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176 Warner, Homer R.Effect of Heart Rate on Aortic Insufficiency as Measured by a Dye-Diluation TechniqueBiomedical Informatics1961
177 Warner, Homer R.Medical Diagnosis Using a Digital Computer and Analog Computer Technics in Study of Control Mechanisms in the Circulatory SystemBiomedical Informatics1961
178 Flowers, SevilleThe hepaticae of UtahThe Hepaticae, or liverworts, are small green plants mostly growing in damp or wet places, although a considerable number of them inhabit dry shady places, even in desert regions. As a whole, they are inconspicuous and, together with the mosses, lichens and other primitive forms of plant life, occup...1961-05-30
179 Nielsen, Lewis T.An identification guide to the mosquitoes of UtahThe first detailed report on the mosquito fauna of Utah was published by pees (1943). In this bulletin Rees reported the occurrence in the state of 31 s p e c ie s , representing 4 genera, and discussed their biology, distribution, life history and importance. Subsequent publications by Rees (1944),...1961-06
180 Nielsen, Lewis T.An identeification guide to the Mosquitoes of UtahThe first detailed report on the mosquito fauna of Utah was published by pees (1943). In this bulletin Rees reported the occurrence in the state of 31 species, representing 4 genera, and discussed their biology, distribution, life history and importance. Subsequent publications by Rees (1944), Rees ...1961-06
181 Jenike, A.W.Gravity flow of bulk solidsThere is hardly an industry in existence which does not use solid materials in bulk form. Where the volume of the solids is substantial, gravity is usually relied upon to cause the solids to flow. Such materials as ores, coal, cement, flour, cocoa, soil, to which the general term of bulk solids is a...1961-10
182 Firmage, Edwin B.Ernst Freund: pioneer of administrative lawErnst Freund was born in New York City on January 30, 1864, during a visit of his family to the United States from their native Germany. Much of his education took place in Germany, a fact that significantly influenced his views on administrative law. He studied successively at Dresden, Frankfort, B...Memoriam; Biography1962
183 Mattis, Daniel C.Ordering energy levels of interacting spin systemsThe total spin S is a good quantum number in problems of interacting spins. We have shown that for rather general antiferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic Hamiltonians, which need not exhibit translational invariance, the lowest energy eigenvalue for each value of S [denoted E(S) ] is ordered in a natural...Interacting spin; Energy levels; Ferrimagnetic arrays1962
184 Warner, Homer R.Analysis of the Role of Indicator Technics in Quantitation of Valvular RegurgitationBiomedical Informatics1962
185 Warner, Homer R.Use of Analogue Computers in the Study of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1962
186 Mattis, Daniel C.Theory of ferromagnetism and the ordering of electronic energy levelsConsider a system of N electrons in one dimension subject to an arbitrary symmetric potential, V(xi,…,xN), and let E(S) be the lowest energy belonging to the total spin value S. We have proved the following theorem: E(S) 1962-01
187 Johanson, Jerry Ray; Jenike, A.W.Stress and velocity fields in gravity flow of bulk solidsThis paper is an extract from a Ph.D. thesis written by Johanson in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Utah; it follows earlier publications by Jenike [e.g. 1,5]. The purpose of the work has been to develop a mathematical theory of flow of bulk solids. Th...1962-05
188 Mattis, Daniel C.Role of Fermi surface and crystal structure in theory of magnetic metalsWe have investigated the magnetic ground state of metals using an idealized theory of magnetism based on the Ruderman-Kittel-Yosida indirect exchange interaction. The preliminary, but suggestive, results reported here are for simple cubic structures and spherical Fermi surface. We find that as the...Magnetic metals; Crystal structure1962-11
189 Warner, Homer R.Evaluation of a Computer Program for Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1963
190 Mattis, Daniel C.Theory of magnetothermomechanicsWe show that in both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic systems with weak magnetostrictive coupling the coefficient of thermal expansion gives a useful measure of the magnetic specific heat. We also analyze the strong coupling situation by means of our simplified, but soluble model, and find it pos...Magnetothermomechanics; Magnetostriction1963-01
191 Mattis, Daniel C.Ground state of interacting spinsThe question is posed of how the ground state of the Heisenberg Hamiltonian H= - ΣFij Si-Sj depends on the magnitude s of N interacting spins, particularly in the case of long-ranged oscillatory interactions Fij. It is discussed whether fixing the geometry and the bond strengths Fij suffices to d...Ground states; Interacting spin; Ruderman-Kittel interaction1963-04
192 Mattis, Daniel C.Thermal screening effects in a ferromagnetIn considering the theory of spin waves,1 we have examined elementary excitations of the Hamiltonian and lowest-order interactions among these excitations, in cases when j(Rij) is a very long-ranged, oscillatory interaction.2 As numerical computation is required, we are preparing to program the I...Ferromagnet; Thermal screening1963-06
193 Edmunds, George F. Jr.An annotated key to the nymphs of the families and subfamilies of mayfliesAttempts to provide keys to the families and subfamilies of Ephemeroptera nymphs in general entomology textbooks (i.e. Essig (1942), Chu (1949), and Brues, Melander and Carpenter (1954)) have been far from satisfactory. This difficulty exists largely because of the failure of specialists of the Ephe...1963-06
194 Mattis, Daniel C.Ferromagnetism and spin waves in the band theoryIntra-atomic exchange (Hund's rule mechanism) and Heisenberg nearest-neighbor exchange are examined for their role in the ferromagnetism of metals with degenerate bands. We examine the ground state, and find there is ferromagnetism once the largest eigenvalue j00 of the exchange matrix exceeds 1/2...Band theory; Hund's rule1963-12
195 Morrow, CarolynBaudelaire as seen through Les Fleurs du MalModern phychology emphasizes the similarity of the dream to works of art, especially poetry. The dreamer or the poet works through symbols, which express his inner self, a self largely unknown to the conscious mind.1 There can be no "difference irreductible entre le 'moi' subjectif and le 'je' crea...1964
196 Warner, Homer R.A Study of Dispersion of an Indicator in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1964
197 Ailion, David CharlesStudy of utraslow atomic motions by magnetic resonanceMagnetic resonance has been widely used to study phenomena such as atomic diffusion and molecular reorientation. It is applicable when the mean time, r, between atomic jumps is either (a) sufficiently short to narrow the resonance line width or (b) of the correct magnitude to produce spin-lattice ...Atomic motion; Magnetic resonance; Ultraslow atomic motion1964
198 Warner, Homer R.The Role of Peripheral Resistance in Controlling Cardiac Output During ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1964
199 Ailion, David CharlesLow-field relaxation and the study of ultraslow atomic motions by magnetic resonanceConventional resonance enables one to study motion of atoms by measurement of line width when the mean time r between jumps is less than 1/Aco, where Aa> is the rigid lattice line width, or by measurement of the spin-lattice relaxation time, Ti, when r ^ l / coo , where coo is the Larmor frequency. ...Ultraslow atomic motion; Magnetic resonance1964
200 Warner, Homer R.Experience with Baye's Theorem for Computer Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1964
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