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151 Computer Analysis of Serial Electrocardiograms1972Textir_uspace
152 Computer Analysis of the Treadmill Exercise ECG1976Textir_uspace
153 Computer Assisted Instruction for Teaching Clinical Decision-Making1974Textir_uspace
154 Computer Assisted Teaching of Cardiac Arrhythmias1968Textir_uspace
155 Computer Charting: An Evaluation of a Respiratory Care Computer System1985Textir_uspace
156 Computer Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease1968Textir_uspace
157 Computer Guidelines for Pulmonary Laboratories1984Textir_uspace
158 Computer Guidelines for Pulmonary Laboratories1986Textir_uspace
159 Computer Processing of the Electrocardiogram (Editorial)1980Textir_uspace
160 Computer Support in Critical Care Medicine1980Textir_uspace
161 Computer System for Research and Clinical Application to Medicine1968Textir_uspace
162 Computer Technology and Its Application to Cardiovascular Nursing1987Textir_uspace
163 Computer analyses in genetic epidemiology.1983-03Textir_etd
164 Computer assisted instruction system for teaching decision-making in clinical medicine1978-08Textir_etd
165 Computer assisted pregnancy management.1984-06Textir_etd
166 Computer assisted reporting and monitoring of microbiology/infectious disease data and antibiotic therapy.1984-08Textir_etd
167 Computer categorization of spirometry data using statistical methods1982-12Textir_etd
168 Computer generation of a patient specific clinical summary for radiology1992-08Textir_etd
169 Computer model of cardiac activation and recovery times for evaluating indirect electrocardiographic measures of cardiac properties1983-03Textir_etd
170 Computer-Assisted Pregnancy Management1987Textir_uspace
171 Computer-Based Data Entry for Nurses in the ICU1989Textir_uspace
172 Computer-Based ICU Data Acquisition as an Aid to Clinical Decision-Making1982Textir_uspace
173 Computer-Based Monitoring of Cardiovascular Functions in Postoperative Patients1968Textir_uspace
174 Computer-Based Monitoring of Patients Following Cardiac Surgery1969Textir_uspace
175 Computer-Critiqued Blood Ordering Using the HELP System1990Textir_uspace
151 - 175 of 726