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151 Accounting system for water use by vegetation in the lower Colorado River Valley1992Text
152 Probable effects of the proposed Sulphur Gulch Reservoir on Colorado River quantity and quality near Grand Junction, Colorado2004Text
153 Peak-flow frequency for tributaries of the Colorado River downstream of Austin, Texas1998Text
154 Pesticides in surface waters of the upper Colorado River basin, Colorado, 1996-982000Text
155 Nitrogen and phosphorus data for surface water in the Upper Colorado River basin, Colorado, 1980-941997Text
156 Analysis of ground-water-quality data of the Upper Colorado River basin, water years 1972-921998Text
157 Daily and seasonal variability of pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and specific conductance in the Colorado River between the forebay of Glen Canyon, Dam and Lees Ferry, northeastern Arizona, 1998-99,2001Text
158 Computation and analysis of the instantaneous-discharge record for the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona : May 8, 1921, through September 30, 20002003Text
159 Distribution and concentrations of selected organochlorine pesticides and PCB's in streambed sediment and whole-body fish in the Upper Colorado River Basin, 1995-961998Text
160 Algal Data from Selected Sites in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Colorado, Water Years 1996-972001Text
161 Controlled Flooding of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon: the Rationale and Data-Collection Planned1996Text
162 Biological and contaminant investigations, Upper Colorado River Basin : what's been done and how can the information be used?1997Text
163 Calculated Hydrographs for the Colorado River Downstream from Glen Canyon Dam during the Experimental Release, March 22-April 8, 19961996Text
164 Determining the source of water pumped from wells along the lower Colorado River1993Text
165 Water resources data, New Mexico, water year 20042005Text
166 Strategic directions for the Water Resources Division, 1998-20081998Text
167 South Platte Water Rights Management System1995
168 Ground displacements caused by aquifer-system water-level variations observed using interferometric synthetic aperture radar near Albuquerque, New Mexico2002Text
169 Water-Use Trends in the Desert Southwest-- 1950-20002004Text
170 Water for Utah: A Review of Duties and Funding Programs of the Division and Board of Water Resources January 20042004-01Text
171 Willamette Basin Explorer: Past, Present, Future2004Text; InteractiveResource
172 Summary of surface-water-quality data collected for the Northern Rockies Intermontane Basins National Water-Quality Assessment Program in the Clark Fork-Pend Oreille and Spokane River Basins, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, Water Years 1999-20012003Text
173 Modifications of the U.S. geological survey modular, finite-difference, ground-water flow model to read and write geographic information system files1992Text
174 Analytical data from phases I and II of the Willamette River Basin water quality study, Oregon, 1992-941995Text
175 Water resources of the ground-water system in the unconsolidated deposits of the Colville River Watershed, Stevens County, Washington2003Text
151 - 175 of 270