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151 Warner, Homer R.Measurement of Pressures in Man by Cardiac CathetersBiomedical Informatics1954
152 Warner, Homer R.Measurement of Pressures by Cardiac Catheters in ManBiomedical Informatics1954
153 Warner, Homer R.Quantitation of Stroke Volume Changes in Man From the Central Pressure PulseBiomedical Informatics1954
154 Behle, William H.The birds of the deep Creek Mountains of Central Western UtahIn furtherance of a long-time survey of the avifauna of Utah the Deep Creek Mountain region of the central western part of the state was chosen as an area for intensive study. It was expected that gradients would occur in the characters of geographically variable birds between populations from the i...1955-01-10
155 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New Millipeds from Peru and adjacent partsThe millipeds described in the present paper form part of the new forms found in the course o f a study of four important collections from Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia which have come into my hands fo r study. One of these lots embraces material in the American Museum of Natural History collected in 19...1955-06-10
156 Warner, Homer R.A Study of the Mechanism of Pressure Wave Distortion by Arterial Walls Using an Electrical AnalogBiomedical Informatics1957
157 Mattis, Daniel C.Phonon free path in an isotopic mixtureA time-dependent perturbation theory is developed for the classical laws of motion of a crystal lattice. This is applied to the case of a cubic crystal which is chemically pure but contains various isotopic constituents. The random variations in the masses of neighboring atoms scatter plane wave p...Crystal lattice; Thermal conductivity1957-05
158 Warner, Homer R.The Frequency-Dependent Nature of Blood Pressure Regulation by the Carotid Sinus Studied with an Electric AnalogBiomedical Informatics1958
159 Warner, Homer R.Quantitation of Backflow in Patients with Aortic Insufficiency Using an Indicator TechnicBiomedical Informatics1958
160 Behle, William H.The birds of the Raft River Mountains, Northwestern UtahAs another facet in a long-term analysis of the birds of Utah, an avifaunal survey was made in the northwestern corner of the state. Here the principal physiographic feature is the Raft River Mountains. The main axis of this range runs in an east-west direction paralleling the Utah-Idaho border imme...1958-05-10
161 Mattis, Daniel C.Theory of the anomalous skin effect in normal and superconducting metalsChambers' expression for the current density in a normal metal in which the electric field varies over a mean free path is derived from a quantum approach in which use is made of the density matrix in the presence of scattering centers but in the absence of the field. An approximate expression use...Skin effect1958-07
162 Mattis, Daniel C.Anomalous skin effect in a magnetic fieldA classical and quantum mechanical derivation of cyclotron resonance in metals is given. The classical result differs slightly from that obtained by Azbel and Kaner. The quantum derivation yields the same result as the classical calculation except that in the limit of low quantum numbers or high m...Cyclotron resonance; Skin effect; Quantum transport1958-07
163 Behle, William H.; Bushman, John B.; Greenhalgh, Clifton M.Birds of the Kanab area and adjacent high plateaus of Southern UtahThe gateway to central southern Utah is the town of Kanab, located in Kane County just a few miles north of the Utah-Arizona line. At an elevation of 4973 feet it nestles in an indenture in the Vermillion Cliffs where Kanab Canyon emerges. North of these Vermillion Cliffs, rising like two additional...1958-10-01
164 Warner, Homer R.An Analysis of Leukocyte Radioactivity Curves Obtained with Radioactive Disssopropylflourophosphate (DFP)Biomedical Informatics1959
165 Warner, Homer R.The Use of an Analog Computer for Analysis of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1959
166 Mattis, Daniel C.Theory of negative-mass cyclotron resonanceIn recent communications1'2 Dousmanis et al. suggest that the re-entrant energy contours of the heavy-hole bands in Ge and Si3 could contribute a negative resistivity component to the overall resistivity of these materials, possibly related to a nonequilibrium density of carriers in these re-ent...Cyclotron resonance; Steady state1959-07
167 Flynn, John J.District of Columbia juvenile delinquency proceddings; apprehension to dispositionWhile all agencies connected with the dentention and treatment of juveniles in the District of Columbia issue annual reports which are available to the public, indications are that a widespread unawareness exists in both bar and judiciary as to the nature, purpose and efffectiveness of the socio-leg...District of Columbia; Juvenile detention (U.S)1960
168 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryUniversity of Utah: a history of its first hundred years, 1850-1950The need of a general history of the University of Utah has been long apparent. The need became more frequently voiced as the men who knew the University of old at first hand and had played important roles in its development passed away leaving it ever more difficult to obtain a clear picture of ma...University of Deseret1960
169 Warner, Homer R.Regulation of Cardiac Output Through Stroke VolumeBiomedical Informatics1960
170 Warner, Homer R.The Use of an Analog Computer for Analysis of Physiological SystemsBiomedical Informatics1960
171 Behle, William H.The birds of Southeastern UtahSoutheastern Utah is a rugged and colorful portion of the state. As a part of the Colorado Plateau Physiographic Province it is characterized by an arid climate, multicolored but mostly red sandstones, shales and limestones, weathered sand deep box canyons, and high, isolated, lacolithic mountain ra...1960-10
172 Mattis, Daniel C.Steady-state distribution function in dilute electron gasesIt is usually assumed that optically created carriers in a photoconductor rapidly thermalize to a Boltzmann distribution, regardless of the generation and recombination mechanisms. However, it can be shown that this distribution which is characteristic of thermodynamic equilibrium is incompatible w...Photoconductors; Thermal scattering; Steady state; Cyclotron resonance1960-10
173 Mattis, Daniel C.Exact wave functions in superconductivityThe ground-state wave function and some of the excited states of the BCS reduced Hamiltonian are found. In the limit of large volume, the boundary and continuity conditions on the exact wave function lead directly to the equations which Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer found by a variational techniqu...Ground states1961
174 Gardner, Reed M.Analog Computer Simulation of Heart ResponseBiomedical Informatics1961
175 Gardner, Reed M.Analog Computer Simulates Heart Response to Nerve StimulationBiomedical Informatics1961
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