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176 Chuaqui, Miguel BasimCanto RepartidoEl Canto Repartido (The Shared Out Song) takes its title from a poem in the collection Las Uvas y el Viento (The Grapes and the Wind) by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Many of the poems in this collection have a communist political tone, and critics often describe the poems in this book as among the...Shared Out Song2004
177 Horch, Kenneth W.Selective activation of functional muscle groups through stimulation of spinal motor poolsA microelectrode was used to stimulate motor neurons in the lumbo-sacral spinal cord of adult cats. Consistent with spinal cord anatomical studies, we found that the motor neurons responsible for activation of individual muscle groups are situated together in specific areas of the cord, forming mot...Spinal motor pools1993
178 Ailion, David CharlesLow cost integrated circuit versatile pulse and frequency counterIn this paper we describe a compact multipurpose counter whose design is based on the use of plastic integrated circuits. The circuit contains about $90 worth of semiconductor components and is very easy to wire; nevertheless, it is extremely versatile. It consists of dual 107 and 106 counters which...Integrated circuits; Counters; Physics instruments1969
179 Arlitsch, KenningFuture leaders' views on organizational cultureResearch libraries will continue to be affected by rapid and transformative changes in information technology and the networked environment for the foreseeable future. The pace and direction of these changes will profoundly challenge libraries and their staffs to respond effectively. This paper pres...Organizational culture2009
180 Stevens, Kenneth; Myers, Chris J.Average-case optimized technology mapping of one-hot domino circuitsThis paper presents a technology mapping technique for optimizing the average-case delay of asynchronous combinational circuits implemented using domino logic and one-hot encoded outputs. The technique minimizes the critical path for common input patterns at the possible expense of making less commo...1998
181 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of UtahIAIMS Newsletter Fall 1999The IAIMS Newsletter provides valuable information about Library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.IAIMS1999-08-17
182 Couldwell, William T.; Schloesser, Peter E.Hemorrhage from moyamoya-like vessels associated with a cerebral arteriovenous malformationThe authors describe a case of subarachnoid hemorrhage from moyamoya-like vessels associated with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in a 44-year-old Hispanic man who presented with severe headache. The AVM was located in the left parietal lobe and the ipsilateral middle cerebral artery was occlude...Moyamoya-like vessels; Arteriovenous malformation; Ischemia MeSH: Arteriovenous malformations2004
183 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineStudies of picosecond carrier dynamics in polysilane alloys: evidence for geminate recombination in small hydrogenated amorphous silicon clustersThe ultrafast photocarrier dynamics in polysilane alloys amorphous (SiH2)n' has been studied using the picosecond photoinduced absorption (PA) technique. For excitation below the optical gap, the PA response decays exponentially and is faster at low temperatures. This is interpreted in terms of e-h ...Picosecond carrier dynamics; Polysilane alloys; Geminate recombination; a-Si:H; Amorphous silicon; Ultrafast relaxation; Photoexcited carriers1990
184 Kowaleski-Jones, Lori; Fan, Jessie Xiaojing; Brown, Barbara B.; Smith, Ken R.; Zick, Cathleen D.Patterns of household food expenditures: a cluster analysisIn this study we use the Diary Survey component of the 2001 and 2002 Consumer Expenditure Survey to investigate patterns of household food expenditures. We identify eight constellations of food expenditures that are more and less likely to be associated with healthy eating habits. These clusters in...Diet; Fast food; Nutrition; Eating habits2007
185 Mishchenko, EugeneSpin Hall edge spin polarization in a ballistic 2D electron systemUniversal properties of the spin Hall effect in ballistic 2D electron systems are addressed. The net spin polarization across the edge of the conductor is second order, ~λ2, in spin-orbit coupling constant independent of the form of the boundary potential, with the contributions of normal and evan...Spin- Hall effect2007-09
186 Miller, Joel Steven; Epstein, Arthur J.Magnetization and dynamics of reentrant ferrimagnetic spin-glass [MnTPP]::+[TCNE].-.2PhMeWe present direct current (dc) magnetization M(T,H) and alternating current (ac) susceptibility Xac(T,H,f) data for the quasi-one-dimensional molecule-based ferrimagnet [MnTPP]::+[TCNE].-.•2PhMe (TPP=meso-tetraphenylporphyrinato, TCNE=tetracyanoethylene). Static scaling of the real part X' of ...Ferrimagnetic order; Magnetism1996
187 Silverman, Randall H.Gibbs Smith: progressive publisherThere is a country twang reverberating in the national blood stream at the moment. Resurgent interest in the American West has mainstreamed country music, drawn ever-larger crowds to the Buffalo Bill and Gene Autry museums, and landed Clint Eastwood two Oscars for his Unforgiven in 1992.Peregrine Press; Electronic pre-press; Western culture1994
188 Adler, Frederick R.; Feener, Donald H.Maintaining diversity in an ant community: modeling, extending, and testing the dominance-discovery trade-offAnt communities often consist of many species with apparently similar niches. We present a mathematical model of the dominance-discovery trade-off, the trade-off between the abilities to find and to control resources, showing that it can in principle facilitate the coexistence of large numbers of s...Coexistence; Dominant species; Parasitoid2007
