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151 A new family of variational-form-based regularizers for reconstructing epicardial potentials from body-surface mappingWe propose a new family of regularizers for the inverse ECG problem, using a variational principle that underlies finite element approximation methods. As an alternative to traditional Tikhonov regularizers, the variational formulation has several advantages: 1)it enables a simple construction of ...2010
152 Running decision support logic retrospectively to determine guideline adherence: a case study with diabetesWe describe the application of our previously developed analytical infrastructure called RetroGuide to conduct studies on retrospective data using a clinician friendly flowchart paradigm. Introduction Requiring additional clinician?s input in a new decision support system (DSS) is often a major imp...retroguide; time series analysis; retrospective observational study; diabetes; hypertension; clinical guidelines; knowledge representation; RetroGuide2007-05-14
153 Berman, Marshall. Adventures in marxismThis book contains an introduction and thirteen short pieces previously published in such journals as the Nation, the New York Times Book Review, New Politics, and Dissent, dating from 1963 to 1998.Capitalism; Human; System2001
154 Accounting for urban versus rural discrepancies in mortality and functional health among older adults in ChinaBroad differences exist in social and economic life between residents living in urban versus rural areas of China. To study the health implications of these differences, the current study employs data from a longitudinal study of older adults in the Beijing municipality, a region of China that has w...Chinese; Elderly; Health care; Quality of life; Population2006-09-05
155 RAPPID: an asynchronous instruction length decoderThis paper describes an investigation of potential advantages and risks of applying an aggressive asynchronous design methodology to Intel Architecture. RAPPID ("Revolving Asynchronous Pentium® Processor Instruction Decoder"), a prototype IA32 instruction length decoding and steering unit, was...1999
156 Tunneling and the spectrum of the Potts modelThe three-dimensional, three-state Potts model is studied as a paradigm for high-temperature quantum chromodynamics. In a high-statistics numerical simulation using a Swendson-Wang algorithm, we study cubic lattices of dimension as larger as 643 and measure correlation functions on long lattices of ...Potts model; Tunneling; Transfer matrix; Phase transitions1993-05
157 Comparison of process alternatives for gold recovery from cyanide leach solutionsBoth conventional and nonconventional process alternatives for gold recovery from cyanide heap leach solutions are discussed in terms of possible flowsheets. Conventional process alternatives include carbon adsorption and zinc dust precipitation, while nonconventional process alternatives include re...Conventional; Exchange; Flowsheet1984
158 Performance analysis of adaptive filters equipped with the dual sign algorithmAdaptive filters equipped with the sign algorithm are attractive in many applications because of their computational simplicity. Unfortunately, their slow speed of convergence is a major limitation. The dual sign algorithm (DSA) is a means by which the convergence speed can be increased without over...1991
159 Illumination-induced metastable polaron-supporting state in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) filmsWe found an illumination-induced metastable polaron-supporting state in films of a soluble derivative of poly-p-phenylene vinylene (MEH-PPV). Pristine, nonilluminated MEH-PPV polymer films do not show longlived photogenerated polarons. Prolonged UV illumination, however, is found to induce a revers...Metastable polaron-supporting state; Poly(p-phenylene vinylene); PPV; MEH-PPV; Excitons2007-07
160 Measuring neural correlates of insect escape behaviors using a miniature telemetry systemThe firing patterns of visual neurons tracking approaching objects need to be translated into appropriate motor activation sequences to generate escape behaviors. Locusts possess an identified neuron highly sensitive to approaching objects (looming stimuli), thought to play an important role in ...Escape behaviors; Collision avoidance; Looming stimuli; Lobula Giant Motion Detector (LGMD); Telemetry2009-04
161 Physically-based interactive schlieren flow visualizationUnderstanding fluid flow is a difficult problem and of increasing importance as computational fluid dynamics produces an abundance of simulation data. Experimental flow analysis has employed techniques such as shadowgraph and schlieren imaging for centuries which allow empirical observation of inho...2010-03
162 Was Hume a Humean?When it comes to talking about practical reasoning, "Humean" is a synonym for "instrumentalist." That is, a "Humean" view of practical reasoning is one on which only means-end reasoning directed toward satisfying antecedently given desires counts as practical reasoning at all. Witness, for instance...Humean; Humeanism1995
