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151 Francis, LeslieJustice through trust: disability and the Outlier problem in Social Contract TheoryThe article focuses on the flaws of the social contract theory. It explores how hostile the social contract as a bargaining process has been thought to distance disabled people from contract-based justice. It analyzes the argument that the history of social contract theory exclude the people with di...Consensus, social sciences; Discrimination; Social contract; Social ethics; Sociology of disability2005-10
152 Thulasinathan, Aravindan; Pascucci, Valerio; Tierny, JulienTopology Based Surface Meshing and MorphingMorphing is a seamless transition from one image to the other, used in animation and motion pictures. Mesh Parameterization used in this process is a fundamental tool used for domain remeshing. In case of 2-manifolds for example, most approaches require that the input mesh be cut into one or mor...2010-10-06
153 Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Humphrey, Alan Parker; Derrick, Christopher GladeAn integration of dynamic MPI formal verification within eclipse PTPOur research goals were to verify practical MPI programs for deadlocks, resource leaks, and assertion violations at the push of a button and be able to easily visualize the results. We also sought to integrate these capabilities with the Eclipse IDE via an Eclipse plug-in for the Parallel Tools Plat...Verification; Graphical User Interfaces; Dynamic Interleaving Reduction; Message Passing; MPI; Multi-core; Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-03-15
154 Hayes, Bradley T.Immediate effects of muscular fatigue on postural stability and motoneuron pool excitability in healthy adults2011-04-27
155 Li, Guodong; Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Kirby, Robert Michael IiPUG : A Symbolic Verifier of GPU ProgramsPUG is a automated verifier for GPU programs written in C/CUDA. PUG verifies GPU kernels for Data Races, Barrier mismatches, Totally wrong results, and Weak memory model related bugs. SMT-based correctness checking methods for these error are often more scalable, general and modular.2010-10-06
156 Taylor, Linda JoEmeritus alumni scholarship: enpowering refugee students to go to college2011-04-27
157 Furse, Cynthia M.Utah's engineers: a statewide initiative for growthImagine finding a place where inventors gather to create their inventions. Envision getting a sneak peek at the latest technological innovations in engineering and computer science. Can you see yourself as an inventor? Join us on February 20 for Meet an Inventor Day sponsored by the students of...2010-10-06
158 Adamczyk, Abby LaurenRe-evaluate your Library Website using card sortsPoster explaining how members of the Web Content Team used card sorts to evaluate the current organization of the library website. Responses from the participants helped us make adjustments to the site's hierarch, improving its usability.website usability, card sort, website evaluation, website organization, intuitive navigation,2011-09-12
159 Narus, Scott P.; Hales, Joseph W.; Poynton, Mollie Rebecca; Evans, R. ScottEnhancing continuity of care through an emergency medical card at Intermountain Healthcare: using the continuity of care record standardComplex and fragmented healthcare systems hamper provision of effective care where it is needed most. 1 In most instances, continuity of care is rarely considered during referral, transfer, or discharge of patients from one caregiver to another. 2,3 The dearth of pertinent current and historical hea...Continuity of care; Emergency medical card; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
160 Robison, Reid Justin; Marchant, Barrie K.; Reimherr, Frederick W.Gender differences in ADHD adults during clinical trials with atomoxetineIntroduction: Patients with ADHD exhibit several consistent gender differences, a male preponderance and more males with externalizing disorders (conduct and oppositional defiant disorder). Objective: To examine gender differences in a very large clinical trial of adults with ADHD. Methods: ...Trapeze Interactive Poster
161 Awasthi, Manu; Nellans, David W.; Sudan, Kshitij; Balasubramonian, RajeevABP : predictor based management of DRAM row buffersDRAM accesses are costly, especially in multicore systems. Future CMPs will run a mixed load of workloads/threads. Destructive interference at memory controller, spatio-temporal locality lost! DRAM row-buffer hits are least expensive, row-conflicts are most. Randomized memory access patterns re...2010-10-06
162 Forster, Richard R.QuickSCAT derived snow accumulation estimates in the dry snow, percolation and wet snow zones of the Greenland ice sheet2011
163 Beckerle, Mary C.; Clark, Kathleen A.Conserved LIM protein that affects muscular adherens junction integrity and mechanosensory function in Caenorhabditis elegansWe describe here the molecular and functional characterization of the Caenorhabditis elegans unc-97 gene, whose gene product constitutes a novel component of muscular adherens junctions. UNC-97 and homologues from several other species define the PINCH family, a family of LIM proteins whose modula...LIM domains; Caenorhabditis elegans; UNC-97; Adherens junction; Touch neuron; Muscle development1999
164 Mathews, V. JohnA fast recursive least-squares adaptive nonlinear filterThis paper presents a fast, recursive least-squares (RLS) adaptive nonlinear filter. The nonlinearity in the system is modeled using the Hammerstein model, which consists of a memoryless polynomial nonlinearity followed by a finite impulse response linear system. The complexity of our method is abou...1988
