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176 Lebrecht, MarandaEffects of ventilatory regimens on the prevalence of a common gastrointestinal disease in neonatesNecrotizing Enterocolitis, or NEC, is a common intestinal disease of preterm neonates. It is believed that bacterial colonization increases the risk of NEC. This study examines whether the type of ventilation of the neonate, either mechanical ventilation (MV) or non-invasive support (NIS), and the ...Enterocolitis, Neonatal necrotizing - Research; Newborn infants - Diseases; Sheep as laboratory animals - Research; Necrotizing enterocolitis; Lymphocytes2016-05
177 Voyles, Jonathan RossEfforts Toward Establishing ML-McAs a Robust Depth Discriminant of Seismic Sources at Local (<150 km) DistancesFew scientific fields have been as dramatically accelerated by war as Earth science. Prior to the twentieth century, Earth science was largely dominated by natural philosophers debating whether the Earth had been formed by a ball of magma that solidified or a ball of liquid that precipitated. This g...2020
178 Sedley, AndrewEgocentric Navigation in a Morris Water Maze for Testing Memory Formation in MiceMouse models are crucial to understanding not only sensory and cognitive neurological processes, but also diseases, disabilities, and responses to pharmacological or surgical treatments. Behavioral tests are essential assets in the description of these models. The Morris Water Maze is a common behav...2018
179 Tang, NicolasEl Argenchino: A personal memoirThis personal memoir follows the life of Nicolas Tang, a 25 year old student at the University of Utah. Though still very young, Nicolas has already traveled much of the world and speaks fluently in three languages. He was born in Argentina, raised in Bolivia, and is of Chinese heritage. Recently, h...Tang, Nicolas Immigrants -- United States -- Biography Chinese Americans -- Biography South Americans -- United States2014-12
180 Gordon, Oakley BenedictElecting representative representatives: a case for modified single transferable voting in American legislative electionsAmerican government is founded upon the principle that its rulers should represent and be elected by its citizenry. To this end, America and its states elect large deliberative bodies charged with representing the people within their jurisdictions. The architects of federal and state governments, ho...American government; Voting - United States2012-05
181 Sriram, AnanyaElectrochemical Impedance Analysis of Gold-Polyurethane NanocompositeNeural prosthetic devices are used to record and transmit electrical signals to modulate neural tissue functionality. Electrodes in the devices are currently made using traditional electronic materials. These materials are generally not biocompatible and those that are, can be stiff, triggering an i...2020
182 Redmond, Nicholas K.Elephants and empire: The Asian elephant, from Alexander to AkbarThis thesis studies the prominence of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) in the historical record. The purpose is to show the impact of elephas on human affairs, most notably in the formation and destruction of empires. Of these empires, two are of primary importance: the conquests of Alex...Elephants -- War use -- History2015-05
183 Lee, Hye-riEliciting event type: Rumination and emotional complexityPast research has found positive associations between emotional complexity (the subjective experience of multiple simultaneous emotions; Hervas & Vazquez, 2011) and having a ruminative cognitive style. Numerous studies have suggested that the association between emotional complexity and rumination a...Emotions and cognition Depression; Mental Emotional complexity; Event type2015-04
184 Juarez, Sergio ArturoEmpirical Analysis of the Participation Behaviors of Investors on Crowdfunding PlatformsThis project examines the phenomenon of crowdfunding, which allows individuals to seek investments for a project, campaign, or venture. Typically this is done via the Internet, through the participation of large numbers of investors (or backers) who invest or donate small amounts of money. The reaso...2017
185 Ruan, TingEndogenous ceramide contributes to cardiovascular complications in Type II diabetes by decreasing the association between PP2A and I2PP2ACardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death in individuals with conditions associated with insulin resistance, e.g. type 2 diabetes, diet-induced obesity. In patients with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular complications are 2-4 times more prevalent. One common cardiovascular complicati...Ceramides - Physiological effect; Diabetic angiopathies2014
186 Seal, Laurie MichelleEnergy in Willa Cather's My Antonia and O Pioneers!: a union of landscape, personalities, and artThe primary texts for this essay are My Antonia and O Pioneers!. Using My Antonia I establish the existence of an energetic essence that quickens the land and various characters of these novels. The influence of this wild energy is manifest mainly through color and movement. I focus specifically on ...Willa Cather; Energetic essence; American literature1997-12
187 Lipman, JoshuaEnvironmental ethics in the Book of MormonCurrent LDS environmental theology, championed by George Handley, includes critiques of Mormon pioneer history, analyses of the Doctrine of Covenants (the LDS book of laws), and LDS influenced nature writing such as the work of Terry Tempest-Williams. However the lack of ecological thought dedicated...Book of Mormon - Criticism, interpretation, etc2014-12
188 Moore, HeidiEquality of difference through binary reversalI propose a deconstructive tool intended to illustrate the arbitrary construction of binary oppositions and expose the user to their internal dichotomies. I also explore the implications of this tool which is intended to illustrate that by conveying the same thought, meaning, or idea by employing bi...Semiotics; Binary principle (Linguistics); Gender mainstreaming2013-08
