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151 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya, dated November 19561956uum_asapText
152 Correspondence from March 1951 between Dr. Atiya and Datus C. Smith regarding potential publication of Atiya's volume on the Crusades1951-03-27; 1951-03-29uum_asapText
153 Two images depicting angel and decorative manuscript design1946uum_asapImage/StillImage
154 Correspondence from and to George H. Forsyth, dated April 19601960-04-29; 1960-04-22uum_asapText
155 Correspondence dated 22 June 1950 to Aziz Atiya from W. F. Albright1950-06-22uum_asapText
156 Correspondence between Walter Joseph Fischel and Dr. Atiya1952-11-02; 1953-04-30; 1953-06-12uum_asapText
157 Correspondence from February and July 1952 between Dr. Atiya and President Thompson1952-02-01; 1952-03-04uum_asapText
158 Princeton University Conference Program dated April 19581958-04-16; 1958-04-17uum_asapText
159 Memorandum dated 01 August 1960 to Dr. Aziz Atiya from W. Mulder1960-08-01uum_asapText
160 Letter dated 4 October 1974 from Roger K. Hanson to Dr. Aziz S. Atiya1974-10-04uum_asapText
161 Articles from February and March 1970 about Wendell Phillips and Indonesia's oil and gas1970-02-19; 1970-03uum_asapText
162 Letter dated 31 March 1970 from Aziz S. Atiya to Catherine Myron Smith, Copy 11970-03-31uum_asapText
163 Letters from 1949 between Aziz S. Atiya, Wendell Phillips and Monseigneur Porphyrios III1949-10-14; 1949-10-28; 1949-11-01uum_asapText
164 Letters from 1960 and 1961 involving Aziz S. Atiya, Erle P. Kemp, and Ralph D. Thomson1960-05-16; 1960-05-20; 1961-03-02uum_asapText
165 Correspondence dated 19 July 1962 from Atiya to Paul Hodson regarding the proposed Middle East Library.1962-07-19uum_asapText
166 Letter dated 19 February 1951 from Howard C. Kee to Dr. Aziz Atiya about lecture invitations1951-02-19uum_asapText
167 Correspondence dated 29 June 1979 to Aziz Atiya from Fred Anderegg with 1978 museum brochure.1978; 1979uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
168 Letters dated February 1968 involving the correspondents Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Dr. Charles J. Adams with Fawzi M. Tadros as the subject1968-02-01; 1968-02-06uum_asapText
169 Correspondence dated 11 August 1970 from Aziz Atiya to Wendell Phillips1970-08-11uum_asapText
170 Minutes of the College of Arts, Univ. of Alexandria, Dec. 16, 19521952-12-16uum_asapText
171 Correspondence letters between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Mr. P. Collins from 1961 and 19621961-12-28; 1962-01-03; 1962-03-02; 1962-03-09; 1962-05-01uum_asapText
172 Correspondence between Josepha Weitzmann-Fiedler and Aziz Atiya.1967uum_asapText
173 Report on the Middle East Center library dated Oct. 19661966uum_asapText
174 Correspondence dated 1975 to Aziz Atiya from and about Kurt Weitzmann.1975-12-22; 1972-04-03; 1975-06-23uum_asapText
175 Correspondence between Aziz Atiya and George H. Forsyth dated January 19601960-01-11; 1960-01-19uum_asapText
151 - 175 of 495