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176 Bench scale flotation of alunite ore with oleic acidAlunite [KA13(SO4)2(OH)6] is a promising non-bauxitic aluminum resource, the domestic reserves of which are estimated to be 800 x 106 tons at 35 percent alunite. The major gangue mineral associated with alunite is quartz. The thermochemical process that has been developed for treatment of this ore...Mesh; Separation; Liberation1980
177 QCD thermodynamics with two flavors at Nt=6The first results of numerical simulations of quantum chromodynamics on the Intel iPSC/860 parallel processor are presented. We performed calculations with two flavors of Kogut-Susskind quarks at Nt = 6 with masses of 0.15T and 0.075T (0.025 and 0.0125 in lattice units) in order to locate the crosso...Kogut-Susskind quarks; Crossover temperature; Chiral symmetry; Polyakov loop; Phase transitions1992-05
178 Empirical modeling of occurrence of severe weather events1971
179 End-to-end eScience: integrating workflow, query, visualization, and provenance at an ocean observatoryData analysis tasks at an Ocean Observatory require integrative and and domain-specialized use of database, workflow, visualization systems. We describe a platform to support these tasks developed as part of the cyberinfrastructure at the NSF Science and Technology Center for Coastal Margin Obser...Coastal margins; Ocean observatories; Workflow systems; VisTrails2008-12
180 Hidden massive Dirac fermions in effective field theory for integral quantum Hall transitionsIntegral quantum Hall plateau transitions in a planar lattice system due to gap collapse can be described by an effective field theory with Dirac fermions. We discuss how to reproduce the correct integral values for the Hall conductance sxy before and after the plateau transition, which are dictat...Dirac fermions; Vorticities; Edge states; Hall conductance1996-08
181 Planar waveguide biosensors for nucleic acid hybridization reactionsOligonucleotide probes derived from (1) the T3 RNA polymerase promoter sequence (T3) and (2) prostate-specific antigen messenger RNA (PSA) were prepared and labeled with a red-emitting fluorescent dye (Cy5). The complimentary oligonucleotides (anti T3 and anti PSA) were prepared and labeled with bio...Planar waveguides; Evanescence; Fluorescence; Glandular kallikrein; MDx; Molecular diagnostics; Nucleic acid; PSA; Oligonucleotide probes2000
182 Infrared multiple photon dissociation spectroscopy of cationized methionine: effects of alkali-metal cation size on gas-phase conformationPlease note that as of 11-07-2012, access to this article through USpace had to be restricted. The gas-phase structures of alkali-metal cation complexes of the amino acid methionine (Met) as well as protonated methionine are investigated using infrared multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD) spectros...2010
183 GEM: graphical explorer for MPI programsFormal dynamic verification can complement MPI program testing by detecting hard-to-find concurrency bugs. In previous work, we described our dynamic verifier called ISP that can parsimoniously search the execution space of an MPI program while detecting important classes of bugs. One major limit...GEM; Graphical explorer; MPI programs; Dynamic verification; Concurrency bugs2009
184 Spatial mapping of ordered and disordered domains of GaInP by near-field scanning optical microscopy and scanning capacitance microscopyImaging of topography, locally induced photoluminescence and Fermi-level pinning in adjacent ordered and disordered domains on a cleaved GaInP sample is performed using a near-field scanning optical microscope and scanning capacitance microscope at room temperature in air. Highly localized photolumi...Gallium Phosphides; Surface Structure; Photoluminescence1996-04-13
185 Renormalization group equations and the Lifshitz point in noncommutative Landau-Ginsburg theoryA one-loop renormalization group (RG) analysis is performed for noncommutative Landau-Ginsburg theory in an arbitrary dimension. We adopt a modern version of the Wilsonian RG approach, in which a shell integration in momentum space bypasses the potential IR singularities due to UV-IR mixing. The mo...2002-02
186 Labor productivity and energy use in a three sector model: an application to EgyptThis paper presents a model of a developing economy with three sectors| industry, agriculture, and energy. Industry and energy are assumed to be demand- constrained, but agriculture supply-constrained. The model highlights (a) structural transformation, through labor transfer from agriculture to in...2010
187 Ends and means in conflictA great danger of our time is our intense preoccupation with the ends we seek, so much so that we have overlooked the effect, usually and perhaps always the determinative effect, that our choice of means will have made upon the nature of those ends. This problem is made more difficult in that our vi...Weapons proliferation; Arms race; Atomic weapons1988
188 Dynamic systems theory places the scientist in the systemDynamic systems theory is a way of describing the patterns that emerge from relationships in the universe. In the study of interpersonal relationships, within and between species, the scientist is an active and engaged participant in those relationships. Separation between self and other, scientist...2002
