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151 Long, DanielleDiabetes risk, physical activity, and the physical environmentThe current exploratory study investigated the relationships among subjective and objective physical environment ratings, physical activity, and diabetes status. The basic question was whether diabetics were less physically active than non-diabetics and if this lack of physical activity was due to d...Psychology2014-05
152 Chandler, JuliaDialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and respiratory sinus arrhythmia: A preliminary investigation into the effects of mindfulness practice in a transdiagnostic clinical populationResearchers have shown that mindfulness based therapies, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), are effective treatments in trans-diagnostic clinical populations with emotion dysregulation. Researchers have yet to determine the effect of mindfulnessbased therapies on respiratory sinus arrhyth...Dialectical behavior therapy; Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy; Paranasal sinuses -- Diseases; Respiratory sinus arrhythmia2015-03
153 Fife, CodyDiary of a Pig: Considering Animal Perspective in Animal LiberationIn the early summer of 2017, an animal advocacy group risked arrest to enter Circle Four Farms in Milford, Utah and rescued two piglets named Lucy and Lizza from the facility. This group, called Direct Action Everywhere, was hoping to document and publicize forms of animal exploitation and abuse tha...2019
154 Wylie, Kathryn NivenDifferences Between Mother and Peer Listeners in the Encouragement Of Perspective-TakingExisting literature implicates perspective-taking, the cognitive and affective process by which an individual comes to understand the viewpoint of another, in a broad variety of desirable outcomes. Although scaffolding is an oft-researched topic, there is little extant work on how scaffolding may en...2020
155 Maxwell, Netanya EliseDifferentiation in elementary classroomsIn conjunction with the Utah Educational Policy Research center and under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Rorrer, this paper examines the current research surrounding differentiation in public elementary school (K-5) classrooms in the United States. This paper will seek to find a clear, singular defin...Individualized instruction; Mixed ability grouping in education; Education; Elementary2014-04
156 Reiss, ElizabethDigital Marketing in the 21st Century: the Evolution of the Department of Marketing at the University of UtahThe world of marketing has transformed significantly over the last few decades. Specifically, digital marketing has completely changed the industry in the 21st century. Digital marketing can be explained as "the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, bu...2018
157 Sibbernsen, ColinDigital activism: Addressing social movements in the digital ageTechnological progression in the area of information and communication technology allows for expansion of prior social movement theorizing. The ways in which social movements are organized and carried out today need to be carefully analyzed and discussed to identify new methods of organization and m...Technology - Sociological aspects2012-05
158 Palomino, Sara I.Diglossia: The case of Quechua languages & SpanishIndividuals who grow up speaking an indigenous language in Peru, have historically struggled between maintaining their native mother tongue as a means of constructing their identity and connecting to their cultural heritage; versus, being pressured to linguistically shift to Spanish, as this languag...Diglossia (Linguistics); Quechua language -- Social aspects -- Peru; Spanish language -- Social aspects -- Peru2015-07
159 Koldewyn, CaseyDisabling Science FictionRepresentation of marginalized identities has broad implications for the lived realities of those identified and identifying as such. I argue that science fiction's representation of disability-both physical and mental-is of particular importance because of the genre's role in utopia-building, where...2018
160 Moore, KurtDisproportionate associations between the financial crisis and firm valuationIn this thesis I assess the role of stock market valuation of publicly listed US firms through the financial and economic crisis of 2007-2011. To do so, for each firm in a large sample I apply the Rhodes-Kropf, Robinson, and Viswanathan(2005) approach to decompose the ratio of the market value of th...Corporations -- United States -- Valuation; Global Financial Crisis, 2008-20092014-12
161 McInnis, TillieDisruptive power: A comparison of political voice for non-elites after the great depression and the recession of 2008This thesis investigates how non-elites influence policymaking in a time of large income and wealth inequality. To do this, I examine the tactics of disruptive power used by two groups following two major economic downturns in the U.S.: the industrial workers after the Great Depression in the 1930s ...Power (Social sciences); Elite (Social sciences)2015-05
162 Chen, Jason J.Dissecting the genetic and learned components of oscine birdsongThe interplay of genetically encoded and learned components in the development of the learned vocal signals of birdsong and human speech in not fully understood (Forstmeier et al, 2009). The fact that song is a learned vocal behavior does not imply the lack of a genetic basis in acquiring vocalizati...Birdsongs -- Research; Songbirds -- Genetics -- Research; Zebra finch -- Research; Nature and nurture -- Research; birdsong; Taeniopygia guttata2015-12