163 Judicial campaign against polygamy and the enduring legal questionsFor lay people the chief virtue of our Constitution is not in its distribution of power or in its guarantees of participation in governmental processes but in the protections it affords individual liberties, not least of which is freedom of conscience. Yet ratification of the Bill of Rights did not...Polygamists; Edmunds Act; Cohabitation1987
164 University of Utah visual, information and technology literacy task force report and recommendations2009-05-22
165 Minimally invasive thoracoscopic resection of paraspinal neurogenic tumors: technical case reportOBJECTIVE: The posterior mediastinum is a common location for benign neurogenic tumors. They are frequently asymptomatic but can present with local compressive or neurological symptoms. METHODS: Thoracoscopy is used increasingly over posterolateral thoracotomy for the removal of these lesions. RES...2008-01-01
166 A computer graphics method for solving transcendental equationsThere are a number of ways to determine the values of x which satisfy the equation F(x)=0. (The case of interest here is that in which F i s a complex function of the complex variable x.) One way is to search for values of x which make Real (F(x)) and Imaginary (F(x)) both zero at the same time wher...Transcendental equations1970
167 Resonant Raman scattering from amplitude modes in trans-(CH)x and -(CD)xThe three resonantly enhanced Raman vibrations in trans-(CK)x and ~(CD)X are described in terms of amplitude modes associated with the Peierls gap. The dispersion in the Raman-line profiles is explained by inhomogeneity. A narrow distribution of the effective electron-phonon coupling constant is re...Peierls gap1983-12
168 Annual modulation of dark matter in the presence of streamsIn addition to a smooth component of weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter in galaxies, there may be streams of material; the effects of WIMP streams on direct detection experiments is examined in this paper. The contribution to the count rate due to the stream cuts off at some char...WIMP streams; Weakly interacting massive particles; Cutoff energy; Halo models; Sagittarius dwarf galaxy; Recoil energy; Sgr stream2006-08
169 Signal amplification, detection and transmission in a wireless 100-electrode neural recording systemWe are developing a fully-implantable neural recording system with wireless power and data transfer. As part of this system, we have developed a low-power integrated circuit that performs power rectification and and regulation, reception of configuration data, neural signal amplification and filt...2006
170 Ruptured intracranial dermoid cysts: clinical, radiographic, and surgical featuresIntracranial dermoid cysts are pathologically characterized by a thick, stratified squamous epithelium cyst wall containing dermal elements. Rupture into the subarachnoid spaces and ventricles is extremely rare. We review the clinical, radiographic, and surgical features of eight ruptured dermoid c...Dermoid cyst; Intracranial; Rupture; Tumor2008
171 Divergent defensive strategies of young leaves in two species of IngaIn the recently radiated genus Inga (Fabaceae), few nucleotide substitutions have accumulated among species, yet large divergences have occurred in defensive phenotypes, suggesting strong selection by herbivores. We compared herbivory and defenses of young leaves for I. goldmanii, a more derived spe...Bioassays; Flavanoids; Heliothis virescens; Herbivory; Inga goldmanii; Inga umbellifera; Leaf development; Non-protein amino acids; Phoebis philea2005
172 Older persons' AIDS knowledge and willingness to provide care in an impoverished nation: evidence from CambodiaSince the beginning of the global pandemic, assessing knowledge and attitudes regarding AIDS has been an important subject of research and for good reasons. Given the unusual features of HIV/AIDS, there is considerable potential for misunderstanding important aspects of the disease that could affect...AIDS knowledge2007
173 Ground-state energy of Heisenberg antiferromagnet for spins s=1/2 and s=1 in d=1 and 2 dimensionsA simple real-space renormalization method yields the ground-state energy of the Heisenberg antiferromagnet. We find the ground-state energy per spin for s=1/2 (-0.4438 in ID , -0.6723 in 2D ) and s = 1 (-1.388 in ID and -1.907 in 2D) to three-figure accuracy, using properties of relatively small o...Ground-state energy; Heisenberg antiferromagnet; Long-range order1988-07
174 Revision of vagal nerve stimulator electrodes: technical approachPurpose To demonstrate the feasibility of complete removal of the vagal nerve stimulator electrode using microsurgical technique. Methods Operative databases at the University of Utah (1995 through 2002), Westchester Medical Center (1995 through 2001), and University of Arizona Health Sciences Ce...Vagal nerve stimulation; Helical electrode; Electrode revision2004
175 Optical and transport studies of single molecule tunnel junctions based on self-assembled monolayersWe have fabricated a variety of novel molecular tunnel junctions based on self-assembled-monolayers (SAM) of two-component solid-state mixtures of molecular wires (1,4 methane benzene-dithiol; Me-BDT with two thiol anchoring groups), and molecular insulator spacers (1-pentanethiol; PT with one thio...2005-09
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