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151 Grief and the Holidays, 20102010
152 Biological Samples and Measures in Nursing Research: Joys and PainsClayton, Margaret F.; Latendresse, Gwen; Murphy, Patricia2010
153 Tales from the Hypoxic Side High Altitude Scientific Adventures in the HimalayaRodway, George W.2009
154 Injuries in Older Adults: What Does Geography Have to do With It?Edelman, Linda2009
155 Taming a Schizophrenic Research Program in Knowledge ManagementStaggers, Nancy2009
156 Medication Safety Molecular to Health System and Birth to SenescencePepper, Ginette2009
157 Research Program Overview Health Communication Beyond Physician TalkEllington, Lee2009
158 Travel, Write, Renew: A Sabbatical JourneyBeck, Susan2009
159 Why the College of Nursing?Rothwell, Erin2009
151 - 175 of 159