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151 Spangrude, Gerald John.Studies on the molecular mechanisms of lymphocyte extravasation.The cells of the mammalian immune system exhibit special migratory properties within their in vivo environment, a characteristic that is thought to be important in the protection of the organism by a process known as immunological surveillance. The present study utilized a radiotracer technique to e...Immunology; Immunity, Cellular1984-08
152 Shi, Yu.Mechanism of HIV entry: surface stiffnes and steric defense.HIV undergoes a maturation process required for infectivity after leaving the cell. Significant internal morphological rearrangements occur during the maturation process, converting the immature HIV particle with a thick protein shell into a mature particle with a thin protein shell and a prominent...HIV (Viruses); Etiology2007-12
153 McManus, Owen Bernard.Block of neuromuscular transmission by conotoxins GI and GII.Two similar peptide neurotoxins from the venom of the marine snail Conus geographus were found to block neuromuscular transmission in the frog and in the mouse. Initial experiments were done with an equimolar mixture of Conotoxins GI and GII. The GI-GII mixture was found to block nerve-evoked muscle...Physiological Effect; Conus Geographus1983-08
154 Marostica, Julia GuenziThe role and responsibility of the nurse in caring for the dying patient.The central purpose for this study was to determine whether or not evaluation and revision of Nursing; curricula may be indicated to give nurses better preparation in the care of the dying and a sense of adequacy in giving this care. It was hypothesized that (a) nurses would exhibit measurable diff...Nursing; Care; Patients1965-08
155 Liu, Chen-Lun.Physicochemical studies basic to cholesterol gallstone formation and dissolution: correlation between cholesterol thermodynamic activity laser light scattering data nucleation times and or dissolution tendencies.An improved silicone polymer uptake method for measuring cholesterol (Ch) thermodynamic activity (AT) was employed in studying supersaturated model bile systems. The method permits rapid determination of AT and thus avoids the possible complications resulting from Ch crystal nucleation. Several diff...Biocmedial Research; Pharmacology1993-06
156 Bacon, Marlene P.An examination of the behavior patterns of two Utah male adolescents who committed suicide: comparative case studies.Although the literature indicates that there is a large body of professional knowledge available about adolescent suicide, the body of literature focusing on adolescent suicide indicates that very little is known about the lifelong behavior patterns of teens who commit suicide. The purpose of this b...Utah; Case Studies2001-05
157 Rice, Cassandra Elizabeth DeeringVascular Endothelial Cells and Pulmonary Epitheilial Cells: Uptake and Response to Metal Oxide NanoparticlesNanomaterials are promoted as a promising technology in highly diverse applications, but concerns about risks of these materials have stimulated extensive research on the adverse effects of manufactured nanoparticles. Our research utilized ex vivo tissues to study quantification of unlabeled nano...Epithelial cells; Metal nanoparticles; Silicon dioxide; Receptors; Cytokine2010-02-22
158 Odell, Margaret FlorenceTreatment of the dawn phenomenon in diabetes mellitu.Ten subjects with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus from a diabetic clinic setting in Salt Lake City, Utah participated in a descriptive study which consisted of two phases: Phase I, a 1-month control period, with subjects taking a twice daily mixture of regular and intermediate-acting insulin be...Therapy; Nursing; Blood Glucose Monitoring1986-08
159 Andrews, Margaret MInternational consultation by United States nurses: a descriptive studySince the influence of United States Nursing; is far-reaching both geographically and ideologically, United States nurses are frequently asked to serve as consultants to other countries. This was an exploratory/descriptive study of United States nurses who have engaged in international consultation ...Manpower; Cross-Cultural Communication1984-12
160 Siath, Daniel John.Purification and characterization of an expressed peptide representing the regulatory domain of the gamma subunit of phosphorylase kinase.The C-terminal 110 residues of the gamma-subunit of phosphorylase kinase have been termed the regulatory domain and contain two calmodulin-binding subdomains. In order to structurally characterize this region of the gamma-subunit, a bacterial expression system was developed to produce a 5-residue s...Tryptophan; Calmodulin1997-03
161 Van Hook, Stacy HeatonLeft ventricular function in single vessel coronary artery disease patients.Coronary artery disease has long been a subject of intensive investigation. Few studies have thoroughly examined the effects that a single lesion in the left anterior descending coronary artery, the right coronary artery, or the circumflex coronary artery has been upon the left ventricle of the hum...Patients; Hemodynamic Measurements1980-08
162 Trott, David C.Coronary risk intervention in a county health department setting.This study set out to develop a model of arteriosclerotic heart disease (ASHD) risk intervention that could be implemented on the local health department level. Accordingly, efforts were made to maintain simplicity and to minimize costs. The study population comprised volunteer participants from t...Prevention and Control; Risk Factors1981-06
