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151 Theory of elder Chinese-American's conceptions of health promotion and illness prevention: conformity with natureChen, Yeou-Lan DuhThe purpose of this study was to generate a substantative theory that describes and explains the perceptions of health and illness and the beliefs and behaviors of promoting and preventing illness among the Chinese elderly in the United States. Grounded theory methodology was used in this study. The...Nursing
152 A novel role for the tumor suppressor adenomatous polyposis coli in controlling retinoic acid production in the vertebrate intestine and retinaNadauld, Lincoln DyrengThe role of the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor in regulating intestinal homeostasis has previously been attributed solely to its ability to antagonize canonical WNT signaling via negative regulation of the transcriptional co-activator ?-catenin. Recent studies, however, have sugge...Oncological Sciences
153 Physiological response to plasma exchange in patients in burn shockKravitz, Melva D.The physiological consequences of major thermal injury center around profound, life-threatening shock occurring in conjunction with the burn and consisting of two pathological syndromes: hypovolemic and cellular shock. Intravascular hypovolemia following major thermal injury results from increased c...Nursing
154 Biosynthesis of marine peptide natural productsNelson, James ThomasSaframycin-like ecteinascidins and patellamides are two groups of cytotoxic marine peptide natural products with potential application as anticancer therapeutics. The biosynthesis of the saframycins occurs through nonribosomal peptide synthesis and we show that the biosynthesis of the patellamides u...Medicinal Chemistry
155 Interaction between the Escherichia coli heat shock proteins DnaK and GrpEMaddock, Anna LouiseThe DnaK, DnaJ and GrpE Escherichia coli proteins have been shown to work together as a chaperone system which functions to help dissolve protein aggregates, such as heat inactivated RNA polymerase, and to aid in assembly and disassembly of protein structures, such as that found at the origin of lam...Pathology
156 Estimation of savings due to formulary implementation and group purchasing affiliation in selected therapeutic categoriesSylvester, Karen LouiseThe studies reported to date all attempted to document cost savings achieved through use of specific purchasing techniques or by restriction of high-dollar value drug products. No study has attempted to measure the combined effects of formulary implementation and group purchasing affiliated, or att...Pharmacology & Toxicology
157 Transitioning burn patients from parenteral to oral opioid pain medication: are they receiving equianalgesic dosesMoss, Lee ScottThe purpose of this study was to determine if burn patients at a regional burn center were transitioned from parenteral to oral opioid pain medications in equianalgesic doses according to guidelines for acute pain management published by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR). A desc...Nursing
158 Methamphetamine and dopamine transporter oligomerizationBaucum, Anthony JeromeMethamphetamine (METH) is a psychostimulant drug of abuse that is widely used and easily, chemically, synthesized. In various animal models, high-dose administrations of METH lead to persistent reductions in dopaminergic markers including dopamine (DA), tyrosine hydroxylase, and dopamine transporter...Pharmacology & Toxicology
159 Study of a redesigned medical technology program utilizing student behavioral characteristic ratingsPeterson, Kay Ellene HalladayThis study investigated nonacademic behavioral traits of medical technology students who were enrolled in two different types of medical technology programs. Subjects were drawn from two universities; the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Subjects at each university were divided into...Pharmacology & Toxicology
160 Patterns of nausea and vomiting in first pregnanciesStrahn, Marcia AnnOne component of this study was to describe patterns of nausea and vomiting reported by primigravidas women. Since nausea and vomiting are so widely experience by pregnant women and since surprisingly little is know about he cause of these symptoms as evidence by the wide rage of theories, the stud...Nursing
161 Immunological aspects of shortened neutrophil half-disappearance times after isologous neutrophil transfusionsCarter, Dan FredOrgan and tissue transplants have decreased the morbidity associated with such medical problems as uremia and heart disease. The success of organ transplants has paralleled advances in transplantation immunology. Medical problems with bone marrow destruction or replacement with its resultant neutr...Biology
162 View through a prism : a critical reflection on power relations and deviance in the development of psychiatric mental health nursingBurrell, Patricia M.This is a critical reflection on power relations and deviance in the development of nursing in general, and psychiatric nursing in particular. Deviance and power in regards to nursing's legitimization are examined. In light of nursing's interdependence on the social, economic, and political ramifi...Nursing
