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151 Battin, Margaret P.Seven caveats concerning the discussion of euthanasia in HollandAs the discussion of voluntary active euthanasia heats up in the United States (indeed, I believe it will be the major social issue of the next decade, replacing abortion in that role), increasing attention is being given to its practice in the Netherlands. Proponents of the view that the United Sta...1990
152 Battin, Margaret P.Aging and ethics: philosophical problems in gerontologyAging and Ethics addresses a crucial issue: In order to address the dilemmas aging poses concerning distributive justice in health care, don't we need to rethink both the personal and social significance of old age?1993
153 Downes, Stephen M.Heredity and heritabilityPhilosophical discussions of heredity have focused on the sustainability of heritability analyses and more recently on the units of heredity. Here I introduce the concept of heritability and the problems associated with it. Next the units of heredity discussion is introduced. Here I consider alterna...DNA; Heredity; Heritability2004-07-15
154 Newman, LexRocking the foundations of cartesian knowledge: critical notice of Janet Broughton, descartes's method of doubtJanet Broughton's Descartes's Method of Doubt†1 is a systematic study of the role of doubt in Descartes's epistemology. The book has two parts. Part 1 focuses on the development of doubt in the First Meditation, exploring such topics as the motivation behind methodic doubt; the targeted audience...Super-indubitables; Canonical circularity; Clear and distinct truths'2004-01
155 Kukathas, ChandranLooking backward: a critical appraisal of communitarian thought (Book Review)Reviews the book `Looking Backward: A Critical Appraisal of Communitarian Thought,' by Derek L. Phillips.Books; Communitarianism; Philosophy2001-09-17
156 Mallon, RonaldRole of psychology in the study of cultureAlthough we are enthusiastic about a Darwinian approach to culture, we argue that the overview presented in the target article does not sufficiently emphasize the crucial explanatory role that psychology plays in the study of culture. We use a number of examples to illustrate the variety of ways by...2006
157 Andreou, ChrisoulaGetting on in a varied worldAre greed and ruthlessness contrary to reason? Is immorality a form of irrationality? Much of contemporary ethical theory is a debate between Kantians, who argue that the dictates of morality are dictates of reason, and Humeans, who argue that reason is neutral between morality and immorality. T...Kantians; Humeans; Immorality2006
158 Anderson, James A.Unduplicated empirical theories of 2016In 2016, the seven mainline, empirical journals-Communication Monographs, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Journal of Communication, and Management Communication Quarterly-produced 253 empiric...2016
159 Francis, LesliePenn Central Transportation Company v. New York City: easy taking-clause cases make uncertain Law.In Penn Central Transportation Company v. New York City, the Supreme Court held that New York City's Landmarks Preservation Law as applied to Grand Central Terminal was not a "taking" of property for which compensation is constitutionally required. The decision has been hailed as a major victory for...Law; Compensation; Property Rights; Landmarks Preservation Law; Supreme Court Rulings2006-06-16
160 Hanna, Patricia LeeHaving children: philosophical and legal reflections on parenthood (Book Review)A review of the book "Having Children: Philosophical and Legal Reflections on Parenthood".Books, reviews; Parenthood; Philosophy; Law1981-07
161 Landesman, Bruce M.Margalit, Avishai. The decent societyThe title of this book will surely pique the interest of political philosophers who have spent much time and energy in recent decades trying to capture the idea of justice. Margalit believes that in the quest for justice, decency has been overlooked. A decent society may or may not be a step to a ju...Humiliate; Respect; Justice1997
162 Downes, Stephen M.Review of Peter Galison and David Stump, Disunity of scienceMost of the essays in this collection were originally delivered as papers at a conference on the disunity of science held at Stanford University in 1991.Ampere; Scientific work, Science in French society1997
163 Millgram, ElijahJohn Stuart Mill's Deliberative landscape (Book Review)A review of the book "John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape." by Candace Vogler.John Stuart Mill; Books2002-08
