fuel; Particulate formationChemical Engineering2015-08
189 Hunter, Troy Darren.Outpatient community clinic patients' perceptions regarding nurse practitioner services.Utah; DemographicsNursing2003-05
190 Haak, Sandra Watt,Drug compliance among adult hypertensive patients.Drug Therapy; Patients; NursingNursing1976-06
191 Beatty, Shelley Melinda Smith.An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.Data Processing; Radiology, MedicalBiomedical Informatics1980-06
192 Frances, Mary BrownIdentification of alcohol problems among health maintenance organization patients, using the MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale.Diagnosis; PsychotherapyPsychology1981-08
193 Simin, Karl Joseph.Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Drosophila: characterization of punt and a screen for transcriptionally regulated targets.Punt alleles; TGF-beta; Drosophila; Signal transduction; Genetics; Molecular BiologyHuman Genetics2001-08
194 Goering, Lisa M.T-box transcription factor interactions in the zebrafish mesoderm: regulation of gene expression and cell fate.Genetics; Genetic TransmissibilityHuman Genetics2003-05
195 Lee, CarolNeeds of the bereaved in a hospice setting: implications for nursing.Terminal Care; BreavementNursing1983-12
196 Tilly, Kathryn LouiseStudies on bacteriophage and host genes involved in morphogenesis.Genetics, Microbial; MorphogenesisPathology1982-08
197 Nietrzeba, Patricia MaguireBiological effects over time of mid-frequency, low current electrical fields on rat tissues.Impedance, Bioelectric; PhysiologicalNursing1981-06
198 Chaudhry, Imtiaz A.Role of various neurotransmitter systems in the phenomenon of amphetamine-induced reverse tolerance.Cyproheptadine; DiazepamPharmacology & Toxicology1990-08
199 Campfield, Deborah GailSituational stressors perceived and identified by pediatric nurses.Intensive Care Units, Neonatal; Intensive Care Units, PediatricNursing1983-12
200 Burns, Jody.The effect of teaching/learning groups on retention of hypertension education.Patient Education; High Blood PressureNursing1979-06
176 - 200 of 6,342