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176 White, Nicholas P.Review of J. Annas and J. Barnes, 'The modes of scepticism'This is a review of Julia Annas and Jonathan Barnes book, The Modes of Scepticism: Ancient Texts and Modern Interpretations. This book contains translations of material from Philo of Alexandria, Diogenes Laertius, and Sextus Empiricus concerning the ancient 'modes' or 'tropes' of skeptical argument...Skepticism; Book review; Tropes (Philosophy;)1988
177 Landesman, Bruce M.Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism (Book Review)A review of "Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism" by Richard Hudelson.Books; Marxism; Philosophy1991-10
178 Hanna, Patricia LeeWhat might speakers '"Tacitly know"?The theory of innate ideas, as revived by certain developments in transformational grammar, has been the subject of extensive discussion. In this paper I shall argue that there are no grounds at present for the claim, advanced by rationalist linguists, that one must posit certain highly specific it...Rationalist; Linguistics; Knowledge1977
179 Battin, Margaret P.Praying for a cure: when medical and religious practices conflictThis material is still protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Please contact the publisher for permission to copy, distribute or reprint1999
180 Mallon, RonaldOdd couple: the compatibility of social construction and evolutionary psychologyExamines the significance of evolutionary psychology and social constructionism in social sciences. Role of philosophical disputes in generating universal and local emotional phenomena; Relevance of adopting different theories of meaning and reference; Competition between philosophical disputes and ...Emotions; Genetic psychology; Social Sciences, Philosophy2001-09-11
181 Millgram, ElijahThick ethical concepts and the fact-value distinctionOver the last few years, the ‘fact-value distinction' (FVD) has become increasingly unfashionable, due in part to a number of arguments adduced against it. I myself do not believe the FVD can be maintained, and I think there are good arguments against it. But I have my doubts about the cogency of...Philosophy;; Ethics1995
182 Downes, Stephen M.Evolution of agency and other essays (book review)Reviews the book 'The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays,' by Kim Sterelny.Agent, Philosophy;; Books, nonfiction2002-11-13
183 Tuttle, Howard N.Problem of natural law in AristotleIn reading Aristotle's ethical, political, and jurisprudential writings we often come upon the term physis, which we may translate as "by the order of nature." In ancient political theory this term physis was often contrasted with nomos or "that which is by convention." I will argue in this paper t...1978
184 Battin, Margaret P.Legal physician-assisted dying in Oregon and the Netherlands: evidence concerning the impact on patients in "vulnerable" groupsIf physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and/or voluntary active euthanasia were legalised, would this disproportionately affect people in ‘‘vulnerable'' groups? Although principles of patient autonomy and the right to avoid suffering and pain may offer support for these practices, concerns about the...Vulnerable groups; Oregon; Netherlands2007-10-01
185 Benham, BryanRyle and the para-mechanicalThe thesis of this paper is the unconventional claim that Gilbert Ryle is not a logical behaviorist. The popular account of Ryle clearly places his work in The Concept of Mind (1949) in the camp of logical behaviorist.1 The object of this paper, however, will be to illustrate how the conventional in...Behaviorist; Logical behaviorism2000
186 White, Nicholas P.Making a necessity of Virtue (Book Review)Reviews the book `Making a Necessity of Virtue,' by Nancy Sherman.Books; Philosophy;; Virtue2001-09-18
187 White, Nicholas P.Stoic valuesRM: Copyright © 1990, The Monist: An International Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry, Peru, Illinois, U.S.A., 61354, reproduced by permission. Discusses the values of Stoicism which say noting concrete about how a virtuous person should go about making choices and examines the Stoics im...Virtuous; Indifferent; Worth1990
188 Millgram, ElijahBook review: Candace Vogler's, John Stuart Mill's Deliberative LandscapeThis is a review of Candace Vogler's John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape. Vogler's explores Mill's mental breakdown and its effect on his Philosophy;. In addition, Vogler's treatment is an intervention in the contemporary debate about practical reasoning. Both in its impressive control of t...Book review; Determinism; Moral Philosophy2002
