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151 Arterial Compliance and Vascular Function in Patients with Obstructive Sleep ApneaRodway, George2012
152 Bioethics FellowshipRothwell, Erin2012
153 Applying Adult Learning Theory to Nursing EducationClifton, Jennifer2013
154 Bed Bath and Beyond the Undergraduate ExperienceBarnett, Gerrie; Hollister, Lynn2013
155 Advancing Toward Electronic Exchange of Poisoning InformationCummins, Mollie; Nelson, Scott D.; Butcher, Ryan2015
156 Physical Assessment Delivery Innovative Ways of Meeting the Needs of Your AudienceBurton, Shannon; Chase-Cantarini, Sue; Scheese, Carolyn2010
157 Active Learning Considering Why and What to Choose to Increase Concept LearningColeman, Darrell2010
158 Adolescent Health Literacy in a Special Population Juvenile CorrectionsHolstein, Barbara; Clifton, Jennifer2011
159 Active Learning Smart Thinking and BeyondSmith, Jackie2012
160 A Program of Research in Cancer CommunicationsClayton, Margaret2010
161 A Survey of Provider Experience with Management for IUD Insertion and a Cautionary Tale of Adopting Off-Label MedicationsWard, Katie2011
162 A Theoretical Framework and Practical Approaches for a Concept-Based CurriculumHardin, Pam; Richardson, Stephanie2011
163 A Model for Inter-Professional Education IPE in Health SciencesCantarini, Sue; Madden, Connie2013
164 A Health Reform UpdateHart, Sara2013
165 A Net of Wonder Lessons for Nurse Scientists from Exploring the SeaBeck, Susan2013
151 - 175 of 165