163 Hensen, EmilyDistraction-based coping and emotion regulation difficulties as predictors of high-risk behaviorHigh-risk behaviors are correlated with current and future psychological problems. Past research s uggests that difficulties in emotion regulation may increase the likelihood of individuals engaging in high -risk behavior. Research also suggests that problem behaviors may be a function of experienti...Risk-taking (Psychology) in adolescence
164 Dart, EmilyDiversity and metabolic potential of microbial communities in a site of continental serpentinizationThe geochemical process of serpentinization releases energy and organic carbon: two of the basic requirements need ed to support life. Sites of active serpentinization in the deep subsurface provide the intriguing possibility of a non-photosynthetically -supported biosphere. However, serpentinizatio...Microbial ecology - Research; Serpentine - Environmental aspects; Gros Morne National Park (N.L.); Syntrophomonadaceae; Serpentinizaiton; Tabeland Ophiolite2016-05
165 Mortensen, MatthewDo caps on non-economic damages decrease medical malpractice insurance premiums?This paper examines whether tort reform, like caps on non-economic damages for medical malpractice claims, actually lower insurance premiums for physicians. Proponents of tort reform argue that large jury awards against physicians have driven up physician insurance premiums, and as a result, overall...Physicians' malpractice insurance - United States; Insurance premiums - United States2015-04
166 Stephens, EmilyDo children affect an abused parent's choice to seek treatment?Intimate partner abuse is a major problem especially when there are children present. In attempt to stop the cycle of abuse, it is of critical importance to understand the impact children have on the relationships and the decision making process of those involved. I am conducting research to see ...Family violence; Marital violence2016-05
167 Kim, Bum JunDoes ceramide contribute to vascular dysfunction in mice with type 1 diabetes?Approximately 2 million individuals have type 1 diabetes (T1D) in the United States. Cardiovascular disease is 2-4-fold more prevalent in these patients but the mechanism(s) is unclear. Recently, we showed that the sphingolipid ceramide contributes to arterial dysfunction and hypertension in mice wi...Ceramide - Research; Type 1 Diabetes; Mice as laboratory animals2012-05
168 Lingenfelter, IsobelDrawing the mapThe act of recognition was painful at many levels of my personhood. If someone has ignored or treated you as if you did not exist, you can understand the pain that is generated by having a lack of recognition. To realize at the eco-psychology conference that I had been r...Bears Ears National Monument (Utah); Inter-Tribal Coalition; Land management and environmental policy - United States2016-05
169 Markham, AiryanaDressing the part: Early Christian identity North Africa, 100-200 CEThe study of early Christian identity in the second-third centuries is problematic. This is because there is a paucity of material evidence and assigning a religious affiliation to that evidence is highly contested. For this reason, early Christian identity is often viewed by scholars in a distinct,...Clothing and dress -- Religious aspects -- Christianity; Identification (Religion); Christian life -- History -- Early church, ca. 30-600; Church history -- Primitive and early church, ca. 30-6002014-12
170 Ballif, MicahDrugs and Pregnancy: Clinical Management with a Cystic Fibrosis FocusDespite the large number of women who become pregnant and use a medication during their pregnancy, there is very little information about the safety of the majority of medications. Most drugs approved by the FDA have undetermined teratogenic risk, but their use is prevalent in the management of dise...2019
171 Prestgard-Duke, MichaelDynamin localization in Caenorhabditis ElegansDynamin is a 100-KDa GTPase that is essential for endocytosis. The classic model of endocytosis is a sequential mechanism: first, cell membrane is bent and internalized via the formation of a clathrin coat; next, dynamin facilitates GTP hydrolysis, resulting in membrane scission as the newly formed ...Caenorhabditis elegans; Guanosine triphosphatase; Endocytosis2014-05
172 Schryver, Hannah M.EEG and cognitive correlates of elementary task performanceStudying human information processing allows researchers to better understand the operations of the human brain. While a large body of research has used reaction times and cognitive correlates to quantify information processing, electrophysiological correlates improve knowledge of cortical activity....Performance -- Measurement; Cognitive neuroscience; Electroencephalography2015-05
173 Ecological Literacy: Education and Ecological ConsciousnessCurrent and future environmental issues reveal the urgency of raising an ecologically literate society that possesses the necessary skills to address the needs of a changing world. The future of all depends on lifelong learners whose actions and intellect are strongly tied to the environments that s...2017
174 Williams, Sydney PorterEducation, art and Activism: Collecting the Stories of World-ChangersThis thesis explores the idea of civically-engaged artwork that sparks conversation, specifically artwork created by young people, and often fostered by educators and community collaborators. For the purpose of this thesis, I define civically-engaged and activist art as art that is created with the ...Activism; youth; art; civic-dialogue; community2020
175 Groneman, AmandaEducational Programming: A Coping and Distraction Trchnique in Pediatric Hospital SettingsThe experience of hospitalization is a unique and typically difficult experience for most children. Many children's hospitals strive to provide various services to help children cope with the difficult emotions and distract them from the pain they may be feeling. In addition to Child Life Interventi...2018
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