163 Changes in children's self concept and parents' prediction of their children's self conceptBrennan, Brenda ReissThe construct of self concept has often been the focus of treatment and research in the mental health field. Both the development of and function of self concept in human behavior are important to nursing and other social theorists who are interested in understanding and changing human behavior. T...Nursing
164 Customizing practice : constructing a practice milieuStapleton, Patsy LeaUnderstanding how nurses remain in hospital staff nurse positions to practice nursing provides information that can be used in developing programs and practices to increase the stability of the inpatient registered nurse (RN) work force. The purpose of this study was to analyze RN experiences of inp...Nursing
165 Comparison of discovery and didactic instruction in medical technologyHengesbaugh, Jean Susan HougerA comparison of the effectiveness of discovery and didactic instruction in medical technology was done using twenty university sophomores and juniors. A pre- and post-test design was used. Two treatment groups received differing instructional strategies during discussions once a week with both group...Biomedical Informatics
166 Characterization of proteins regulating vesicular trafficking and protein sortingShiflett, Shelly LynnThe endocytic apparatus, a series of vesicular compartments that exist in dynamic equilibrium through fusion and fission events, provides a mechanism for the movement of molecules within the cell. Newly synthesized molecules are trafficked from the Golgi to their functional location and internalized...Pathology
167 Glucagon-like peptide-1 delivery for treatment of type 2 diabetesChoi, SunaGlucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is an insulinotropic hormone that increases insulin secretion in a glucose-dependent manner. Insulin secretion is only increased when concentrations of glucose is high and not at low to normal concentrations of glucose, therefore avoiding hypoglycemic episodes. In spi...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
168 In vitro blood-materials interactions: a multi-test approachColeman, Dennis LynnThe purpose of this dissertation is to evolve a series of simple in vitro blood test with well-defined protocols specifically designed to evaluate the ability of materials to activate known pathways of coagulation. Concurrently, a series of well-defined polymers are characterized according to surfa...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
169 Hyaluronan based biomaterial for antiadhesion and thermosensitive hyaluronan lanthanide complexesLi, HaoHyaluronan (HA) is a naturally-occurring polysaccharide abundant in the extracellular matrix (ECM). The unique physicochemical properties and biological functions of HA make it suitable for applications in drug delivery, anti-adhesion and tissue engineering. Studying new HA properties and developing...Medicinal Chemistry
170 The fate of edited RNA in caenorhabditis elegansHellwig, SabineIn contrast to DNA, which functions to store genetic information, RNA effectuates genetic information. The versatility of RNA is evident in the multiple cellular functions RNA fulfills. RNA molecules are structural elements, catalysts, adaptors, messengers and regulators. Accordingly, RNA shows grea...Biochemistry
171 Effect of a multidimensional weight management program for childrenPage, Allison J.Childhood obesity is a multifactorial problem with an undefined etiology. Environment and hereditary links have been made, but the exact cause remains to be discovered. Until a genetic basis and form of genetic intervention are discovered, the environmental influences will remain the target of tre...Nursing
172 Medical problem list automation using natural language processingMeystre, St©phane M.The electronic problem-oriented medical record was conceived to alleviate limitations of the paper-based medical record, and to improve its organization. The list of medical problems is at the heart of this problem-oriented record, and requires completeness, accuracy and timeliness to fulfill this c...Biomedical Informatics
173 Experimental and numerical study on the mechanism of liquefaction flow-slides in gently sloping groundAmini, Zahra AThis study focuses on two major concepts related to the mechanism of liquefaction flow-slides in gently sloping ground, i.e., (a) ultimate steady state strength smaller than static driving shear stress, and (b) void redistribution and water film development in layered sand deposits. The results of a...Geology & Geophysics
174 Social determinants of health among older adults: evidence from the utah fertility, longevity, and aging (flag) studyAsante, SamuelFor some decades, social relationship has been a central theme in research on health and wellbeing. The literature documents two separate but related components of social relationship-social network and social support-both of which are believed to impact health independent of the other. Using data f...Social Work
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