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151 Correspondence from November 1962 about the donation of an Armenian language Bible and Psalm book1962-11-08; 1962-11-12uum_asapText
152 Correspondence from Wendell Phillips to Aziz Atiya.1949uum_asapText
153 Correspondence from Wendell Phillips to Robert G. Sproul.1953-09-03uum_asapText
154 Correspondence from and to Aziz Atiya regarding the naming of the Middle East library dated Dec. 19641964-12-11; 1964-12-09uum_asapText
155 Correspondence from and to George H. Forsyth, dated April 19601960-04-29; 1960-04-22uum_asapText
156 Correspondence from and to George H. Forsyth, dated June and July 19601960-07-25; 1960-07-28; 1960-06-21uum_asapText
157 Correspondence letters between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Mr. P. Collins from 1961 and 19621961-12-28; 1962-01-03; 1962-03-02; 1962-03-09; 1962-05-01uum_asapText
158 Correspondence letters dated April 1960 between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Parke, Davis & Company1960-04-19; 1960-04-11; 1960-04-25uum_asapText
159 Correspondence letters dated from 1962 to 1965 from Aziz S. Atiya to Gordan Miller, Librairie du Liban, and the Macmillan Company1962-01-03; 1963-01-23; 1963-07-10; 1965-11-02; 1965-11-01uum_asapText
160 Correspondence letters from 1959-1960 involving Kurt Weitzmann, Aziz S. Atiya and Monseigneur Porphyrios III1959-07-08; 1959-07-20; 1960-04-29; 1960-06-13uum_asapText
161 Correspondence letters from 1962 between Aziz S. Atiya, Jacob Geerlings, Albert Ray Olpin, Fird H. Gagosian, and Myron Bement Smith1962-10-17; 1962-11-04; 1962-11-07uum_asapText
162 Correspondence letters from 1962, 1963 and 1970 between Aziz S. Atiya, Khostow Mostofi, Arthur Upham Pope and The Cultural Attache Embassy of Iraq1962-12-13; 1963-10-21; 1963-10-30; 1970-03-16uum_asapText
163 Correspondence letters from 6 and 9 June 1971 between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Dr. Everett L. Cooley1971-06-02; 1971-09-02uum_asapText
164 Correspondence letters from November 1962 between Aziz S. Atiya, Donald S. Cameron, Datus C. Smith, and Stephen Gambino1962-11-01; 1962-11-07; 1962-11-28uum_asapText
165 Correspondence letters from October and November 1977 between Mumbaz A. Fargo and Jana K. Stevens1977-10-12; 1977-11-15uum_asapText
166 Correspondence letters, memorandums, and an invoice from 1973 and 1975 involving Aziz S. Atiya, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Ann Merlo, Russell Scoville, Thomas M. Schmid, and Roger K. Hanson1973-07-13; 1973-08-03; 1973-08-07; 1973-08-08; 1973-08-16; 1975-08-28uum_asapText
167 Correspondence of 1974 and 1975 to Aziz and Lola Atiya from Fred Anderegg1974-12-03; 1974-08-11; 1975-01-02uum_asapText
168 Correspondence of Aziz Atiya.1949uum_asapText
169 Correspondence of June 1976 between Aziz Atiya and Fred Anderegg1976-06-13; 1976-06-15uum_asapText
170 Correspondence of May, November, and December 1976 between Aziz Atiya and Fred Anderegg1976-05-31; 1976-11-24; 1976-12-14uum_asapText
171 Correspondence regarding Atiya's membership in the Institute for Advanced Studies.1958-03-07; 1958-02-16; 1958-03-05uum_asapText
172 Correspondence regarding Fawzi Mikhail Tadros' application for Middle East cataloger at the Univ. of Utah Libraries.1966uum_asapText
173 Correspondence regarding Mourad D. Guirguis' job application.1977-08; 1977-09uum_asapText
174 Correspondence regarding Mourad D. Guirguis' job applications.1978-06-20; 1978-06-26; 1979-11-21; 1979-11-28uum_asapText
175 Correspondence regarding Schuyler C. Wallace's planned visit to Egypt.1957-02-06; 1957-01-29; 1957-01-27uum_asapText
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