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151 Three-Dimensional Input for Computer GraphicsThe paper states the need for three-dimensional input for architectural work using computer graphics. The paper consists of two sections. The first section deals with laser Examples are given comparing old methods of ground survey with photogrammetry.1968-06
152 TICL : a Type Inference System for Common LispMost current Common Lisp compilers generate more efficient code when supplied with data type information. However, in keeping with standard Lisp programming style, most programmers are reluctant to provide type information; they simply allow the run-time type system to manage the data types accordin...compilers; LISP; type interface; TICL1989-03
153 Towards a language independent object systemThis thesis proposes a solution to the problem of mixed language programming in an object-oriented environment that centers around an object specification that can describe the features of objects in a language independent fashion. Also, a stub generator which reads this specification and creates me...object-oriented programming; mixed language programming; programming; computers; object-oriented environment; stub generator1991-06
154 Trimmed surfacesParametric surfaces and set operations have both become known as a valuable to the geometric modeling of rigid solids. Parametric surfaces give a geometric modeller a wider range, providing for the representation of parts with sculptured surfaces. Set operations of union, differences or intersection...trimmed surface; rectangular parametric surfaces; computers1991-03
155 Trivariate B-splinesThe purpose of this thesis is to explore and evaluate the use of trivariate B-splines. There are several issues that make modeling with trivariate B-splines a significant and interesting problem. The issues to be addressed are the domain of the representation; algorithms for display, subdivision, a...trivariate b-splines; computers1991-12
156 TWEAK: A three-dimensional toolkit and modeling system using snapping and constraintsThe goal of this thesis is to provide a simple and intuitive user interface to a three-dimensional (3D) Computer Aided Design system. The interactive modeling system described here was built to demonstrate the utility of this user interface. The four main parts of the system are discussed.Tweak; snapping; constraint; interactive modeling system; DI-3D graphics library1996-12
157 UCL+P - a persistent common lispThe Persistent Lisp language was defined and an implementation, UCL+P,1 was designed and constructed. Persistent · Lisp is a superset of Common Lisp which fully supports the development of programs manipulating persistent data , while maintaining Lisp semantics across the storage/retrieval of value...computer language; Lisp,1994-08
158 UNIDEC AssemblerThe report discusses the UNIDEC assembler which runs on the UNIVAC 1108 and passes assembled PDP-8 code over the electronic link between the two machines.1968-06-06
159 The use of inverse rendering in lighting designThis dissertation presents an inverse rendering approach for designing the illumination in an environment using optimization techniques applied to a radiosity based image synthesis system.image synthesis system; radiosity; inverse rendering; designing illumination; computers; radioptimization1995-06
160 Z [infinity] : a framework for reactive autonomous agent specification and analysisWe propose a framework for the specification and analysis of autonomous agents. In general, such agents require several levels of behavioral specifications, including low-level reflex actions, midlevel controllers to deal with the physical aspects of the world, and high-level representations for goa...robots; control systems; real-time programming languages; graphical interactive tools; robotic systems1994-12
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