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176 Cannon, James NibleyEvaluating determinants of sticky costs and operations based earnings prediction models using air transportation industry data and validation of verifiable detail as a source of credibility in customer retention strategy disclosureAirline; Earnings prediction; Non-financial; Sticky cost; Voluntary disclosureBusiness Administration2011-08
177 Cai, HongzhuMigration and inversion of magnetic and magnetic gradiometry data3-D focusing inversion; Integral transformation; Magnetic gradiometry; Potential field migration; Smooth inversion; TopographyGeology & Geophysics2012-05
178 Cao, LinaAnthropogenic habitat disturbance and the dynamics of hantavirus using remote sensing, GIS, and a spatially explicit agent-based modelAgent-based model; Deer mouse; GIS; Hantavirus; MODIS; Peromyscus maniculatusGeography2010-08
179 Carl, Damon RyanInner shell hydration energies of alkaline earth metal dicationsAlkaline Earth Metal Dications; Collision-Induced Dissociation; Electrospray Ionization; Fragmentation; Hydration Energies; Inner Shell SolvationChemistry2013-05
180 Carlisle, McKenzieEffects of explicit and implicit friendship attitudes on appraisals and cardiovascular reactivity during a negative event discussionCardiovascular reactivity; Friendship; Implicit attitudes; Social cognition; Social support; StressPsychology2013-08
181 Carlisle, McKenzieSubliminal activation of social ties moderates cardiovascular reactivity during acute stressCardiovascular reactivity; Relationships; RSA; Social support; Subliminal primingPsychology2010-12
182 Cordova, Eduardo A.Three-dimensional modeling of progressive seismic activity applying block modeling techniques3D; Block; Modeling; Models; Seismic; SeismicityMining Engineering2013-12
183 Conroy, Parker JamesThe development of an aerial robotics laboratory highlighting the first experimental validation of optimal reciprocal collision avoidanceCollision avoidance; ORCA; Quadrotor; ROS; UAV; VOMechanical Engineering2013-08
184 Collins, Rachel H.The effect of an extended wilderness education experience on ill-structured problem-solving skill development in emerging adult studentsEmerging adulthood; Ill-structured problems; Outdoor education; Problem solving; Wilderness expedition experiencesParks Recreation & Tourism2014-05
185 Contestable, Christine MarieBecoming-learning: rethinking transformative education by reconceptualizing learner agency and illuminating the immanent dynamism of classroomsAgency; Classroom; Deleuze; Learning; Pedagogy; Transformative EducationCommunication2010-08
186 Coon, JoshuaTreatment time reduction through parameter optimization in magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound treatmentsCancer; MRIgHIFU; Optimization; UltrasoundPhysics & Astronomy2012-12
187 Gooch, Nathan WilliamsBiocompatibility of ocular biomedical devicesBiocompatibility; Biomedical engineering; Capsule drug ring; Device development; Endocontact lens; Polyethylene glycolBioengineering2013-08
188 Allen, ChadDevelopment of a fast response building resolving urban energy modelCFD; Convection; GPU; Heat transfer; Radiation; Urban; QUIC; Urban wind; Particle dispersionMechanical Engineering2010-08
189 Alkac, DilekModeling flow in pulp lifter channels of grinding mills with computational fluid dynamicsComputational fluid dynamics; Discharge flow; Free surface flow; Grinding mills; Pulp lifter channelsMetallurgical Engineering2011-11
190 Allen, Monica GeneUltra high energy cosmic ray energy spectrum and composition using hybrid analysis with telescope arrayComposition; Energy Spectrum; Hybrid Technique; Telescope Array; Ultra High Energy Cosmic RaysPhysics & Astronomy2012-12
191 Amburgey, Jonathan WadeToward a new conceptualization of environmental concern: perceptions of threat and motivation for change as underlying psychological dimensionsEnvironmental attitudes; Environmental concern; Proenvironmental behavior; Structural equation modelingPsychology2012-05
192 Amini, PooyanFiltered multitone for slow fading and fast fading channelsFading Channels; Filterbank Multicarrier; Filtered Multitone; FMT; Underwater Acoustic Communication; UWAElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-05
193 Ashton, CatherineHome landscapes: tradition, identity, and environmentsEnvironment; Home; Identity; Landscape; Place; Tradition2011-08
194 Asbrand, James PatrickThe phenomenological experience of cross-cultural differences in the therapeutic relationshipCross-cultural differences; Multicultural counseling; Psychotherapy; Qualitative; Therapeutic relationshipEducational Psychology2012-05
195 Ashmore, Stephanie NicoleEffects of intrauterine growth restriction and a maternal high fat diet on epigenetic determinants in rat lunglung; prenatal; saturated fatNutrition2013-08
196 Avsar, Rojhat BerdanRhetoric of social security reform in the United StatesSocial security; United StatesEconomics2010
197 Hiller, Kristin ElisabethInternational undergraduates and discourses of internationalization: exploring conceptualizations and experiences of the internationalization of higher education and representations of international undergraduates at a u.s. universitycritical applied linguistics; cultural synergy; discourse analysis; genealogy; internationalization of higher education; translanguagingLinguistics2015
198 Hile, Ryan PatrickThinking inside the black box: enhancing the social vulnerability index with an artificial neural networkArtificial Neural Networks; Environmental Hazards; Geocomputation; GIS; Social Vulnerability; Social Vulnerability IndexGeography2015-08
199 Tolley, Heather E.Creation of the G.E.A.R. U.P. orientation manual: an integrative service project2009-05
200 Burkhalter, Shontol TorresAffirming equity: creating access to college careers among first generation students and students of color in elementary school2008-02
176 - 200 of 6,252