164 Battin, Margaret P.Coping with methuselah the impact of molecular biology on medicine and societyThe prospect of extra-long life spawns a bloom of ethical issues, among them how to achieve intergenerational equity; how to balance health care entitlements with rising costs for the elderly; how to divide years of life between work and retirement; how to assign the responsibilities of young family...2004
165 Landesman, Bruce M.Decent society (book review)Review of the book `The Decent Society,' by Avishai Margalit.Books; Philosophy1997-07
166 Stark, Cynthia A.Is pornography an action?: the causal vs. the conceptual view of pornography's harmIn the past few decades, a new position concerning the legal regulation of sexually explicit materials has emerged, disrupting the traditional polarity between conservatives (who generally support regulation) and liberals (who generally oppose regulation). This new position is an avowedly feminist v...1997
167 Francis, LeslieLaw and Philosophy;: from skepticism to value theoryTo write about Philosophy; and law is both odd and daunting. It is odd because the topic seems to presuppose that the two fields are separate and that Philosophy; may be unfamiliar to legal practice and legal practitioners. Yet, recognized or not, Philosophy; is part of the ordinary life of law sch...1993
168 Downes, Stephen M.Importance of models in theorizing: a deflationary semantic viewIt is commonly acknowledged in science that model construction is one of the most important components of theorizing. Philosophers of science are gradually coming to acknowledge this situation, spurred on by holders of the semantic view of theories. In this paper I wish to defend a very deflationary...Theories; Mathematical; Scientific1992
169 Kukathas, ChandranHistory of political theory and other essays (Book Review)Reviews the book `The History of Political Theory and Other Essays,' by John Dunn.Books; Political Theory2001-09-17
170 Plutynski, AnyaEthical issues in cancer screening and preventionNovember 2009's announcement of the USPSTF's recommendations for screening for breast cancer raised a firestorm of objections, Chief among them that the Panel bad insufficiently valued patients' lives or allowed cost considerations to influence recommendations. The publicity about the recommendation...2012-01-01
171 Parker, Bradley J.Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP): 2002 Yılı Kenan Tepe Kazilarina Genal BakışYukan Dicle Arkeolojik Ara§tirma Projesi cali§anlari 2002 yazi boyunca Tiirkiye'nin giineydogusundaki Ihsu Baraji sahasinda bulunan Kenan Tepe yerle§iminde iictincii sezon arkeolojik kazilan yiirutmu§tiir'. Onceki ciltteki raporumuz (Parker et al. 2004) Kenan Tepe'deki ilk iki sezon ara§tirmala...2002-01-01
172 Nichols, ShaunMind's "I" and the theory of mind's "I": introspection and two concepts of selfIntrospection plays a crucial role in modern Philosophy; in two different ways. From the beginnings of modern Philosophy;, introspection has been used as a tool for philosophical exploration in a variety of thought experiments. But modern philosophers (e.g., Locke and Hume) also tried to characteri...Introspection; Self; Self-awareness; Cognition2000
173 Morrow, CarolynLa generación X en España: "Historias del Kronen" y "Noches de San JuanEl filósofo de la posmodernidad Gianni Vattimo propone que en la sociedad de los medios de comunicación se abre camino un ideal de emancipación que tiene en su base la pluralidad y la erosión del antiguo "principio de la realidad". Desaparecida la idea de una racionalidad central de la historia,...Young adults, Spain; Generation X, Spain; Culture, Spain; Literature, Spain; Postmodernity2006-07-19
174 Millgram, ElijahJonathan Lear, Love and it's place in nature and Open minded: working out the logic of the soulIt's not hard to imagine why Love and Its Place in Nature (now in a second edition, with a new preface by the author) has, in the decade or so it has been in print, received less attention from the philosophical community than it deserves. Its subtitle announces it as a "A Philosophical Interpretati...Philosophy; Book Review2006-09-19
175 Landesman, Bruce M.Multiculturalism and the politics of recognition (Book Review)Reviews the book, Multiculturalism and "The Politics of Recognition,'' by Charles Taylor. Taylor's view that identity is shaped by the recognition of others; Human self-understanding as dialogical and not monological; Equal rights and nondiscrimination as axioms of rights-liberalism; Goal of cultura...Books; Philosophy;; Multiculturalism1994-01
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