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151 Observation of 238 U photofission productsAbstract-Sophisticated solutions are being developed by researchers to improve detection of clandestine fissile material. In this work, a simpler approach is investigated as an interim solution. Using the existing 9-MeV X-ray radiography units deployed for cargo inspection, delayed fission product g...2006
152 An efficient algorithm for lattice filter/predictorABSTRACT An efficient method for updating the lattice filter/predictor coefficients using the sign algorithm is introduced. The pertinent coefficients are updated using only the signs of the estimation errors at each stage. This method requires less number of multiplications than other adaptive la...1985
153 Tiempo norte, tiempo sur (north time, south time)Score for work for chamber orchestra commissioned by the Utah Arts Festival (NEA).music, chamber orchestra2008
154 Lack of benefit of endoscopic ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion: a multicenter randomized trialObject. Endoscopically assisted ventricular catheter placement has been reported to reduce shunt failure in uncontrolled series. The authors investigated the efficacy of this procedure in a prospective multicenter randomized trial. Methods. Children younger than 18 years old who were scheduled for t...Ventriculoperitoneal shunt; Shunt insertion; Shunt failure2003
155 Geological development of the Omo-Turkana Basin during the pliocene and pleistocene epochsPliocene and Pleistocene deposits of the Omo-Turkana Basin extend from 6?N latitude to about 2?N latitude (-450 km), and laterally from about 35.5?E to 36.5?E. Sediments are brought to the basin by the Omo River which rises in Ethiopia, and by the Turkwel and Kerio Rivers which rise in Kenya and Uga...2004
156 Theory of the time-domain measurement of spin-dependent recombination with pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonanceThe theoretical foundations of the time domain measurement of spin-dependent charge carrier recombination by means of pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance (EDMR) are outlined. Pulsed EDMR is based on the transient measurement of electrical currents in semiconductors after a coherent manip...Spin-dependent recombination2003-12
157 Scattering of plasmons at the intersection of two metallic nanotubes: implications for tunnelingWe study theoretically the plasmon scattering at the intersection of two metallic carbon nanotubes. We demonstrate that, for a small angle of crossing θ « 1, the transmission coefficient is an oscillatory function of λ / θ where λ is the interaction parameter of the Luttinger liquid in an indi...2008-12
158 Heterostructures in GaInP grown using a change in V/III ratioA natural monolayer 111% superlattice -- the CuPt ordered structure -- is formed spontaneously during organometallic vapor phase epitaxial OMVPE growth of Ga0.52In0.48P. The extent of this ordering process is found to be a strong function of the input partial pressure of the phosphorus precursor dur...Superlattices; Alloys; Atomic ordering; Heterostructures1997-02-24
159 Supply-side economics: a skeptical viewThe current buzzword in Washington--and one presumes in Denver, San Diego, and South Bend as well--is "supply-side economics." Since a significant number of economists seem to be lining up behind its flag, it would be worthwhile to take a hard look at the current rage.Wealth; Poverty1981
160 Report to Joint Smoke Abatement Committee on the feasibility of a pilot plant for treating coal by the Karrick processWe take great pleasure in submitting to you herewith, a report of the feasibility of a Pilot Plant for treating Utah coals by the Karrick Process. We wish to emphasize the fact that this report is a result of detailed study which included, a large amount of calculations and data which would be...Smoke abatement; Karrick process; Retorting; Coal refining1932
161 Cost-effective data-parallel load balancingLoad balancing algorithms improve a program's performance on unbalanced datasets, but can degrade performance on balanced datasets, because unnecessary load redistributions occur. This paper presents a cost-effective data-parallel load balancing algorithm which performs load redistributions only...Load balancing1995
162 Robust solid modeling by avoiding redundancy for manifold objects in boundary representationThis paper describes a new approach to the robustness problem in solid modeling. We identify as t h e main cause of t h e lack of robustness that interdependent topological relations are derived from approximate data. Disregarding the interdependencies very likely violates basic properties, such as...Robust solid modeling; Manifold objects; Boundary representation; Robustness problem1993
163 Bench scale flotation of sedimentary phosphate rock with hydroxamic acid collectorsIt has been discovered that water insoluble alcoholic solutions of alkyl hydroxamic acids serve as selective collectors for the flotation of phosphate mineral resources. The effectiveness of the new collector chemistry has been demonstrated by the results from single stage bench scale flotation exp...Flotation; Insoluble collectors; Hydroxamic acid; Alcohol; Phosphate rock; High solids conditioning; Particle size2002