189 Design and testing of an integrated circuit for multi-electrode neural recordingWe have developed a single-chip neural recording system with wireless power delivery and telemetry. The 0.5-μm CMOS IC is designed to be bonded to the back of a 100-channel Utah Electrode Array. A pad near each amplifier allows connection of the chip to the MEMS electrode array. The complete Integr...recording; Neural recording; Utah Electrode Array; Multielectrode arrays (MEA); Telemetry; Spike detectors; Wireless2007-01
190 Three-dimensional network-structured cyanide-based magnetsIntroduction Magnets based on metal oxides have been important for hundreds of years. Magnetite, Fe3O4, Co-doped (y)-Fe2O3, and CrO2 are important examples. The oxide (O2-) bridge between the magnetic metal ions has filled p orbitals (Figure 1a) that provide the pathway for strong spin coup...Magnetic; Ferrimagnetic; Magnetization2000
191 Innovation in human/social guiseIn this chapter, innovation is viewed from a step further back, as an astronaut might see the earth from space. It is not seen as something analysed as a linear, technical process, whether incremental or radical. Nor is it seen as a process in which social context adds to the mix of other factors to...Innovation; Social process2006
192 Careful what you ask for: reconsidering feminist epistemology and autobiographical narrative in research on sexual identity developmentFeminist theory has had an undoubtable but inconsistent influence on developmental psychology. Although feminist perspectives have productively challenged developmental models centered on male experiences (Gilligan 1982) and have called attention to socialization practices that reproduce systemati...Feminism; Epistemology; Autobiography2006
193 Spatial-temporal hierarchy of regional inequality of ChinaThis paper advances the multi-scale and multi-mechanism framework of regional inequality in China by using the most recent statistical data. We analyze the multi-scalar patterns of China's regional inequality with GIS and statistical techniques, and demonstrate the significance of the municipality e...Regional inequality; Spatial hierarchy; GIS2010-07
194 Teaching and learning combined (TLC)Most professors have to lean a LOT. Every day, it seems, there IS something that we need that we don't know. So what do you do to lean this new information? Perhaps you hit the Web or the library, find a tutorial, a textbook, or a paper, and give it a little reading time in between a 12:00 class an...2003
195 Zero temperature string breaking in lattice quantum chromodynamicsThe separation of a heavy quark and antiquark pair leads to the formation of a tube of flux, or ‘‘string,'' which should break in the presence of light quark-antiquark pairs. This expected zero-temperature phenomenon has proven elusive in simulations of lattice QCD. We study mixing between the ...String breaking; Wilson loop2001-09
196 Reaction-diffusion patterns in smart sensor networksWe introduced the use of Turing?s reaction-diffusion pattern formation to support high-level tasks in smart sensor networks (S-Nets). This has led us to explore various biologically motivated mechanisms. In this paper we address some issues that arise in trying to get reliable, efficient patterns...Reaction-diffusion; Pattern formation; Smart sensor networks; S-Nets2003-11-05
197 Inverse electromagnetic scattering models for sea iceInverse scattering algorithms for reconstructing the physical properties of sea ice from scattered electromagnetic field data are presented. The development of these algorithms has advanced the theory of remote sensing, particularly in the microwave region, and has the potential to form the basis f...Polar ice; Electromagnetic scattering; Electromagnetic scattering inverse problems; Multilayer random media; Dielectric materials; Nonhomogeneous media; Remote sensing1998
198 Effect of band structure on ferromagnetism*We extend Nagaoka's study of the ferromagnetism of nearly half-filled bands in the infinite-repulsion limit of the Hubbard model by including next-nearest-neighbor tight-binding overlap matrix elements K2. Particles can now get past one another, even in one dimension. We find corroboration of Nagaok...Eigenstates; Spin waves1974-08
199 Lattice- and spin-dimensionality crossovers in a linear-chain-molecule-based ferrimagnet with weak spin anisotropy[MnOEP][HCBD], a member of the metalloporphyrin family of donor-acceptor molecule-based magnets, consists of isolated ferrimagnetic chains of alternating S=2, [MnOEP], and s=1/2, [HCBD] units (OEP=octaethylporphyrinato and HCBD=hexacyanobutadiene). Analysis of the exchange pathways reveals an exchan...Magnetic; Magnetization; Interchain1997
200 Effect of step structure on ordering in GaInPExamines the effect of step structure on ordering in gallium indium phosphite (GaInP) using atomic force microscopy. Coverage of the surface by islands several monolayers in height with elongated direction; Formation of the edges of the islands; Role of the observations in explaining the nature of t...Gallium indium phosphite (GaInP); Twin boundaries1995-11-12
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