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176 A relational approach to the moral value of privacyThis dissertation constructs a theoretical approach to understanding the moral value of personal privacy. In its current state, the philosophical literature on the moral value of privacy is fractured in that there are several differing approaches, each emphasizing different aspects of the problem. S...Autonomy; Internet; Privacy; Relational autonomy2013-08
177 A relational view of consumer social learning in virtual communitiesSocial learning is an important part of consumers' lives. A major limitation of previous research in consumer social learning is the lack of attention to the effects of relationships built among participants on the learning process in online communities. Within a thread in an online forum, when a po...Community; Consumer engagement; Social learning; Social media; Social networks2014-12
178 A reliability-based geometric design approach to freeway number of lanes decisionsFor more than twenty years, the introduction of reliability-based analysis into roadway geometric design has been investigated. This type of probabilistic geometric design analysis is well suited to explicitly address the level of variability and randomness associated with design inputs when compare...Annual average daily traffic; design hourly volume; Free flow speed, Level of service; Monte Carlo simulation; reliability2014-05
179 A retrospective review of calcium channel blocker poisonings for the calendar year 1984Verapamil was first introduced in the early 1960's as a smooth muscle relaxant with potent vasodilator properties. Antiarrhythmic effects were demonstrated in the mid-1960's, but it V83 not until August, 1981 that the Food awl Drug Administration (FDA) approved the intravenous form of the drug for ...1987-03
180 A review of the developments of the principles of staticsIn the development of Statics we have an introduction to mechanics, which is the oldest and simplest; of the branches of physics, and also an instructive example of the processes by which natural science; generally is developed.Statics1917
181 A Rhetorical analysis of the Rhetoric emerging from the Mormon-Black controversyThe general purpose of this research has been to explore and critically analyze the public rhetoric evolving fro the Mormon-black conflict. Three specific groups were delineated for this analysis: (1) the Church structure supporting and defending the present position of the Church; (2) selected indi...1973
182 A Role for Central Leptin Signaling in Maintaining Myocardial Fatty Acid OxidationLeptin is a hormone produced by adipocytes that activates centralreceptors in the brain and peripheral tissues to decrease appetite and increaseenergy expenditure. Obesity is positively correlated with circulating leptin levels,indicating a state of "leptin resistance" in obese subjects. The relativ...2010-12
183 A Role for Nicotine in Neuroprotection Against Disorders Associated With Monoaminergic and Cognitive DysfunctionThe aim of this dissertation was to investigate potential mechanisms whereby nicotine (NIC) is neuroprotective to the dopamine (DA), serotonin (5- HT), and memory systems. As early as 1939, clinical studies have indicated that tremors, or Parkinson's disease (PD), are less likely to occur among toba...2015-05
184 A sarrus-based passive mechanism for rotorcraft perchingFlying rotorcraft, such as helicopters and quadrotors, can gather useful information without the need for human presence, but they consume a great deal of power and have limited on-board energy resources. Our work aims to provide a passive perching mechanism so that a rotorcraft is able to grip bran...Mechanism; Perching; Robotics; Rotorcraft; Sarrus2014-12
185 A scalable and tunable adaptive resolution parallel i/o frameworkThe increase in computational power of supercomputers is enabling complex scientific phenomena to be simulated at ever-increasing resolution and fidelity. With these simulations routinely producing large volumes of data, performing efficient I/O at this scale has become a very difficult task. Large-...File system; HPC; Parallel I/O2016
186 A Scale of Relative Difficulty of Skills used in Physical Education ActivitiesUndoubtedly every alert physical education teacher has, at some time, wondered if his particular field of instruction were not lagging behand in the matter of student classification and measurements.
187 A Scale of relative difficulty of skills used in prysical education activities
188 A schools and staffing survey analysis of teacher job attitudes and working conditions in native american communitiesThe United States federal government funds two distinct types of school systems on or near indigenous lands: tribally controlled schools and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)-operated schools. This study fills a void in the scholarly research on differences in teacher working conditions and job attit...Bureau of Indian Education; Native American Alaskan Native; Organizational commitment; Schools and Staffing Survey; Teacher job satisfaction; Teacher pay satisfaction2016
189 A Seminal Fluid Serine Protease, TRY-5, Signals Caenorhabditis Elegans Sperm ActivationDuring mating males transfer not only sperm, but also protein and other substances in their seminal fluid. The functions of some seminal fluid components have been identified and these include aiding in sperm motility and protecting sperm from the harsh environment of the female reproductive tract. ...2012-08
190 A separation: a small consolationA small consolation is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".Video in art
191 A separation: ex nihiloEx nihilo is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".Video in art
192 A separation: mercuryMercury is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".
193 A separation: refractionRefraction is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".
194 A separation: transparencyTransparency is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".Video in art
195 A simple poroelastic-based algorithm for evaluating anomalous fluid pressure attributed to surface loading: case study of michigan basin glaciationIn Michigan and surrounding states, anomalous high fluid pressures at depth are attributed to Pleistocene glaciation. Specifically, surface loading of ice and glacial till is hypothesized to compact deep subsurface sediments, and low hydraulic diffusivity of those sediments may require 105 years or...Civil engineering2016
196 A simplified model for understanding the evolution of Cirrus cloudsDeveloping an understanding of cloud evolution is central to understanding the climate system as a whole. Stratiform cirrus layers play a significant role in the radiative interaction with the climate system. Radiational effects are a driving force in the dynamic evolution of these layers, particul...Cirrus; Clouds; Mammatus; Microphysics; Thermodynamics2011-05
197 A simulator of a multiphasic patient-screening facility.A SIMULTOR of the Multiphasic Patient Screening Facility at the L.D.S. Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah was developed. The SIMULATOR run "on-line" from the MEDLAB terminal on the research computer in the Department of Biophysics and Bioengineering at the L.D.S. Hospital. The purpose of the SIMULAT...MEDLAB; Digital Computer Stimulation1970-08
198 A single electron tunneling force spectroscopy study of dielectric materialsSingle electron tunneling force microscopy has been developed over the last decade as a tool to manipulate the occupation and probe the properties of trap states in completely non conducting materials. The technique has been advanced through the efforts of several generations of graduate students in...Atomic force microscope; Atomic scale; Defect state; Dielectric; Trap state; Single electron; Tunneling force spectroscopy2012-05
199 A singularity-free mechanism for holonomic orientation control of a spherical permanent magnetUntethered magnetic devices such as magnetic capsule endoscopes, magnetic swimming microrobots, and magnetic screws, as well as tethered magnetic devices such as magnet-tipped catheters and magnet-tipped cochlear-implant electrode arrays, can be actuatedApplied sciences2014
200 A Slingshot out of the valley contemporary relevance of the local in the local art sceneRecent developments in Salt Lake City's visual arts community indicate that a new generation of artists is ready to emerge to an appreciative and supportive audience. Salt Lake's unique position as a growing urban center cultivates upcoming artists, but rarely has a local artist escaped the valley a...2009
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