164 Uprooting and snapping of trees: structural determinants and ecological consequencesThe influence of mechanical and architectural properties of trees on growth rates, mortality rates, and relative probabilities of snapping and uprooting were examined on Barro Colorado Island, Republic of Panama. Of 310 fallen trees, 70% snapped, 25% uprooted, and 5% broke off at ground level. Stepw...Snapping; Uprooting1983
165 Pilot-plant evaluation of a water insoluble hydroxamic acid collector for single stage flotation of Florida phosphate rockRecent laboratory results have demonstrated that selective flotation of phosphate rock can be achieved in a single stage with improved separation efficiency when compared to the standard double float process. The new reagent chemistry is based on the use of a water insoluble alcoholic solution of ...Phosphate rock; Flotation; Double float; Separation2006
166 Uintah parallelism infrastructure: a performance evaluation on the SGI origin 2000Uintah is a component-based visual problem solving environment (PSE) designed to specifically address the unique problems inherent in running massively parallel scientific computations on terascale computing platforms. In particular, development of the Uintah system is part of the C-SAFE [2] effort ...Uintah; Problem solving environment; Performance analysis; Parallelism; Origin 2000; C-SAFE2001
167 Margalit, Avishai. The decent societyThe title of this book will surely pique the interest of political philosophers who have spent much time and energy in recent decades trying to capture the idea of justice. Margalit believes that in the quest for justice, decency has been overlooked. A decent society may or may not be a step to a ju...Humiliate; Respect; Justice1997
168 Role of photodynamic therapy in posterior fossa brain tumors: a preclinical study in a canine glioma modelPhotodynamic therapy was studied in dogs with and without posterior fossa glioblastomas. This mode of therapy consisted of intravenous administration of Photofrin-II at doses ranging from 0.75 to 4 mg/kg 24 hours prior to laser light irradiation in the posterior fossa. Tissue levels of Photofrin-l...Brain neoplasm; Posterior fossa; Photodynamic therapy; Glioblastomas; Dog; Photofrin-II; Canine glioma model1993
169 Active inspection and reverse engineeringWe propose a new design for inspection and reverse engineering environments. In particular, we investigate the use of discrete event dynamic systems (DEDS) to guide and control the active exploration and sensing of mechanical parts for industrial inspection and reverse engineering. We introduce dyn...Discrete event dynamic systems; DEDS; Industrial inspection1993
170 Hydrogen atom transfer reactions of He+ and Ne+ with H2, D2, and HDThe hydrogen atom transfer reactions of helium (1 +) and neon(1+) ions with isotopic molecular hydrogen (H2 , D2 , and HD) are investigated using guided ion beam techniques. These reactions are exothermic, but are known to be extremely slow at thermal energies. The cross sections for formation of...Transfer reactions; Ion-molecule reactions; Exothermic reactions; Hydrogen; Helium ions; Neon ions; Threshold behavior; Isotope effects1987
171 Analog decoding of product codesA design approach is presented for soft-decision decoding of block product codes ("block turbo codes") using analog computation with MOS devices. Application of analog decoding to large code sizes is also considered with the introduction of serial analog interfaces and pipeline schedules.2001
172 CAD-based roboticsWe describe an approach which facilitates and makes explicit the organization of the knowledge necessary to map robotic system requirements onto an appropriate assembly of algorithms, processors, sensor, and actuators. In order to achieve this mapping, several kinds of knowledge are needed. In this ...CAD-based robotics; CAD-based vision; CAGD System1987
173 Precision on demand: an improvement in probabilistic hashingIn explicit state (enumerative) model checking, state vectors are often represented in a compressed form in order to reduce storage needs, typically employing fingerprints, bithashes, or state signatures. When using this kind of techniques, it could happen that the compressed image of a nonvisite...Probabilistic hashing; Model checking2007
174 A new approach to specifying and handling exceptionsAn operation generally exhibits different patterns of behavior over different parts of its domain. Depending upon the context, such behavior may either be conceived of as "normal" or as an "exception." Thus, the behavior of an operation Is quite naturally characterized by the set of partial operatio...Computer operations; Exceptions; Exception handling1980
175 Embolized conduits of rice (Oryza sativa, poaceae) refill despite negative xylem pressureEmbolism reversal in rice plants was studied by testing the plant's ability to refill embolized conduits while xylem pressures were substantially negative. Intact, potted plants were water-stressed to a xylem pressure of -1.88 + 0.1 MPa and a 66.3 + 3.8% loss of xylem conductivity (PLC) by cavitatio...Embolism; novel revilling; Oryza2005
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