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176 Adaptive realization of a maximum likelihood time delay estimatorABSTRACT This paper presents an adaptive maximum likelihood method for estimating the time difference of arrival of a source signal at two spatially separate sensors. It is well-known that the maximum likelihood technique achieves the Cramer-Rao lower bound for time delay estimation error for ce...1996
177 Adaptive realizations of the maximum likelihood processor for time delay estimationAbstract-This correspondence introduces an adaptive realization of the maximum likelihood (ML) processor for time delay estimation (TDE). Also presented is a modified ML processor, which requires less computations but still performs better than the other when implemented in an adaptive way. Widrow'...1984
178 Adaptive realizations of the phase transform for time delay estimationABSTRACT This paper introduces two recursive realizations of the Phase Transforn (PHAT) processor for tine delay estimation (TOE), using a simple one-pole lowpass filter and the least mean square (LMS) adaptive filter, respectively. It is shown that these adaptive methods are very effective in redu...1984
179 Adaptive unsharp masking for contrast enhancementABSTRACT A new scheme o,f unsharp masking for image contrast enhancement is presented in this paper. An adaptive algorithm is introduced so that a sharpening action is performed only in locations where the image exhibits significant dynamics. Hence, the amplification of noise in smooth areas i...1997
180 Adaptive volterra filters using orthogonal structuresAbstract- This paper presents an adaptive Volterra filter that employs a recently developed orthogonalization procedure of Gaussian signals for Volterra system identification. The algorithm is capable of handling arbitrary orders of nonlinearity P as well as arbitrary lengths of memory N for the sys...1995
181 Adaptive volterra filters using orthogonal structuresAbstract-This paper presents an adaptive Volterra filter that empolys a recently developed orthogonalization procedure of Gaussian signals for Volterra system identification. The algorithm is capable of handling arbitrary orders of nonlinearity P as well as arbitrary lengths of memory N for the syst...1996
182 Adaptive, quadratic preprocessing of document images for binarizationAbstract-This paper presents an adaptive algorithm for preprocessing document images prior to binarization in character recognition problems. Our method is similar in its approach to the blind adaptive equalization of binary communication channels. The adaptive filter utilizes a quadratic system mod...1998
183 Adsorption and desorption of the surfactant Sb on GaInP grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxyIt has been determined that ordering has a profound effect on the bandgap energy of many compound semiconductor alloys. Therefore, ordering must be controlled for devices such as solar cells, light emitting diodes and diode lasers. Since ordering depends on the surface properties during organomet...Time dependent surface photoabsorption (SPA); Compound semiconductor alloys2000
184 Advanced regression methods for combustion modelling using principal componentsModelling the physics of combustion remains a challenge due to a large range of temporal and physical scales which are important in these systems. Detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms are used to describe the chemistry involved in the combustion process yielding highly coupled partial differential e...2014-01-01
185 Advances in discrete element method application to grinding millsDiscrete element method (DEM) has made significant impact in the design and operation of grinding mills. The internal charge motion of grinding balls and ore can be readily examined. As a result, this method enables one to design and examine mill internals via simulation. This manuscript details es...2014-01-01
186 Agent-based engineering drawing analysisInterpretation of paper drawings has received a good deal of attention over the last decade. Related areas such as direct interpretation of human drawings (HCI), search and indexing of graphics databases, and knowledge representation in the domain of graphics and drawing understanding have also s...Interpretation; Human drawings; HCI; Graphic databases2002-02-04
187 Air shear driven flow of thin perfluoropolyether polymer filmsWe have studied the wind driven movement of thin perfluoropolyether (PFPE) polymer films on silicon wafers and CNx overcoats using the blow-off technique. The ease with which a liquid polymer film moves across a surface when sheared is described by a shear mobility xS , which can be interpreted both...Perfluoropolyether; Polymer films; Air shear; Shear mobility2003
188 Algebraic curves that work betterAn algebraic curve is defined as the zero set of a polynomial in two variables. Algebraic curves are practical for modeling shapes much more complicated than conics or superquadrics. The main drawback in representing shapes by algebraic curves has been the lack of repeatability in fitting algebraic...1999