165 DeTar, CarletonTopological susceptibility with the improved Asqtad actionChiral perturbation theory predicts that in quantum chromodynamics light dynamical quarks suppress the topological (instanton) susceptibility.We investigate this suppression through direct numerical simulation using the Asqtad improved lattice fermion action. This action holds promise for carrying...Chiral perturbation; Staggered fermions2003-12
166 Zhang, LixinURSIM reference manualSimulation has emerged as an important method for evaluating new ideas in both uniprocessor and multiprocessor architecture. Compared to building real hardware, simulation provides at least two advantages. First, it provides the flexibility to modify various architectural parameters and components a...URSIM; reference manual2000
167 Couldwell, William T.Inhibition of cellular growth and induction of apoptosis in pituitary adenoma cell lines by the protein kinase C inhibitor hypericin: potential therapeutic applicationProtein kinase C (PKC) is an enzyme involved in the regulation of cellular growth, proliferation, and differentiation in a number of tissues including the anterior pituitary, in which it is also believed to play a role in hormone secretion. Protein kinase C activity and expression have been found to...Apoptosis; Hypericin; Pituitary adenoma; Protein kinase C1996
168 Khan, Faisal HabibA 5 kW Bi-directional multilevel modular DC-DC converter (MMCCC) featuring built in power management for fuel cell and hybrid electric automobilesAbstract- A new capacitor clamped modular dc-dc converter with bi-directional power handling capability will be presented in this paper. This inductor-free design is modular, and it is possible to integrate multiple loads and sources simultaneously in the converter. Moreover, this 5 kW dc-dc convert...2007
169 Hansen, Charles D.Data distributed, parallel algorithm for ray-traced volume renderingThis paper presents a divide-and-conquer ray-traced volume rendering algorithm and a parallel image compositing method, along with their implementation and performance on the Connection Machine CM-5, and networked workstations. This algorithm distributes both the data and the computations to individ...Volume rendering; Ray tracing; ; Computer algorithms; Scientific visualization; Network computing; Massively parallel processing1993
170 Baehr, WolfgangNovel GCAP1 missense mutation (L151F) in a large family with autosomal dominant cone-rod dystrophy (adCORD)PURPOSE: To elucidate the phenotypic and biochemical characteristics of a novel mutation associated with autosomal dominant cone-rod dystrophy (adCORD). METHODS: Twenty-three family members of a CORD pedigree underwent clinical examinations, including visual acuity tests, standardized full-field ERG...Polymorphism, Single-Stranded Conformational; Guanylate Cyclase-Activating Proteins; DNA Mutational Analysis2005
171 Dailey, Andrew T.Guidelines for the performance of fusion procedures for degenerative disease of the lumbar spine. Part 9: fusion in patients with stenosis and spondylolisthesisGuidelines. The performance of a lumbar PLF is recommended for patients with lumbar stenosis and associated degenerative spondylolisthesis who require decompression. There is insufficient evidence to recommend a treatment guideline. Options. Pedicle screw fixation as an adjunct to lumbar PLF should ...Fusion; Lumbar spine; Degenerative disease; Lumbar fusion2005
172 Harrison, Reid R.Biologically inspired analog IC for visual collision detectionWe have designed and tested a single-chip analog VLSI sensor that detects imminent collisions by measuring radially expanding optic flow. The design of the chip is based on a model proposed to explain leg-extension behavior in flies during landing approaches. We evaluated a detailed version of thi...Visual collision detection; VLSI2005-11
173 Morse, Michael DavidElectron spin resonance investigation of Sc?+ in neon matrices and assignment of its ground electronic state as X ???. comparison with theoretical calculationsThe discandium radical cation, Sc+2 , has been isolated in neon matrices at 4 K and studied by electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy and theoretical methods. It was produced by the x-irradiation of neon matrix samples containing neutral ScZ which was formed by trapping the products generated fr...1993
174 Kestle, John R. W.Effect of single-application topical ophthalmic anesthesia in patients with trigeminal neuralgia: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trialTo evaluate the reported benefit of ipsilateral single-application ophthalmic anesthetic eyedrops in patients with typical trigeminal neuralgia, a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial was performed. Fortyseven patients were randomly assigned to receive two drops of either proparacaine (...Randomized trial; Ophthalmic anesthesia1994
175 Miller, Jan D.Study of particle-bubble interaction using atomic force microscopy: current possibilities and challengesStudy of interaction forces between mineral particles and air bubbles is a key to understanding flotation processes. Measurement of such interaction forces has only recently been made possible with the introduction of the atomic force microscope (AFM) and the colloidal probe technique. Using AFM, in...Particle-bubble interaction; Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM); Hydrophobic force; Contact angle; Hydrodynamic force2002
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