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151 La Verkin Breaks, looking west, Navajo sandstone capped by Carmel limestone and cut by canyons 800 to 2,000 feet deep, Pine Valley Mountains in distance, Washington County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
152 Camp Creek near its mouth in Hurricane Cliffs. Navajo sandstone overlain by Carmel, Entrada, Curtis and Winsor. Pine Valley mountains (right distance), Washington County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
153 Surface of Kolob Terrace showing sharp drop to heads of deep canyons. Lava in foreground, Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
154 Surface of Kolob Terrace. Divide between North Creek and Kolob Creek, Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
155 Surface of Kolob Terrace near head of Kolob Creek, Washington County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
156 Straight Cliffs sandstone, capped by basalt, head of Oak Creek, Washington County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
157 Meadow land along upper Kolob Creek, developed in Tropic shale, Washington County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
158 Lake, one of three in LaVanger Wash. Surrounding trills Wasatch formation. Original obstruction of stream by alluvial fans made permanent by artificial dam, Kane County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
159 Lava Narrows. The Parunuweap has worn its way through basalt that filled its original canyon. Stream flows in groove at side of road, Kane County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
160 Corral Knoll volcanic cone, Kanab Valley, Kane County, Carmel limestone covered with lava (foreground), Cretaceous cliffs distance, Kane Co., UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
161 Entrada, Curtis, and Winsor formation overlain by Dakota (extreme top), Alton-Skutumpah road, Kane County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
162 'The Granary': one of many natural cavities in Wingate sandstone utilized for storage, Johnson Canyon, Kane County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
163 Lava flow from Bald Knoll Crater (foreground), Upper Jurassic (lower cliffs), and tertiary (upper cliffs), Kane County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
164 Kaiparowits formation along Parunuweap below lava narrows, Kane County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
165 Summerville (?) formation, Paria River Canyon below mouth of Henrieville Creek, Garfield Co., Utah, 1939uum_mapImage
166 Summerville (?) formation, Paria River Canyon below mouth of Henrieville Creek, Garfield Co., Utah, 1939uum_mapImage
167 View looking south-southwest across Timpoweap Canyon (center) to crest of Hurricane Cliffs (skyline). Floor chiefly the surface of east dipping beds of Timpoweap member of the Moenkopi. Lava capped mesas of upper Moenkopi (left distance). West of Virgin City. Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
168 View looking up Virgin River from a point 2 miles west of Virgin City, valley floor lower Moenkopi. Virgin member caps mesa(front ). Shinarump the terraces upstream. Navajo sandstone of South Mountain (right). Kinesawa Mountain (left) on skyline, Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
169 Landslide (all the material in view) near mouth of Birch Creek, Zion Canyon. Covers upper part of and Springdale member (lower left) of the Chinle. Still active: Virgin river flows in groove at left of road, Washington County, UT, 19391939uum_mapImage
170 Landslide at mouth of Parunuweap (right center) extends from south of Springdale (foreground) across Parunuweap to base of Eagle Crags (top center). Involves entire Chinle formation. Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
171 View looking south down Meadow Brook across Parunuweap Canyon to Block Mesas on Moccasin Terrace. Canyon cut in San Rafael strata. Pinions or Juniper. Kane County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
172 Wasatch formation near mouth of Red Canyon. Gray conglomerate unconformable over massive pink limestone. Above it friable limestone, volcanic ash and basalt, Garfield County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
173 Navajo sandstone including Temple cap member (top). Shows typical recessed arch. Near east entrance, Zion Park, Kane County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
174 Landslide, 1 mile south of Springdale, covers strata from base of Navajo (top left) to Shinarump. Springdale member of Chinle (left middle). Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
175 Hurricane Cliffs at Anderson Ranch. Kaibab and lower Moenkopi. Basalt (middle and upper right). Washington County, UT. 19391939uum_mapImage
151 - 175 of 116,958