189 Algorithms for MIS vector generation and pruningIgnoring the effect of simultaneous switching for logic gates causes silicon failures for high performance microprocessor designs. The main reason to omit this effect is the run time penalty and potential over-conservatism. Run times are directly proportional to the vector sizes. Efficient algorithm...2006
190 Alpha-beta pruning on evolving game treesThe alpha-beta strategy is a widely used method for economizing on the size of game trees. Heretofore, its application has been limited to depth-first tree growth in recursive search functions. However, many modern game players use retentive (i.e. coroutine-based) control to achieve greater attentio...Alpha-beta pruning; Game trees1979
191 An A-FPGA architecture for relative timing based asynchronous designsThis paper presents an asynchronous FPGA architecture that is capable of implementing relative timing based asynchronous designs. The architecture uses the Xilinx 7-Series architecture as a starting point and proposes modifications that would make it asynchronous design capable while keeping it full...2014-01-01
192 An E-J collocated 3-D FDTD model of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized cold plasmaA new three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) numerical model is proposed herein to simulate electromagnetic wave propagation in an anisotropic magnetized cold plasma medium. Plasma effects contributed by electrons, positive, and negative ions are considered in this model. The current...2010-01-01
193 An O(1) time complexity software barrierAs network latency rapidly approaches thousands of processor cycles and multiprocessors systems become larger and larger, the primary factor in determining a barrier algorithm?s performance is the number of serialized network latencies it requires. All existing barrier algorithms require at least ...Network latency; Barrier algorithm; Time complexity software barrier2004
194 An O(n) time discrete relaxation architecture for real-time processing of the consistent labeling problemDiscrete relaxation techniques have proven useful in solving a wide range of problems in digital signal and digital image processing, artificial intelligence, operations research, and machine vision. Much work has been devoted to finding efficient hardware architectures. This paper shows that a conv...Discrete relaxation techniques1986
195 An abstract machine for parallel graph reductionAn abstract machine suitable for parallel graph reduction on a shared memory multiprocessor is described. Parallel programming is plagued with subtle race conditions resulting in deadlock or fatal system errors. Due to the nondeterministic nature of program execution the utilization of resources ma...Parallel graph reduction; Abstract machines1989
196 An abstract machine for parallel graph reductionAn abstract machine for parallel graph reduction on a shared memory multiprocessor is described. This is intended primarily for normal order (lazy) evaluation of functional programs. It is absolutely essential in such a design to adapt an efficient sequential model since during execution under limit...Parallel graph reduction1989
197 An adaptive channel estimator for CDMA systems in multipath fading channelsABSTRACT CDMA systems in multipath fading channels need to estimate channel parameters for coherent detection of the transmitted signals. In this paper we present a simple but effective channel estimation algorithm that can be incorporated into most types of multiuser receivers to obtain good dete...2001
198 An algebraic formulation of seitz's weak conditions for self timed circuitsTwo fairly intuitive conditions are given that serve to algebraically characterize Seitz's "weak conditions" for self timed circuits. It is shown that these two conditions embody the 12 temporal logic conditions (developed b y Owicki and Malachi) which are intended to express both the weak condition...Seitz's weak conditions; Self-timed circuits1982
199 An analytical model of the perceptual threshold function for multichannel image compressionABSTRACT The human observer is often the final judge of the quality of compressed images. One way to design a compression system that attempts to reduce or eliminate subjective distortions in the coded images is to incorporate a perceptual threshold function model into the compression system. The...1998
200 An anisotropic phong light reflection modelWe present a new BRDF model that attempts to combine the advantages of the various empirical models currently in use. In particular, it has intuitive parameters, is anisotropic, energy-conserving, reciprocal, has an appropriate non-Lambertian diffuse term, and is well-suited for use in a Monte Carlo...BRDF model; Anisotropic; Phong light reflection model2000
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