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176 Patients' understanding and use of advance directives1994Textir_uspace
177 Review of Michael Gorman, Simulating Science1994Textir_uspace
178 Common need for classical epistemological foundations: against a feminist alternative1994Textir_uspace
179 Cases for kids: using puzzles to teach aesthetics to children1994Textir_uspace
180 Death ethics: religious and cultural values in prolonging and ending life1994Textir_uspace
181 Multiculturalism and the politics of recognition (Book Review)1994-01Textir_uspace
182 Making meaning of the Hmong: a qualitative case study of community discourse in the construction of public opinion1994-06Textir_etd
183 Death ethics: religious and cultural values in prolonging and ending life (book review)1994-07Textir_uspace
184 Thick ethical concepts and the fact-value distinction1995Textir_uspace
185 Was Hume a Humean?1995Textir_uspace
186 Como Agua Para Chocolate: una permeacion simbolica1995-05-11Textir_etd
187 Esther Rosenblatt Landa: her price is far above rubies1996Textir_uspace
188 Report of the committee on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia1996Textir_uspace
189 Rights, welfare and Mill's moral theory (Book Review)1996-04Textir_uspace
190 Termination1996-06Textir_etd
191 Review of Terence Irwin, 'Plato'1996-10Textir_uspace
192 Margalit, Avishai. The decent society1997Textir_uspace
193 Review of Peter Galison and David Stump, Disunity of science1997Textir_uspace
194 Is pornography an action?: the causal vs. the conceptual view of pornography's harm1997Textir_uspace
195 Quick easy questions for analyzing medical ethics cases1997Textir_uspace
196 A midwife through the dying process: stories of healing and hard choices at the end of life1997Textir_uspace
197 Sex & consequences: world population growth vs. reproductive rights1997Textir_uspace
198 Review of Mary Margaret McCabe, "Plato's individuals1997Textir_uspace
199 Hume on practical reasoning (Treatise 463-469)1997Textir_uspace
200 Decent society (book review)1997-07Textir_uspace
176 - 200 of 910