163 Pike, Doris JenkinsRelationship of postoperative exercises to recovery of radical mastectomy patients.The incidence of breast cancer is widespread and usually necessitates a radical mastectomy procedure. The literature is replete with articles suggesting that postoperative exercising is necessary to prevent edema and/or limitation of motion of the arm on the operative side9 when a radical mastectom...Breast Cancer; Excercises1970-06
164 White, Kenneth LynnDevelopment of a system to measure electric charge on industrially-generated aerosol.A system for the measurement of net electrical charge on industrially-generated aerosol was designed, built, and tested. The system was then used to measure net change on welding fume and dust generated from sanding on fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The measuring apparatus consisisted of a s...Public Health; Industrial Exposures1985-03
165 Siebe, Rhonda K.Effects of occupational role strain, life change events, and prenatal risk factors on obstetrical outcomes in hospital nurses.The relationships between stress and pregnancy outcomes in hospital nurses were examined retrospectively. Nurses who had singleton pregnancies completed a questionnaire on perceived role strain, life changes, and perinatal complications. Role strain was significantly correlated to complications du...Maternity Nursing; Life Change Events1983-12
166 DeBlieck, Patricia, Sister, C;S;JFactors affecting the decision to breast-feed and success with breast-feeding.The purpose of this study was to identify some of the factors associated with a woman's decision to breast feed and those factors associated with a women's decision to bottle feed her newborn infant. The study was conducted in the prenatal-postpartum clinic and the in-patient maternity service of a...Mother-Child Relations; Obstetrical Nursing1972-06
167 Wilson, Sandra Lee.Patterns of postnatal weight changes in very-low-birth-weight infants.Factors that affect initial weight loss and gain in infants < 1.501 grams are numerous. The purpose of this retrospective study was to examine short-term, postnatal weight changes in the very-low-birth-weight (VLBW) and extremely-low-birth-weight (ELBW) infants at a university hospital. Sixty-two c...Nursing; Morbidity1993-08
168 Boyle, Joyceen SDimensions of illness behavior among urban Maya.The purpose of this research was to explore selected health-illness beliefs and practices of poor Indian households living in an urban Guatemalan city. The sample consisted of 22 households or 134 individuals. Differences in standards of living among households were related to income, occupation, ed...Health; Indians, Central American1982-03
169 Rolando, JoAnn.Recovery from heart attack: psychological hazards and coping responses of middle aged and elderly patients and spouses.This study describes, quantifies, and compares sources of stress and coping responses of 40 heart attack patients and 32 spouses and examines whether there are age differences in stress appraisal and coping responses. Lazarus' cognitive-phenomenological paradigm of psychological stress, development...Psychology; Rehabilitation1982-12
170 Withrow, Clarence DeanThe direct effects of desoxycorticosterone on skeletal muscle electrolyte metabolism.It has been found that the primary effects of DCA upon skeletal muscle, particularly the effect upon sodium movements, are masked by electrolyte shifts that are secondary to muscle potassium depletion. The muscle potassium depletion is caused by an action of DCA to promote potassium excretion via t...Tissue; Metabolism; Drugs; Pharmacology1959-08
171 Braun, PaulaAssessing atypical cases of anorexia nervosa.Cardinal characteristics of typical anorexia nervosa were compared to characteristics of three children who exhibited features of atypical anorexia nervosa, who were subsequently diagnosed with physical disorders to which the anorexia was secondary. The differences between the characteristics of ty...Physical Disorders; MalNutrition1984-12
172 Goteti, Kosalaram.Tissue pharmacokinetics for prevention of hemodialysis vascular access stenosis.The amphetamine-like compounds have prominent effects on several neurotransmitter systems within the central nervous system. The administration of multiple doses of these stimulants produces profound and long-lasting decreases in neurochemical indices of dopamine and serotonergic systems as well as ...Pharmacogenetics; Grafts2006-05
173 Xu, Gangfeng CloningCharacterization of the NF1 gene and its gene product, neurofibromin.The neurofibromatosis 1 gene (NFl) spans approximately 350 kb of genomic DNA. To develop a comprehensive screen for NFl mutations, I constructed a genomic DNA contig that included the entire NFl cDNA sequence. Using these genomic clones, I identified all intron-exon boundaries of the NFl coding regi...cDNA; Genes1994-08
174 Moore, Brent Christopher.Investigating colon tumor cell response to 5-Aza-2'-deoxycytidine: analysis of the CDX2 promoter and its methylation status .Cytosine methylation silences gene activation and is indicative of an inactive chromatin state. This is especially true in tumors when tumor suppressor genes are silenced by methylation. Because methylation silencing is reversible, DNA methylation has been identified as a potential drug target. M...DNA; CDX Genesl2005-05
175 Park, Ki DongHeparinized segmented polyurethaneurea surfaces with hydrophilic spacer groups.A new heparin-immobilized segmented polyurethaneurea (SPUU, BiomerĀ®) surface using hydrophilic PEO chain as a spacer was developed for surface modification by two different methods. The first method involved the in situ surface immobilization of heparin onto SPUU surface, and the other method utili...Pharmacology; Biomedical Polymers1990-06
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