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151 Denver: Queen City of the Colorado realm1991Textir_uspace
152 Zion in Utah: the Clarion colony and Jewish agrarianism1991Textir_uspace
153 Breaking the rules: transgression and carnival in Ultimas tardes con Teresa1991Textir_uspace
154 Some issues in Ortega y Gasset's critique of Heidegger's doctrine of Sein1991Textir_uspace
155 Review of T. Penner, 'The ascent from nominalism'1991Textir_uspace
156 Legal instability and societal breakdown in La mort le roi Artur1991Textir_htoa
157 Harman's hardness arguments1991-09Textir_uspace
158 Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism (Book Review)1991-10Textir_uspace
159 Health care in a national health program: a fundamental right1992Textir_uspace
160 Voluntary euthanasia and the risks of abuse: can we learn anything from the Netherlands?1992Textir_uspace
161 Dying in 559 beds: efficiency, "best buys," and the ethics of standardization in national health care1992Textir_uspace
162 Importance of models in theorizing: a deflationary semantic view1992Textir_uspace
163 Assisted suicide: can we learn from Germany?1992Textir_uspace
164 To die or not to die? cross-disciplinary, cultural, and legal perspectives on the right to choose death1992Textir_uspace
165 To die or not to die? (Book Review)1992-07Textir_uspace
166 Law and Philosophy;: from skepticism to value theory1993Textir_uspace
167 Violence, terrorism and justice eds. Frey, R. G., & Morris, C., Christopher W. (Review)1993Textir_uspace
168 Nicole: suicide and terminal illness1993Textir_uspace
169 Aging and ethics: philosophical problems in gerontology1993Textir_uspace
170 Suicidology and the right to die1993Textir_uspace
171 Pleasure in practical reasoning1993Textir_uspace
172 Seven (more) caveats concerning the discussion of euthanasia in the Netherlands1993Textir_uspace
173 Violence, terrorism and justice (Book Review)1993-07Textir_uspace
174 Descartes on unknown faculties and our knowledge of the external world1994Textir_uspace
175 Patients' understanding and use of advance directives1994Textir_uspace
151 - 175 of 910