189 Yu, ZhouHomeownership determinants for Chinese Americans: assimilation, ethnic concentration, and nativityChinese homeownership rates in the Los Angeles CMSA adjusted by socioeconomic and housing market characteristics are on average 18 percentage points higher than those of native white households Painter et al. (2003). This finding runs contrary to most of immigration literature, which suggests that i...Chinese Americans; homeownership2004
190 Bruderlin, BeatRobustness in geometric modeling - an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approachAn intuitionistic geometry approach is taken to develop two tolerance-based methods for robust geometric computation. The so called analytic model method and the approximated model method are developed independently of a specific application or a geometric algorithm. Geometric robustness is formally...Robustness; Geometric modeling; Intuitionistic geometry; Geometric robustness1992
191 Seror, Denis D.D.C.P.L. - A distributed control programming languageIn this thesis, a computation is considered a system of asynchronously cooperating "independent" programs (coroutines) linked by paths of in formation along which messages are sent. A programming language called DCPL, a Distributed Control Programming Language, in which such computations may be ex...Distributed control programming language; DCPL1970
192 Davidson, Diane W.Microtopography of microbiotic crusts on the Colorado Plateau, and distribution of component organismsWe analyzed the microtopography of microbiotic soil crusts at 3 sites on the Colorado Plateau of southern Utah and investigated distributions of cyanobacteria and several lichens in distinctive microhabitats created by this topography. At all 3 sites the long axes of linear soil mounds were oriented...Microtopography; Microbiotic crusts; Colorado Plateau; Cryptobiotic soil; Colonization; Nonrandom orientation; Exposure; Collema; Disturbance history; Microhabitat2000
193 Myers, Chris J.Synthesis of timed asynchronous circuitsAbstract-In this paper we present a systematic procedure to synthesize timed asynchronous circuits using timing constraints dictated by system integration, thereby facilitating natural interaction between synchronous and asynchronous circuits. In addition, our timed circuits also tend to be more & d...1993
194 Davidson, Diane W.Experimental manipulation of food bodies in CecropiaNeotropical Cecropia trees range from Mexico to Argentina and are typical of disturbed habitats. Cecropia plants provide food and housing for the ants in return for known or presumed protection from herbivores and vine cover. Glycogen-rich Mullerian bodies (MB's) are the predominant food source for ...Mullerian bodies; Trichilia; Cecropia tessmannii; Cecropia pungara1992
195 Wright, KristinUsing reliable multicast for caching and collaboration within the world wide webThe World Wide Web has become an important medium for information dissemination. One model for synchronized information dissemination within the Web is webcasting in which data are simultaneously distributed to multiple destinations. The Web's traditional unicast client/server communication model su...caching; collaboration1999
196 Davidson, Diane W.Nonnative brome grasses in the new national monumentIncluded within the boundaries of the Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument are a number of noxious weeds for which the BLM mandates control. In addition to listed weeds are nonnative brome grasses [Bromus tectorum and Bromus rubens), which can potentially convert native ecosystems to biologic...Noxious weeds, Cheatgrass,1998
197 Smith, Kevin N.Ripple users manual and referenceThis manual assumes a knowledge of the RIPPL project. If the reader if unfamiliar with it, t h e y are encouraged t o read Kevin Smith's Master's thesis titled: "Restructurable Interconnect of P a t h Programmable Logic." It is available in the Marriot Library at t h e University of Utah.1989
198 Armentrout, Peter B.Threshold behavior of endothermic reactions: C+(2P) + H2 → CH+ + HThe reaction C+(2p) + H2 → CH+ + H (1) and its deuterium analog is a model system in ion-molecule chemistry. It is of interest due to its astrophysical significance, because it is an endothermic process, and because the interaction involves several potential energy surfaces. Experimental work ha...Endothermic reactions; Translational energy; Threshold behavior1984
199 Liu, FengMagnetism in small vanadium clustersUsing the self-consistent-field molecular-orbital theory and the density-functional approximation, we show that vanadium could become magnetic if its size and dimension were constrained. This is illustrated for vanadium forming clusters with body-centered-cubic (bcc) geometry as well as for linear c...Vanadium clusters; Molecular-orbital theory; Density-functional approximation; Stoner criterion1991-04
200 Lupton, John MarkIntermittency in second-harmonic radiation from plasmonic hot spots on rough silver filmsSurface enhancement of electromagnetic fields in plasmonic hot spots formed on rough silver films enables the observation of second-harmonic generation (SHG) from single metal nanoparticles. Nonlinear light scattering from these particles exhibits blinking in analogy to luminescence from single qu...Harmonic radiation; Plasmonic hot spots; Second harmonic generation; SHG2009-10
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