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151 Meldrum, GilbertComparative concepts and methodology used in the study of the family in France and in the United StatesSociology; France; United StatesSociology1939-05-27
152 Smith, Josephine MayDivorce and annulment in Salt Lake County, 1940Divorce; Salt Lake CountySocial Work (College of)1942-06
153 Jensen, Mary GraceThe civil and political evolution of womenWomen's rights; United States politics; Women's history1920-05
154 Parsons, Virginia EliesThe institutional care of the indigent aged in UtahInstitutional care; Aging; Utah indigentSociology1935-06
155 Rasmussen, Grant WestonThe invert personalityHomosexuality; Sexual inversionSocial Education1937-06
156 Robison, Alice VeniseThe relationship between the evolution of society and the status of womanHistory of women; Social reform; Coeducation; Women suffrageSociology1925
157 Dixon, Daniel HobsonLeveling up language proficiency through massive multiplayer online role playing games: opportunities for English learners to receive input, modify output, negotiate meaning, and employ language-learning strategiesESL; Language proficiency; Linguistics; MMORPG; Second language acquisition; Video gamesLinguistics2014-05
158 Hinckley, David N.An investigation of the occurrence of uranium at Cameron, ArizonaUranium; ArizonaGeology & Geophysics1957-03
159 Kung, Hsiang-yun ArthurFluidized bed hydrodesulfurization of coal derived liquids1980-12
160 Burton, Scott AllisonCarrier-mediated transport of calcium into the in vitro choroid plexus: inhibitory effects of sodium, potassium, and pharmacological agents.Physiology; PharmacologyPharmacology & Toxicology1982-12
161 Brinley, John ErvinGovernment and labor: the coal industry, 1946-1947Coal trade; Strikes and lockouts; United Mine Workers of AmericaHistory1967-07
162 Dickman, Sadie MoonDifferences in intelligibility of non-native directed speech and hearing impaired directed speech for non-native listenersSpeech; IntelligibilityLinguistics2009-11-13
163 Goldy, Lisa MarieIncreasing functional communication skills in childen with autism: a meta-analysisHierarchical Linear Modeling; Total communication interventionsEducational Psychology2009-05
164 Sloan, Abraham MorrisParental modeling and adolescents' quality of experienceTeenagers; AdolescenceFamily & Consumer Studies2009-06-15
165 Snyder, Andrew DavidTracking and verification of tropical cyclone development in global ensemble prediction systems: evaluations during recent field programsCyclones; Tropics; NCEP; NRLAtmospheric Sciences2009-11-06
166 Yoo, ByungjuTrip/fall potential of walking on railroad ballastAccidents; Railroad employee injuriesMechanical Engineering2009-05-15
167 Teichert, John AGeology of the Southern Stansbury Range, Tooele County, UtahGeology; Utah; Stansbury Range; Stansbury Mountains; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1958-06
168 Tomas, AleksandarMechanism of fatigue during maximal cycling exerciseBicycling; KineticsExercise & Sport Science2007-07-23
169 Cadwalader, Erin L.The Many Roles of 2-0-Sulfotransferase in Early Zebrafish DevelopmentNeurobiology & Anatomy2011-05
170 Cachelin, Adrienne M.The impact of language framing on critical elaboration in sustainability educationCritical thinking; Elaboration; Environmental education; Framing; Sustainability educationParks Recreation & Tourism2011-08
171 Calder, David ObladRole of capital market development in China's pursuit of long-term economic growthFinancial structure; Transitional economyEconomics2009-08
172 Caballero, CesarHousing and farming infrastructureAgriculture; Petroleum; IndustrializationArchitecture & Planning (College of)2009
173 Campbell, Leah SuzanneFine-scale radar observations of orographic precipitation features during a Wasatch Mountain winter stormFine-scale precipitation; Orographic; Radar; WasatchAtmospheric Sciences2013-12
174 Campbell, MonicaTabula Rasa: let's begin again modern dance and social activismPolitics in dance; Social issues in danceModern Dance2009-05-14
175 Cang, XiaohuiMolecular dynamics simulations on G-quadruplexesAMBER; DNA; Glycosidic conformation; G-quadruplex; Molecular dynamics; Structural polymorphismMedicinal Chemistry2010-12
151 - 175 of 6,252