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151 Tropical cyclone intensity change: evaluating the effects of inner core precipitation properties and environmental influencesAlvey, George RobertDespite improvements in recent years, tropical cyclone intensity change, and in particular differentiating intensification rates (especially rapid intensification, RI), remains an unresolved issue. Studies have quantified the importance of both environmental and convective properties with respect to...Atmospheric Sciences
152 Formation and enzyme processing of 5-carboxamido- 5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin, a major oxidation product of guanine in dnaAlshykhly, Omar R.Oxidative damage to DNA, a factor in cancer, mutation, and aging, is attributed to reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are formed exogenously and endogenously and attack DNA showing a preference for reaction with 2-deoxyguanosine (dG) sites. In present work, dG was oxidized by HO. that was generated ...Chemistry
153 Cardiac structure and mechanisms of fibrillationAngel, NathanFibrillation is defined as turbulent cardiac electrical activity and results in the inability of the myocardium to contract. When fibrillation occurs in the ventricles, it is known as ventricular fibrillation (VF). The consequence of VF is sudden death unless treated immediately. Fibrillation can al...Bioengineering
154 Bioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemiaAras, Kedar KirtikumarDespite a century of research and practice, the clinical accuracy of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to detect and localize myocardial ischemia remains less than satisfactory. Myocardial ischemia occurs when the heart does not receive adequate oxygen-rich blood to keep up with its metabolic requirements...Bioengineering
155 Interrelationships among water cycle fluxes and stores in a semi-arid urban environmentAugustus, Nicholas WalterThis thesis research was performed to quantify and analyze the interrelationships among water cycle fluxes and stores in a semi-arid urban environment. In September 2007, a hydrologic observation network was installed in a residential area of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area to collect continuou...Civil & Environmental Engineering
156 Zionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish community and Israel, 1933-1967Andersen, Rebecca KayeZionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish Community and Israel, 1933-1967 seeks to understand how Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel affected a Jewish community in the western United States. It will be argued that the Salt Lake City Jewish community followed national trends in their in...History
157 In vivo effects of ftorafur and fluorouracil on mammary tumors and small intestine in mice.Pallavicini, Maria GeorginaThe in vivo effects of Ftorafur (FT) and 5-fluorouracil (FU) were evaluated at several different organizational levels within the same animal model. On a molar basis, FU was found to be two to three times more potent than FT with respect to growth inhibition of murine mammary adenocarcinomas. Howe...Pharmacology & Toxicology
158 Regulation of papBA transcription by the leucine-responsive regulatory and catabolite activator proteins.Weyand, Nathan J.The pyelonephritis-associated pili (pap) operon in Escherichia coli is regulated by an epigenetic mechanism involving the formation of specific DNA methylation patterns characteristic of transcriptionally active (phase ON) and inactive (phase OFF) cells. The binding site for cyclic AMP receptor prot...Pathology
159 The Modulatory Role of Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors on Peripheral InflammationOsborne, Amber ValeriaThis dissertation examines the relationship between inflammatory cytokines and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). WT and nAChRa7 null mice were exposed to 4.8kJ/m2 of UVB on a standardized area of back skin. This dose of UVB caused the skin to be visibly inflamed 48 hours after exposure; ...Pathology
160 Quantitative morphometry of the vertebrae and femur of the beagle as a function of age and sex/Srisukonth, Wattana.New methodology was developed to study bone microradiographs on a television image analyzing system, The optimum exposure time for producing microradiographs of 100 micron ground bone sections with sufficient contrast for the quantitative television microscope was determined. The microradiographs ...Neurobiology & Anatomy
161 Detection of diethyl ether in human blood.Hodges, Kirk BlaineResearch was conducted to develop a valid analytical method for determining levels of diethyl ether in blood below the 1 part per million (ppm) levels (volume/volume). Two gas chromatographic methods, the head space and the purge and the purge and trap, were adapted to meet the needs of low-level a...Family & Preventive Medicine
162 Aerothermoelastic modeling of hypersonic vehiclesJamison, Ryan DaleOver the last few decades, aerothermoelasticity has become an ever increasingly important area of study. This has been most notably influenced by the development of hypersonic aircraft that surpass Mach 3. At such speeds, the elastic response of an aircraft to the aerodynamic heating and loading bec...Mechanical Engineering
