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151 Pioneer history questionnaire, C. E. Forbes1934dha_wpabsText
152 Pioneer personal history of Esther J. Ford1938-07-18dha_wpabsText
153 Individual family record, Ray Elbert Cox1938-07-16dha_wpabsText
154 Agnes Ann Manning Carr1934-12-27dha_wpabsText
155 Pioneer personal history, Robert G. Bryant1937-05-27dha_wpabsText
156 Sketch of Ruth Smith's life1936-11-14dha_wpabsText
157 Pioneer personal history, Alice Holbrook Crapo1938-09-22dha_wpabsText
158 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Mary Ann Geertsen1941-04-30dha_wpabsText
159 Mathew W. Dalton, Willard, Utah1936-09-04dha_wpabsText
160 Interview with Bishop William R. Davis, a life long resident of Wales, Utah1938-06-16dha_wpabsText
161 Our pioneers: Mary Dunn Ensign1910-09-01; 1939-06-05dha_wpabsText
162 Pioneer personal history, Wealthy Ann Reynolds Brown1940-03dha_wpabsText
163 Elizabeth Guy Farnsworth, pioneer woman of Beaver County, Utah1936-10-19dha_wpabsText
164 Pioneer personal history, Henry Webster Esplin1934; 1938-08-04dha_wpabsText
165 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Frost Clarke1939-10-17dha_wpabsText
166 Walter Grames1938-07-16dha_wpabsText
167 Life of John D. Burt1906-05-10; 1939-05-29dha_wpabsText
168 Mary Ann Carter Emmons, born 18691941-01-13dha_wpabsText
169 Sketch of Jesse W. Crosby Jr.1941-04-29dha_wpabsText
170 John W. Crook1938; 1940-12-31; 1941-01-20dha_wpabsText
171 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, R. E. Davis1937dha_wpabsText
172 Annie Elizabeth Laub Canfield1938-11-28dha_wpabsText
173 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Fanny E. Greenwell1939-01-17dha_wpabsText
174 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Susie Platt Green1936dha_wpabsText
175 Pioneer personal history, William Cooley1937-03-25dha_wpabsText
151 - 175 of 865