189 Battin, Margaret P.; Jacobson, Jay A.; Francis, Leslie P.Patients' understanding and use of advance directivesThe Patient Self-Determination Act was implemented in December 1991. Before and after its implementation, we used a structured interview of 302 randomly selected patients to determine their awareness, understanding, and use of advance directives. Implementation of the Act did not have a major effec...1994
190 Battin, Margaret P.Case comment: the case of Nicole: suicide and terminal illnessWhat shall one say about Nicole? My immediate answer is an easy one-liner: if there ever were a case in which a choice of suicide appears both rational and rationally made, this seems to be it.1933
191 Hanna, Patricia LeeEqual rights for children (book review)A review of the book "Equal Rights for Children" by Howard Cohen.Books, reviews; Equal rights; Children1982-04
192 Thalos, Mariam G.Units of decisionI shall introduce the units of decision problem in the theory of decision, which as I shall explain is a sibling to the units of selection problem in evolutionary theory. And I shall present an argument to the effect that, contrary to Bayesian wisdom on the subject, undertaking decision in group set...Decision theory; Collective will; Cooperation; Individualism1999-09
193 Morrow, CarolynBaudelaire as seen through Les Fleurs du MalModern phychology emphasizes the similarity of the dream to works of art, especially poetry. The dreamer or the poet works through symbols, which express his inner self, a self largely unknown to the conscious mind.1 There can be no "difference irreductible entre le 'moi' subjectif and le 'je' crea...1964
194 Kachi, YukioReview article on A.C. Graham, Reason and SpontaneityThis is a book review of A. C. Graham's Reason and Spontaneity, a book that advances the proposal to ground all values, whether prudential, moral, or aesthetic, in the imperative 'Be aware'. The empirical thesis concerns causal connections between awareness and motivation.Book review; Values; Metaphysics1990
195 Goldberg, Robert A.Denver: Queen City of the Colorado realmIn the spring of 1921, William Joseph Simmons stepped from a train at Denver's Union Station. Dressed in a well-fitted suit emblazoned with lodge buttons, this tall, heavy-set man attracted little notice from the crowd. Few Denverites realized that on the train platform stood the self-proclaimed Imp...1991
196 Gehl, Robert W.The archive and the processor: the internal logic of web 2.0In Web 2.0, there is a social dichotomy at work based upon and reflecting the underlying Von Neumann architecture of computers. In the hegemonic Web 2.0 business model, users are encouraged to process digital ephemera by sharing content, making connections, ranking cultural artifacts, and producing ...2011
197 Crowe, Benjamin D.F. H. Jacobi on faith, or what it takes to be an irrationalistF. H. Jacobi (1743-1819), a key figure in the philosophical debates at the close of the eighteenth century in Germany, has long been regarded as an irrationalist for allegedly advocating a blind ‘leap of faith'. The central claim of this essay is that this venerable charge is misplaced. Following...2009-09
198 Battin, Margaret P.A midwife through the dying process: stories of healing and hard choices at the end of lifeIn Timothy Quill's recounting of the deaths of nine patients, the final description is of the planned death of Jules: at home, surrounded by family members, and aided by a physician. It is a moving, true story, recounted in meticulous detail, from the first diagnosis to the final dose of barbiturat...1997
199 White, Nicholas P.Rulers' choicePlato undertook in the Republic to show that "it is in every way better to be just than unjust" (Book II, 357b1 -- 2). What did he mean by this? I would like to focus on two relevant questions. 1) Did he believe that invariably the more just a person is, the better it is for him? We should prefer t...Republic; Plato; Justice1986
200 Battin, Margaret P.Excellent palliative care as the standard, physician-assisted dying as a last resortTo understand the role of physician-assisted death as a last-resort option restricted to dying patients for whom palliative care or hospice has become ineffective or unacceptable, one must understand how frequently and under what circumstances that occurs. If all such cases are the result of inadequ...2004
176 - 200 of 259