163 A lymphocyte-targeting polymeric drug delivery system mediated by receptor-binding epitopes: design, synthesis, and characterization.Tang, Aijun.Extensive studies have demonstrated that the use of targetable polymeric drug delivery systems is an efficient approach for improving cancer chemotherapy. In this dissertation, a new strategy for the design of targetable polymeric anticancer drug carriers was proposed that combined water-soluble pol...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
164 A Physiological pharmacokinetic model for norethindrone.Christensen, John Mark.Physiological pharmacokinetic models are derived from basic considerations of physiological, anatomical, and pharmacologic principles. These modes can simultaneously predict drug levels in blood, organs, and tissues. The prediction by the model depends on the following factors: dosage, partition ...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
165 The metabolism and plasma concentrations of L-alpha-acetylmethadol and its metabolites in man.Finkle, Bryan Smith.The plasma disposition of L-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) and its two active metabolites, nor-LAAM and dinor-LAAM, has been determined in 12 human subjects as part of a controlled clinical pharmacological study. LAAM was administered orally three times per week for ten doses, ranging from 0.73 mg/kg ...Pharmacology & Toxicology
166 Role expectations of joint academic/clinical appointees in university nursing faculties.Acorn, Sonia GriffinThe purpose of this study was to provide a descriptive analysis of the role expectations of joint academic/clinical appointees in university Nursing; faculties. These role expectations are examined from the perspective of joint appointees and deans of Nursing; and senior nurse executives of health c...Nursing
167 Studies on the molecular mechanisms of lymphocyte extravasation.Spangrude, Gerald John.The cells of the mammalian immune system exhibit special migratory properties within their in vivo environment, a characteristic that is thought to be important in the protection of the organism by a process known as immunological surveillance. The present study utilized a radiotracer technique to e...Pathology
168 Mechanism of HIV entry: surface stiffnes and steric defense.Shi, Yu.HIV undergoes a maturation process required for infectivity after leaving the cell. Significant internal morphological rearrangements occur during the maturation process, converting the immature HIV particle with a thick protein shell into a mature particle with a thin protein shell and a prominent...Biochemistry
169 Block of neuromuscular transmission by conotoxins GI and GII.McManus, Owen Bernard.Two similar peptide neurotoxins from the venom of the marine snail Conus geographus were found to block neuromuscular transmission in the frog and in the mouse. Initial experiments were done with an equimolar mixture of Conotoxins GI and GII. The GI-GII mixture was found to block nerve-evoked muscle...Philosophy
170 The role and responsibility of the nurse in caring for the dying patient.Marostica, Julia GuenziThe central purpose for this study was to determine whether or not evaluation and revision of Nursing; curricula may be indicated to give nurses better preparation in the care of the dying and a sense of adequacy in giving this care. It was hypothesized that (a) nurses would exhibit measurable diff...Nursing
171 Physicochemical studies basic to cholesterol gallstone formation and dissolution: correlation between cholesterol thermodynamic activity laser light scattering data nucleation times and or dissolution tendencies.Liu, Chen-Lun.An improved silicone polymer uptake method for measuring cholesterol (Ch) thermodynamic activity (AT) was employed in studying supersaturated model bile systems. The method permits rapid determination of AT and thus avoids the possible complications resulting from Ch crystal nucleation. Several diff...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
172 An examination of the behavior patterns of two Utah male adolescents who committed suicide: comparative case studies.Bacon, Marlene P.Although the literature indicates that there is a large body of professional knowledge available about adolescent suicide, the body of literature focusing on adolescent suicide indicates that very little is known about the lifelong behavior patterns of teens who commit suicide. The purpose of this b...Nursing
173 Vascular Endothelial Cells and Pulmonary Epitheilial Cells: Uptake and Response to Metal Oxide NanoparticlesRice, Cassandra Elizabeth DeeringNanomaterials are promoted as a promising technology in highly diverse applications, but concerns about risks of these materials have stimulated extensive research on the adverse effects of manufactured nanoparticles. Our research utilized ex vivo tissues to study quantification of unlabeled nano...Pharmacology & Toxicology
174 Treatment of the dawn phenomenon in diabetes mellitu.Odell, Margaret FlorenceTen subjects with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus from a diabetic clinic setting in Salt Lake City, Utah participated in a descriptive study which consisted of two phases: Phase I, a 1-month control period, with subjects taking a twice daily mixture of regular and intermediate-acting insulin be...Nursing
175 International consultation by United States nurses: a descriptive studyAndrews, Margaret MSince the influence of United States Nursing; is far-reaching both geographically and ideologically, United States nurses are frequently asked to serve as consultants to other countries. This was an exploratory/descriptive study of United States nurses who have engaged in international consultation ...Nursing
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