189 Mercer, MarianneEstablishing a System for Structure-Function analysis of the Novel Role that NUP153 Plays in Nuclear AssemblyIn mitosis, equal partitioning of DNA between daughter cells requires an integrated series of events. At the start of anaphase the chromatin separates and forms two chromatin discs. This chromatin is then targeted by nuclear membrane proteins and membrane to form the nuclear envelope. These membrane...2018
190 Thissen, CaitlinEstablishing sense of place in an urban desert wasteland : reconsidering traditional design materials in contemporary buildingA reconsideration of traditional and sustainable construction materials should not only be encouraged in the contemporary age, but should support the establishment of a more engaging spatial experience, culturally and ecologically. Traditional building and design materials preserve the local charact...Sustainable architecture - Arizona; Building materials - Arizona; Pueblo architecture - Arizona2013-05
191 Moelling, Leah I.Eurypterid paleoecology : characterization and analysis of a late Silurian shallow marine fossil assemblage from southern Ontario, CanadaEurypterids were giant chelicerate arthropods that have been extinct since the Permian Period. Eurypterids are rare as fossils, and many eurypterid fossils are likely skeletons shed during life (molts), which make it problematic when seeking to determine the types of environments in which they lived...Eurypterida2013-05
192 Cocke, Rebecca C.Evaluating the Catalytic Activity of Iron and Nickel Impurities in Bare High-Pressure High-Temperature NanodiamondMany metal nanoparticles are used as catalysts for various reactions and are held on supports. High-Pressure High-Temperature nanodiamonds (HPHT ND) are able to support metal nanoparticles even under strenuous chemical environments due to their robust nature. The production of HPHT ND includes the u...2018
193 Fernandez, FlorenceEvaluation of environmental education in high school science courses across Salt Lake City, UtahWhile the effects of pollution become Incredibly more evident in the air of the Salt Lake Valley, many Utah high school students still lack the knowledge and information necessary to take preventative and immediate actions to protect their health and their environment. In this study, the reasons for...Environmental education -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Science -- Study and teaching -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Air -- Pollution -- Utah -- Salt Lake City2015-05
194 Christensen, BryceEvolution, living patterns, and mitochondrial genetic variations in chimpanzeesThe study of genetic variation in chimpanzees allows researchers to determine evolutionary origins, population dynamics, living patterns, and more; the focus of this thesis is on the Pan troglodytes verus subspecies of chimpanzees of western Africa. After reviewing the literature, I set out to test ...Chimpanzees -- Genetics; Chimpanzees -- Evolution; Mitochondrial DNA2015-12
195 Fan, HuijunExamination of Y-Deterium isotope effects for the solvolysis of model isoprenoid compoundsModel isoprenoid compounds can undergo two distinct pathways, dissociative or associative nucleophilic substitution depending on the conditions used. The dissociative pathway consists of two steps, involving a carbocation intermediate where the formation of that carbocation is rate determining. The ...Isopentenoids; Solvolysis; Deuterium - Isotopes2012-05
196 Choi, Andrew YoungExamining off-task behaviors as regulatory mediators of long-term interest and performance onlineLearning via the Internet requires greater reliance on self-regulation (Artino & Stephens, 2009). Online students have easier access to both interesting related materials (i.e.,lesson-related videos) and unrelated materials (i.e., social media). Initial results from the Regulation of Motivation and ...Internet literacy - Study and teaching; Regulation of Motivation and Performance Online (RMAPO)2012-05
197 Victorine, PaigeExamining the DBT ways of coping checklist and therapist expectancies as predictors of success in DBT gift group participantsResearchers have long focused on which variables play a role in managing the stress-illness relationship, and more specifically, emotion dysregulation (Linehan, 1993; McCrae, 1984). The current study examined psychologically dysregulated individuals (n=22), who had been recommended by their primary...Dialectical behavior therapy2016-04
198 Flach, BrianExamining the effects of whisker trimming on mouse brain cell growthHoxb8 microglia are a particular breed of scavenger cells in the brain which have been related to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)-like behavior among other behavioral disorders. These cells have been found to reach full maturity during a period of neurological development known as the critical ...Obsessive-compulsive disorder - Research; Microglia - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Whiskers; Scavenger cells; Hoxb8 microglia2016-04
199 Fine, KeliExecutive functioning and grade point average in college studentsResearch has demonstrated a positive correlation between Executive Functioning (EF) and Grade Point Average (GPA; Duckworth, Tsukayama, & May, 2010; Latzman, Elkovitch, Young, & Clark, 2010; Knouse, Feldman, & Blevins, 2014). However, previous studies have failed to give a comprehensive view of all ...Executive functions (Neuropsychology); Academic achievement2014-12
200 Waller, Rosalie G.Exome sequence comparison of seventy-seven multiple myeloma cases identifies potential risk allelesMultiple Myeloma (MM) is a heritable cancer of plasma cells with poor prognosis. Although a few genomic risk-loci have been identified for MM, no risk variants have been published that explain MM heritability. We hypothesize MM heritability is due to rare germ-line variants that can be discovered th...Multiple myeloma -- Genetic aspects; Exomes; Exome sequence; Risk alleles2015-05
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